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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorJupiter - Mousie [24 Aug 2004|02:38pm]
Name: Mousie
Where are you From: United States
Age: 18
Email: shiningcloudchild@earthlink.net

Instant Messager: moonlightrouge
RPG Experience: I've roleplayed in a PBeM format off and on since '99
in almost exclusively anime based games, I have been in a single
X-men LiveJournal RP that flopped miserably after three weeks, and
just recently I've joined an IRC group for another genre.
Sailor moon Knowledge: I've seen the entirety of the first four
seasons subtitled, and about half of Stars.
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: Google search for "SailorMoon
RPG" and a whole lot of digging through websites
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I've been searching
for a 'nice' mature roleplay with a solid plot and strict guidelines.
How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your
intake of sex and violence? I've yet to find anything that seriously
tested my limits in the world of fiction, though I find that sex and
violence without plot to be incredibly boring.

Character You're applying for: Jupiter
Senshi name: SuperSailorJupiter
Civilian name: Kino Makoto
Hometown/Home Planet: Tokyo, Japan--now Crystal Tokyo/Originally
Birthday: December 5th
Eyes: Makoto's eyes are a crystal clear emerald green, though they
are often shadowed.
Hair: Her long hair is a gently wavy multi-hued chestnut that is
usually held up in a high ponytail by a faded green silk scarf, she
has medium length bangs with long whisps hanging down at the sides.
Height: 5'6''
Personality: Makoto is constantly ready for duty, vigilant to an
almost paranoid level. Generally, she is loving and kind to her
fellow senshi--willing to lay down her life for any one of them
without hesitation. On the flip side, her temper is incredibly short
when it comes to civillians as she views them with contempt for not
happily submitting to their queen.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: The same green, only with a much more hardened look to them.
Hair: Her hair is much the same, only held back by a plain,
utilitarian green band instead of her silk scarf.
General appearance: Tall and built like an amazon of legend, Jupiter
is quite nearly solid muscle except for her feminine endowments.
There is a noticable jagged scar that runs diagonally across her
right cheek. She is a lovely woman, though the harshness of her
demeanor detracts from that greatly.
Fuku Description: She wears a traditional SuperSenshi uniform with a
white body suit and gloves; her short skirt, ankle boots, collar,
choker, and the trim of her gloves are a deep shade of green. Her
bows are pink and her front bow holds a heart shaped emerald. She
wears a gold tiara that is adorned by an emerald, and can extend a
thin lightning rod at her will. Her earrings are tiny pink roses, a
consistant mainstay in all that she wears.

Talents: Mako-chan is still an excellent cook that will often take
control of the palace's kitchens, ordering servants around like a
general to create some of the most wonderful feasts.
Inability: Over the years, Jupiter has lost compassion--she doesn't
seem able to sympathise with the people anymore, though she tries her
hardest to pretend for the sake of the others.

Future dream: She dreams that one day she'll be able to live as a
happy housewife with the man she loves.
Goals/purpose: To protect the Royal Family at all costs

Friends: The Royal Family, the Senshi
Foes: All those that oppose the Royal Family, including innocent

Inner personality: Makoto is slowly but surely being driven quite mad
since her husband sacrificed himself for the good of the kingdom,
though it isn't readily apparent in her mannerisms or actions. She's
well aware that she should feel guilt, that she should search her
soul and wonder why they have to commit such atrocities--but she
doesn't. Far from being a psychopath, however, she does truly love
those she's come to view as her family.

Element: Electricity
Talismen/weapon: None
Henshin Object and Phrase: It is a thin green pen topped with a gold
design with wings that encloses an odd little gem. Enclosed in the
gem is a wreath surrounding the symbol of Jupiter. In order to
transform, she cries, "Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up!"

Strength:She can plow through the opposition, relying on brute force
and sheer ferocity to see her through. She is also incredibly
resistant to electric shock.
Weakness: Her style of fighting is solely offensive, leaving her wide
open to attack. She also has a weakness to being in standing water,
eliminating her ability to attack unless she wants her allies injured
as well as her enemies.

