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REJECTED: SuperSailorMars - Shonte

Name: Shonte
Where are you From: NJ
Age: 16
Email: sailormoon_88_2000@yahoo.com,


Instant Messager: Y!M:sailormoon_88_2000; AIM:
RPG Experience: 2 or 3 years
Sailor moon Knowledge: Very Good
Web page: NA
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: Pusms
What interested you, why do you want to play?: Its new
and different. And the whole theme is different than
how it normally is. It seems fun as well. This RPG
seemed to scream at me 'play me, play me!!' who am I
to ignore it?


Character You're applying for: Hino Rei
Senshi name: SuperSailorMars
Civilian name: Hino Rei
Hometown/Home Planet: Tokyo/Mars
Birthday: April 17
Sign: Aries
Eyes: Dark Violet
Hair: Black
Height: 5'5
Personality: She has a fiery temper and is the
act-first-ask-questions-later type. She has a tough
exterior, but, on the inside, she is sensitive and
cares about her friends very much. She may seem bossy,
but, she just wants to make sure that everything comes
out well in the end. She cares for NeoQueenSerenity
like a sister. She loves all of her fellow senshi as
well and would everything and anything beyond the call
of duty for them, especially NeoQueenSerenity. Out of
duty and friendship.

Eyes: Dark Violet, although they seem to turn red, the
color of fire whenever she gets mad.
Hair: Black
General appearance: She is usually found in her
priestess clothing and her complexion, and body shape
are the same as in the past.
Fuku Description: Basically the same, all red. Her
bows are purple however. She has a heart shaped brooch
which is, of course, red. Her choker now has a star in
the center, her tiara and jewel are the same.

Talents: Her foresight, her singing, and her powers as
Inability: To show her emotions effectively
Future dream: She wishes to one day be a good wife and
mother, and more for a family that she wants to have.
Goals/pourpose: To serve NeoQueenSerenity,as is her
duty, and to protect her friends.
Friends: All of the other Inners, and all of the
Foes: Those who want to hurt NeoQueenSerenity in any
way, shape, or form.
Inner personality: She constitently tries to better
herself. She feels that she is kind of weak at times,
and she tries to make up for these weaknesses. She is
terrified of what others think of her. She acts as
though she doesn't care, but, deep inside, she really


Element: Fire
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: A red wand
with a red globe atop of it with the symbol for Mars
embedded on it. Mars Crystal Power, Make-up!
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
History: In the past, she was a priestess and lived
with her grandfather. She met Usagi at the shrine,
named, Hikawa Shrine. From there, she had her first
battle with a youma. She then met up with the other
senshi, in time. She, since then, has always stood by
Usagi's side, even though they often fought, verbally,
they have maintained a friendship, that those who have
seen them argue can agree is that of two sisters who
care for each other.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no
more then six.

Attack 1:
Evil Spirits Begone!
--- she charges a special charm and throws it at the
enemy to stun them.It can also be used on possessed

Attack 2:
Fire Soul (Mars Fire Ignite)
----- she clasps her hands together and collects her
power at the tip of her pointing fingers. She thrusts
her fingers at the enemy and a ball of fire shoots

Attack 3:
Fire Soul Bird! (Mars Firebird Strike)
------A flaming firebird streaks to attack, literally
made of fire

Attack 4:
Fire Soul (Mars Firestar Flash)
----A strong column of fire shoots toward the enemy

Attack 5:
Burning Mandala (Mars Celestial Fire Surround)
----- different signs, japanese symbols to be exact
circle around her and turn into firey discs/rings that
comet toward the enemy

Attack 6:
Mars Flame Sniper
------a firey bow appears for her to shoot a powerful
flaming arrow attack

Extra details: No pets...besides Phobos and Deimos who
watch over her. She cares for them of course.

Picture url if available:

Writing sample:

"Burning Mandala!"
I looked around myself.
'Why have we reduced ourselves to this?'
We were supposed to help and protect innocents, yet
here we are, taking away their destinies. I never
thought that it would be like this. Jupiter walked
over to me,
"Are you okay, M..Rei?"
I nodded.
"Mako, what do you think about this whole thing?"
She shrugged at me, unsure of what to say. We were
doing as we were told to do, by the one we are sworn
to protect and listen to.
"I really don't know...I really don't know."
I understood exactly what she meant. We, who had
risked our lives and gladly given up our own, are
taking others' lives...their Destinies.
She looked at me,
"What do you think?"
I couldn't say a word. I couldn't say a thing. Why?
Because I was sworn to protect her. She was like a
sister to me. By duty I am sworn to protect, and
serve. By friendship, I am sworn to support. I wanted
to yell out,
'I don't want to! There must be another way! We have
fought for these people, died for them! Now we take
away their destinies!'
But, I said nothing. I am sworn to NeoQueenSerenity,
in more ways than one. She has changed much from when
we were younger, but we all have. I know that even
Chibiusa can see it in her own mother. I just hope
that we are doing the right thing by this. By taking
away people's destinies. Children's destinies, infants
destinies. I just hope we are doing the right thing.
Jupiter looked at me with a sad smile. She too knew my
inner turmoil about this matter. We didn't want to do
it, but we had to, or face the consequences. We had to
do what must be done for our Queen...our friend...
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