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REJECTED: SuperSailorJupiter - Kris

Q: ROCK! A new Bio. Spamming sure brings results, huh? Well, lets get it on.

Neo: Groovy.


Name: Kris
Where are you From: KY
Age: 22

Q: Ohh...22. Age means a lot. This feels promising.

Neo: We like to think so. But we've had some good players that were still teens.

Email: Adhvanit21@aol.com
Instant Messager: Adhvanit21
RPG Experience: A LOT! (I've beaten nearly every one I've gotten my hands on; I also RP on the net a lot.)

Q: A bit gloaty...but eh.

Neo: Be nice to know what the RPGs were: free form? pbem? irc? personal im to im?

Sailor moon Knowledge: Pretty much anything concerning the anime, up to Sailor Stars; a small bit of the manga, as well.

Neo: Well thats always good to hear... but read further.

Web page: N/A
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: www.Shoujoai.com
What interested you, why do you want to play?: It's a Sailor Moon RPG!!!!!

Q:That it is, but there are plenty of SMRPG's out there. Why THIS one? Hrm..I think I'll add that clarification to the bio sheet.


Character You're applying for: Makoto Kino
Senshi name: Sailor Jupiter

Q:Personal piss of mine. This is the japanese SM version..therefore it's "Sailorjupiter"...one word. And it's Crystal Tokyo, thus it's "SuperSailorJupiter"

Civilian name: Makoto Kino
Age: 17...ish (or is it 1017?)

Q: 1017ish hon.

Hometown/Home Planet: Earth/Jupiter

Birthday: No clue
Sign: No idea

Q:....*pause* Someone didn't do their research. I hate when that happens.

Neo: google.ca One of the most extensive search engines. You could find yourself an abouts page and literally be in the clear.

Eyes: Green

Q: dark green, bright green, electric green with brown flecks...are they warm, careing, cold...be a touch more descriptive.

Hair: Brown

Q: See my comment for hair.

Height: Tallest inner senshi

Q: And how tall is that?

Personality: Dynamic, yet personal and empathetic. BIG romantic.

Q: Jupter is also loyal, loving, with a short temper...

Neo: We want you to describe her as if we've never met or watched the show; like she could literally lift off the text and sit here infront of us.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Emotional green, expressing current feelings

Q:Better on the detail here.

Hair: Brown, tied in a ponytail, with a pink bauble scrunchy tying it

Q:Green bauble actually...and you forgot that it's wavey, and that two little whisps hang down on either side of her face...

General appearance: Tall, muscular, very pretty
Fuku Description: Green, dark green

Q: Actually that'd be green and pink..but what we're looking for is the cut, the colourscheme, length of gloves, tiara, all that stuff. Make us see it in our minds.

Neo: Its also tech here that we see your descriptive writting skills. If you can describe her well for us here- it gives us a peek at what you could do in the rpg.
You also forgot about her earings and tiara. tsk.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Housework, esp. culinary arts; can now fly in planes!!

Neo: Not bad. I didn't know she had a plane problem. heh.

Inability: Still obsessed over old boyfriend (sigh)

Neo: Even after 1000 years.. she's still gripping over him.. even after the whole comprimising of morals, making vegetables out of people- she's STILL morning over him.. ouch man.. ouch..

Future dream: With peace achieved, she now wants to host cooking and fighting tournaments
Goals/pourpose: Protect the Queen, the kingdom, and to find that special love! Also, host a cooking/fighting tournament
Friends: Inner Senshi, outer senshi; the cats, Shinozaki

Neo: Just incase ya'll were wondering Shinozaki was the one time episode child hood friend- better known as "Ken". His name translated means "Bambo Grass Ppeninsula". See what a lil quick research does. [ http://www.geocities.com/sailorjupiter244/Profiles/UrawaMikaShino.html ]

Foes: If it stands in opposition of the Lunar Kingdom, it's an enemy. Old foes include Queen Beryl/Mettalia, the Doom Phantom, Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90, Queen Nehelenia, etc.etc.

Neo: Amazon Trio/Quartet, random villian monster stealing thingy of the day-- really don't need to be THAT extensive.. we were hoping for more of rivials or random obstacles.

Inner personality: A "strong" character in more ways than one. Sometimes acts as the cheerleader of the group, or the one who "goes out and gets them". Mako can usually be aggressive but she's really sweet, too. She would make the perfect housewife or martial arts instructor!

Neo: well.. not bad. What we wanted here was the REAL Makoto. What she's like INSIDE that no one would ever get a glance to see. Her personal feelings, thoughts, hidden sides and such- would be explained here... what you put was more outer personality- which is what would be written above in "Personality"

Element: Thunder/nature
Talismen/weapon: Body (might be able to summon a Thunder Sword??)
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: "Jupiter Crystal Power!"