History: Jupiter is one of the warrior princesses, the senshi, that
protect Selenity and has been in her past lives. She'd lived as a
cheerful girl, trying her hardest to be a proper big-sister figure
to, as she was once called long ago, Usagi. Though boy-crazy, she
would again and again throw herself into the line of fire and often
sacrifice her life for her princess. Shortly before the Fate's Eye
prophecy, she'd married a wonderful man, Minamoto Kenji--a chef with
an established high-class resturant. As a side note, she did keep her
own last name for no apparent reason. Though her senshi duties often
got into the way, she did have a few months of playing the happy
housewife. It had seemed nothing could go wrong.

When volunteers were called, her husband did so proudly--sacrificing
his destiny for the good of the kingdom. Makoto mourned the loss, but
came out of it months later as a changed woman. After all, he had
simply done what she'd done countless times even though it still hurt
her. It was an honor to give up one's life for the Queen. Viewing it
as such, she seemingly has no moral qualms about what they must do
since the public has turned so cowardly.


Supreme Thunder: A tiny lightening rod extends from her tiara,
electricity gathers about in a violent display that she can then
direct at her enemies. This attack makes up for it's weakness with
the speed she can unleash it.

Supreme Thunder Dragon: A variation of the above attack that
coalesces into a draconic form that can swallow weak beings (like
normal humans) whole, essentially cooking them alive. Generally
speaking, this is too unpredictable of an attack and takes up far too
much time and energy to use under most circumstances.

Sparkling Wide Pressure: She forms a small ball of pure electricity
in her hand and will pitch it straight at her target. It can bounce
off of solid surfaces or explode if she wishes, and she has also
developed the limited capabilities to give it some direction at will
if it misses an intended target.

Jupiter Oak Evolution: Spinning as she calls out the words,
electricity forms into tiny leaves that swirl around her. When she
determines a target and ceases spinning, she throws her energy into
sending them forth to shred an enemy. It's fairly powerful against a
single foe, but can be used against groups--the more foes, the more
divided the attack would be.

Jupiter Domination: Raising her hands to the sky, she roars these
words to summon forth low dark clouds to the immediate area. Though
slow moving themselves, they will send bolts of lightening down to
strike at all living beings--accompanied with the temporarily
deafening roar of thunder. These bolts do not distinguish between
friend and foe and will strike her as well, though her elemental
alignment offers her great protection. This is a dangerously draining
attack, enough to cause her to faint after it's use. To use it when
weak could be fatal.

Extra details: Her main hobbies include cooking and cleaning, which
she will often do regardless of the fact that there are servants to
do such things for her. She's also taken up smoking, an awful habit
but one that doesn't really affect her through the use of magic.

Picture url if available: Forthcoming, I'm thinking of working on a
fanart of her that would more accurately depict her if I'm accepted.

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include
thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your
answer this question:

"Why are they so pathetic?" Makoto wondered aloud to
herself as she leisurely puttered around her chambers, cleaning. Her
hair was down, though she used her favorite silk scarf as a headband.
As she scrubbed the floors, down on her knees doing work that she
could have easily had some servant do, she couldn't help but try to
figure out why the general public still hated them so. "We've
done everything for them, dammit, and now they have to constantly
break the girls' hearts."

