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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorPluto - Rae Coffey



Name: Rae Coffey
Where are you From: Waynesboro, Va., or my mother’s womb
Age: 20
Email: kittie_rae@msn.com

Instant Messenger: TenshiNekoChanI
RPG Experience: I have written in a continuous Anime fanfic, I have
played games such as Dungeons and Dragons.
Sailor moon Knowledge: I have watched almost all the anime, (I’m
working on
Sailor Stars right now) I have read the manga and I have looked over
Web page: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ivycross/
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: My roommate, Tasia
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I tried for the Asylum
every time I would start to apply for a character it would be taken.
So Sad…

Character You're applying for: SuperSailorPluto/ Meiou Setsuna
Senshi name: NeoSailorPluto
Civilian name: Meiou Setsuna
Age: 1020(give or take)
Hometown/Home Planet: Tokyo/Pluto
Birthday: October 29
Sign: Scorpio
Eyes: Garnet Red
Hair: Jade green. Part of it is placed in a bun on top of her head
towards the crown of her head. The rest is hanging straight and
loose down
her back to her knees. She has medium-length bangs in the front.
Height: 5'6"

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Garnet Red
Hair: same as above, no change
General appearance:
As a senshi she is elegant, and proud. She is fairly tall, slender,
female appeal. Her long, dark-green hair hangs down her back and
seems to
blow in the wind even when there is no breeze present. Her eyes shine
red to black and seem to hold a dark sadness to them. She stands in a
nonchalant fashion, and when she moves, it is with a detached air.

Fuku Description:
The bodice of her fuku is white with puffed, short-sleeves. Her
collar is
black with a thin, white stripe and her skirt is black with a white
underlying ruff. Around her lower waist, attached to her skirt, is a
of black encircling her, adorned with a small star jewel in front and
trailing two long ribbons to her knees in the back. Her gloves are
long and
white with black elbow pads. Her bow in the back is white to mach the
that are under her skirt. Her boots come up to just below her knees.
are black with white trim at the top. She wears a black ribbon around
neck complemented by a small star pendant. The bow on the front of
her fuku
is the same color as her eyes, a dark red. In the center of the bow
is a
black heart. Her somber dress and mood help to accentuate the meaning
of her
name: Instant King of the Dead.


She is good with science, especially Physics, and used to enjoy
Inability: Has trouble with interpersonal relationships and
expressing her
own personal self.
Future dream: To be able to get through this ugly place of destroying
innocent people, and the state where all the other senshi are
currently at,
with as little damage being done to her own inner being

To obey what her Queen and King tell her to do in order to stop the
evil that will soon take Crystal Tokyo, and hope for an end to the
destruction of innocents.

Any and all senshi

The Pretentious

Inner personality:
She is very dark inside. She has never been the happiest of the
senshi, but
as of lately she has slowly become worse. She is gradually going into
a pit
of depression that she is unaware of. As a result she is becoming
more and
more callous to the people she was sworn to protect. This sometimes
the royal family and other senshi. She is, overall, somber and
detached. She understands the importance of taking the Fate’s Eye,
wishes it could be avoided. The continued destruction of innocents
their Fate’s Eye has disgusted her towards life and her true purpose
of life
in general.

Element: Time
Talismen/weapon: Garnet Orb/Time Staff or Time Key
Henshin(Transformation) Object: Henshin pen which is black in color
with the
sign and planet of Pluto on top done in garnet red.
Phrase: Pluto Crystal Power Make up!
Strength: Carrying out her duties as she is commanded.
Weakness: As carrying out her duties can be strength, it can also be
weakness. Believing in following what commands she’s been given and
away other’s destinies; she herself has felt as though her own
destiny is
slowly slipping away.
History: She is the senshi of time, the soldier destined to guard the
of Time and watch over the destinies of all. She is known as an
outer-senshi, one of the four planets on the outer rim of this solar
The outer-senshi are known to be the most powerful of all nine
Pluto herself has mostly remained by the Time Gate, rarely ever
leaving her
post. As such, she is lonely by nature and situation, remaining
from the other senshi.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.
please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look.
you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one
Chronos Typhoon: For this attack, she sends a whirlwind of dark,
purplish-black energy shooting from her Time Staff. It swirls around
length of her staff and herself before she flings her staff towards
enemy. The energy races down the length of it and inevitably towards

Attack two

Dead Scream: A mist swirls all around Sailor Pluto; she twirls in the
and forms a glowing ball of energy that looks like her planet. She
throws it at the enemy, either killing or severely injuring them.

Attack three
Dark Dome Close: Pluto lifts her Time Staff above her head, twirling
before bringing it down and holding it before her. Energy radiates
from her
as it closes the passages of time so that nothing can get through.

Attack Four
Time Stop: It is a forbidden attack. Pluto raises her Time Staff and
her power to stop time for a few moments. Utilization of this attack
kill her as she has been ordered never to use this attack.

Extra details:
Setsuna used to like to sew. Her favorite food is Green Tea (O-Cha)
and her
least favorite food is eggplants. She enjoys physics on the whole,
when it comes to music, she is greatly deficient in any talent, of
which she
is picked on about by Haruka and Michru who are both talented
themselves. She hates cockroaches with a passion. She used to dream
being a designer or doctor, but those burgeoning dreams have long
faded into the past. Her favorite gemstone is Garnet (duh!)

Picture url if available: (preferred)

*picture pending*

Writing sample:

Setsuna opened her eyes and stared at the blank ceiling of her
bathroom. She
felt the hot water around her body as she slid in the bath tub up to
neck. Her hair swam about the bath like green snakes that could bite
her at
any second. Suddenly a tear rolled down her face. She never
bothered to
wipe it away. She knew there was no need. It was the first tear she
cried since she and the others learn about the Prophecy. Since then
everything had become like a living hell. The only way to save
everyone was
to take from people their Fate eyes and leave them without a destiny.
first it broke her heart to know this, but after awhile she started
to care
less and less, what it was doing to everyone at the time. She just
herself what it meant for everyone’s future. After that she stopped
for there was no need. It didn’t help the situation any, so why
should she
bother. Setsuna breathed in deep and let out a sigh. No more tears
followed the first. She knew none would. She stood up and stepped out
the tub. She dried off and looked in her bathroom mirror. As she
stared into
the eyes of her reflection a thought passed into her mind. She then
spoke it
aloud as if she were saying an oath.
“It is all or nothing.” At that she turned from the mirror and got
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