Q: uh...where's the object? ..the Supers had henshin wands....THAT's what we're talking about. Something like "A green stick with a gold bauble on the top, wings fanning from the base of the bauble, inside is a wreith with the emblem of Jupiter on it"

Strength: Physically stronger than most of the girls; her stamina is usually greater as well. She's perfect for front line fighting and sending in the big attacks.
Weakness: Not too well on strategy. Can sometimes hold grudges or anger too long. Her defensiveness of the others, particularly Ami/Mercury, might be her undoing.
History: Orphaned at a very young age when her mother and father were killed in a plane crash; got kicked out of a school for "fighting" (but in truth she was set up by bullies, and only protected another kid from their harassment); ended up in Juuban and has been fighting for good ever since! No matter what happens, her best and closest friend Shinozaki will be there for her. Makoto is a bit boy-crazy and seems to become infatuated very easily. Also, she has a passion for cooking and many other feminine hobbies.

Neo: Wouldn't have hurt to say something about her past with the senshi to present day story. Maybe even give a few thoughts into that. But nice lil peek into her past.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one
"Thunder Crash"
-channels a bolt of lightning through the lightning rod in tiara; inflicts average lightning-based attack.

Neo: Oh, tiara. Seemed you failed to mention her having one in her description.

Attack two
"Thunder Dragon"
-calls out an electric dragon to deal massive damage to a foe. The dragon can constrict its foes or breathe lightning breath on them. Inflicts strong lightning-based attack.

Attack three
"Sparkling Wide Pressure"
-sends an orb of pressurized lightning hurtling towards enemies. Sometimes explodes on impact. Inflicts stronger lightning-based attack

Q: Actually, Sparkleing wide pressure would be attack two, and Thunder dragon would be attack three...

Neo: mmmmm half true. She gained Sparkling Wide Pressure AFTER she gained the Dragon.

Attack four
"Oak Evolution"
-sends a shower of razor-sharp leaves blowing against the enemy; can hit solo or groups; weak group attack, very strong nature-based single attack.

Attack five
"Lightning Sword"
-uses own powers to focus energy for an arm-length sword consisting of lightning energy. great for melee attacks and cutting stuff. Inflicts very strong lightning-based attack, but can drain energy quickly.

Attack six
"Zeus Fury"
-the ancient Greek god blasts the enemy with a HUGE column of lightning that can also send shockwaves on the ground, striking multiple enemies or unlucky allies. VERY powerful multi-group lightning-based attack; a drawback is it's safest when executed while friends are far away

Neo: Even though the attacks could use more description- I must commend you for giving a status on the powers. It gives input and illiminates god moding.

Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.)
No pets; she lives by herself, and she used to be petrified of flying. Shinozaki has helped her with her fear, though. Oh, and she has a terrible way of infatuating with perfect (male) strangers.

Picture url if available: (preferred)
It's Sailor Jupiter!

Q: yeah, it is, we've established that. But which version? We still want a picture.

Neo: Not that hard to find using google.ca

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action.

Attaching a short story!

Q: We didn't ask for a damn-ass long Mako/Naru lemon. No, we asked you to write what your character thinks of the Prophecy. We wanted you to show us an example of how you'd roleplay, using thought, action and diologue. However, I can see how the biosheet might have made that slighly confusing. So it's not all your fault, but really, a LEMON!? Fine, we found you on Shojouai.com, but use some common sense,please.

Neo: *FLAIL!* A STORY!?.. a FIC!? the hellllll.... Very left field. It does read in the rules "please cyber else where. No one wants to read your nookie." If its a sig, then I'd seriously reconsider it.. its LONG..

Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy.

"What do I think? Well, I thought that Crystal Tokyo was meant to be an era of peace. I'm not really sure what to think. My immediate thought is that we have turned into a tyrannical dictatorship that forces its citizens to give up their destinies just so 'everyone else' can live. It's a very painful thing for me to think about. Why can't we be called into action like we have so many times before? Sailor Moon and the whole gang saved the world half a dozen times, at least! Do we... do we have to make this huge sacrifice? Do we have to? Isn't there another way? Isn't there? I... I'm scared now, of my own doubts..."

Q: Not bad, good inner angst, but no action or portreyal of inner thought...

Neo: This is more often than not- what makes or breaks you in your character sheet. This gives us insight to what your basic rping skills will be. It specifically says at the top "Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action.". Sorry but you had no movement or even bothered to really scratch deeper than the surface on what your character really thought or was affected.

Q: Some of your answers for the quiz were far too 'cutesy'. This is ment to be a damn dark RPG, and I at least, would appriciate it if applicants took that fact seriously.

Neo: Ironically- I found it funny. But we do like a serious aire more often than not.
Also the first question of the quiz: Pluto being the keeper. Thats a bad on our part we must fix. Pluto was kicked from her guarding of the time gate as she used the time stop saving Uranus and Neptune from a helicopter crash.. thusly breaking the biggest taboo. Diana now guards it. Lets all point and laugh.

Q:In short, you've been rejected for not having enough description, not doing your homework, and assuming just cause everyone knows Mako, you don't need to fill in certain things. If we didn't want those things filled out, we wouldn't ask.

Neo: Think of this as a resume. This is what we look over first; its essentially your first impression. If you wow us with detail, indepth perspective and character affectedness- you will most likely be accepted. All it takes is effort and thought. Thankyou for applying.
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