She scrubbed viciously at some non-existant speck on the floor. Her
comrades, especially her queen and princess, were such wonderful
individuals. They didn't deserve to suffer in such ways, especially
since time and time again they'd come to save humanity as they knew
it. It wasn't even like this was a permanent arrangement, they
weren't killing people. After the threat was eliminated, restoration
was entirely possible. *Most of them don't really deserve it. The
ones that volunteered, yes, and the children... but those bastards,

One apparently delicate hand slipped, inexplicably slashing her palm
wide open on a sharp edge of the tile. She studied the blood on her
palm curiously, the pain barely registering as she watched it drip
down to mix with the watery cleaner on the floor. *They don't deserve
such things, not like my Kenji does. I'll bring him back... someday.*

"...someday." With that whispered word, she never even
noticed a tear fall, making a tiny splash in the pinkened water on
the floor.
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REJECTED: SuperSailorJupiter - Bridget Coles [24 Aug 2004|02:36pm]
Name: Bridget Coles
Where are you From: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Age: 21
Email: beej_77@hotmail.com
Instant Messager: msn- above email, aim - vitalfaerie
RPG Experience: I've played in four online rpgs - 2 PBeM and 2 forum posting. 3 of the 4 were closed due to lack of interest and a poor return of players. I've stayed with The Crystal Palace RPG for almost 2 years playing Meiou Setsuna, Chibi Usa and recently an opposite form of the Guardian Pluto.
Sailor moon Knowledge: I've read the manga and have watched both the dubbed and subbed anime.
Web page:
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: I clicked on the SMRPG ring banner I happened to notice on cprpg.com
What interested you, why do you want to play?: The title interested me the most, I think I'll forever find the notion of fate and a set destiny intriguing... but the prophecy on your main page is so incredibly well written I couldn't help exploring your site. Reading the archives only piqued my interest further. Your rpg appears to have the perfect mix of darkness and creativity.
How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your intake of sex and violence? It's as strong as it needs to be, really. I can take enough.

Character You're applying for: Supersailorjupiter/ Kino Makoto
Senshi name: Supersailorjupiter
Civilian name: (remember, we're going by the Japanese Anime) Kino Makoto
Age:(remember, this is Crystal Tokyo) 1017 (I'm sorry, I can't remember if she was 16 or 17 at the end... I know she was 14 when it started)
Hometown/Home Planet: Toyko/Earth/Jupiter
Birthday: December 5th
Sign: Sagittarius
Hair: Brunette - kept in her signature high pony tail, two wisps of wavy hair frame her feminine face, she has almost eye length bangs and a green bobble that keeps her mane in place.
Height: 5'6" ("the tallest of the inner senshi" as everyone always quotes in her stats)
Personality: Mako-chan employs a rough and tough exterior to keep most people at arm's length due to the tragic loss of her parents when she was very young. She's nurturing and loving to her friends and often referred to as the "big sister" of h er group because of her ability to make everyone feel loved and listened to. Loyal and trustworthy to those that matter to her most she's quick to respond in the heat of the moment and never lets down those close to her heart. While she is a formidable opponent in battle and possesses some great strength, she never takes on any sort of leadership role in the senshi.
(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Mysteriously deep forest green - they give you a hint to her playful nature and nuturing sense, but keep her strength and character a deep mystery.
Hair: Mako-chan is a brunette, she keeps her mildly wavy hair styled in her signature pony tail with 2 wisps of hair framing her face. She keeps a set of eye length bangs to complete her practical feminine hair style and tops it all off with a double green bobble to keep it in place.
General appearance: A muscular and extremely graceful woman, Makoto stands tall because of her height in comparison to Usagi, Rei , Ami and Minako but also due to her composure as a person. Mako-chan harbours a great presence in her quiet strength and is noticed by others for something they can't quite describe. Her brown hair is recognizable easily for those who know her well and she has a face that people remember - one of "those faces" people always seem to come across.
Fuku Description: Supersailorjupiter's fuku consists of a white bodysuit, accented along her hip line by a short pleated green skirt that is also accented in the back by a pink bow with long pink ribbons trailing from the bottom. In the middle of her chest is another pink bow with much shorter ribbons and green heart in the centre. Leading out from the bow along her collarbones and to the back of her shoulders is a green sailor-styled accent with one white stripe. There are very very short sleeves that cover only the top of her shoulders and give way to a translucent gauzy material. Supersailorjupiter's gloves go just past her elb ows with green accents above the elbow itself. Her footwear are green high heeled boots that go just past her ankles. Her forehead also sports a gold tiara with a green jewel in the middle - she keeps her signature hairstyle and scented rose earrings and her neck is adorned with a green choker and a gold star pendant.
(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Cooking, innate physical strength, listening to others and helping them to feel better about whatever problem they've approached her with and she still enjoys gardening
Inability: STILL to set foot upon an airplane, to marry.
Future dream: To set aside her senshi duties and lose herself in a restaurant of her own.
Goals/purpose: To protect those she has sworn not to lose
Friends: All of the senshi
Foes: Currently those against the Divine Law (Did you want a list of past? The Dark Kingdom, the Black Moon, The Death Busters, Dead Moon Circus and Galactica)
Inner personality: Makoto is a sincere woman that truly loves those she keeps closest to herself. She enjoys being around her friends and is grateful to be close to so many people after having lost her parents and that relationship. Inside Makoto is much the same as she is outwardly towards those she meets. While she is perfectly capable of being professional, mature and the responsible woman she's grown to be - she still enjoys messing around in the kitchen and acting immaturely now and then.
Element: Lightning and Wood
Talismen/weapon: Supersailorjupiter doesn't really have a talismen... but I suppose her weapon could be her fists? just kidding... her attacks I suppose.
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: pink stick that fits in the palm of her hand with a rounded handle, topped by a green opaque glass ball, white wings sit just beneath the glass ball, fanning out on each side. Within the glass ball is the sigil of jupiter in gold with a gold star atop the ball. "Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up!"
Strength: Physical encounters
Weaknesses: Rash decisions (perhaps why she's never been in a leadership position)
History: Supersailorjupiter became a senshi after being tricked by the "ghost bride" through Motoki to steal her energy. In a great display of her physical strength, Makoto beats the youma before transforming into her senshi form.
Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!
Attack one
Supreme Thunder - Jupiter calls upon her element of thunder and lightning through the use of the lightening rod in her tiara - this attack focuses more on a single enemy rather than multiple, it is Jupiter's first attack in both the manga and anime.
Attack Two
Flower Hurricane - this attack is similar to Oak Evolution as it again calls on plants, but utilizes flower petals rather than leaves in a mini tornado and then launches them at the chosen enemy.
Attack three
Supreme Thunder Dragon - a more powerful version of Supreme Thunder where her energy is concentrated into the form of a dragon and again focuses primarily on a single target.
Attack four
Sparkling Wide Pressure - Jupiter throws concentrated bursts of thunder and lightning at her enemies, a more powerful variation of Supreme Thunder, and serves as a quicker attack.
Attack five
Jupiter Oak Evolution - Jupiter creates a whirlwind of razor sharp oak leaves, calling on her other elemental -- plants. This attack is much stronger and can reach mulitple enemies or be focused on a single one.
Attack Six
Coconut Cyclone - a stronger form of Flower Hurrican accompanied by a large flash of lightning.
**I know I didn't create any new attacks, but I enjoy those in the manga and hope it would be alright to use them...**
Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.)
Mako-chan loves cooking and doing housekeeping type duties, everyone loves her cooking, she hates planes because of her parents' accident and she has an affinity for gardening. Did you know Nako originally created Mako-chan to be the oldest of the inners and she made her a smoker? Silly tidbits yes... but interesting anyhow.. unless you already knew! ~.^

Picture url if available: (preferred): http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/bsmp/images/jupiter16.jpg

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your answer this question:
"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy."

Makoto's bare feet slapped the cool tile of her bathroom as she paced back and forth, brushing her naturally wavy hair. It was another morning she wasn't particularly ready for. Another child had been born very early that day and they were preparing to go to the hospital shortly. All she waited for was the knock at her door. Putting her hair into its ponytail she'd been wearing for as long as she could remember, Makoto glanced at her reflection in the mirror and wondered if she looked any different on the outside. She certainly felt it on the inside. She was a mess by any interpretation of the word. She hardly slept anymore and dreaded the moment they were informed of a new child.
None of her friends had confided their feelings in her since the prophecy had been revealed. They didn't talk like they used to. Makoto was more than certain that they were all afraid there was one of them that didn't mind the theft of the Fate's Eyes. No one wanted to be the one to say it or discover who it was... but somehow, they all knew there was one among them.
Makoto took her henshin stick from the bedside table in her room and stared out the window, clutching it in her hand, her knuckles almost white. She watched the winds blow the curtains in and out of the frame and let out a deep sigh. Finally there was a knock at the door and Haruka's voice sifted through the wood.
"It's time. Let's go Makoto."
Mako-chan gripped her henshin stick tighter and took one last calming breath before turning to leave her room. No one would know it was her that wasn't against the prophecy. They all had their own reasons for carrying out the Divine Law, but hers was different. She would never tell the real reason she carried out her orders as a senshi, no one would understand the feeling she got when the fate's eye was removed. No one could know.
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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorMercury - Cat [13 May 2004|05:09pm]
Name: Cat
Where are you from: England originally, now Florida
Age: 23
Email: ami@ami-chan.net

Instant Messager: Ami Mitzu

RPG Experience:
Offline I’ve played D&D and World of Darkness for about six years on
and off
(some breaks in college) so I’m used to working with structure and
plot and
not knowing the outcome of an action until it’s defined by the one in
control. Online I have played Ami/Mercury quite a bit (five
yahoogroups RPGs
only one of which hasn’t either died due to lack of interest or I
because I couldn’t stand what was going on. This last one has
recently been
re-organized to work with a stricter more table-top gaming structure,
the mod controls all the villains and most of the NPCs).
I play her in two LJ rpgs one based on the anime (which I mod and
also play
Luna) one based on PGSM (where she’s currently a bit evil and
I’ve also played Uranus and Neptune, briefly in yahoogroups, and did
run a
short-lived RPG based on Silent Mobius.

Sailor moon Knowledge:
I’ve watched the anime since I was twelve. I was introduced to it in
form, but own most of it fan-subbed (except the first half of R which
I could
never find). I’ve read –some- of the manga, and currently watch PGSM
much as soon as it comes out. I’ve run various incarnations of a
website for going on four years, and try to read up as much as
possible on my
facts and information before publishing them. I don’t know
everything, but
I’ll research and find out anything I need to, to be sure that I have

Web page: http://www.ami-chan.net/

How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: I found the guestbook post
inviting me to
join after AnarchicX (I think was the username) IMd me yesterday.

What interested you, why do you want to play?:
To be honest at first I didn’t. I thought ‘oh, no someone’s spamming
me to
advertise a lame RPG’. Out of morbid curiosity I clicked the link and
to read. I saw how much work had gone into the plot structure, and
the way
things were organized, that set it apart from a lot of the others
I’ve seen
which died, or should have done because the organizers were
fluff-bunny types
who really didn’t know all that much about the show, and were
changing things
all over the place just to suit them. The plot idea really intrigues
especially the opportunity to role-play with people who are clearly
thorough and care about their participants’ ability to perform to
standard. Such a situation, to contribute with like-minded
individuals should
greatly increase the quality and enjoyment of the RPG. I’ve seen RPGs
seem to
work a lot better when they actually have a structure (imagine that!)
and I’m
all about structure.

How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your
intake of
sex and violence?
My stomach is very strong. I’ve always had a morbid fascination with
macabre and have been able to indulge that quite a bit lately
watching Asian
movies like ‘Ichi the Killer’ and ‘Battle Royale’, and then ‘Kill
Bill’ and
so on, I love Tarantino. I can tolerate quite a bit, and can dish it
out too
if necessary.

Character You're applying for: Mizuno Ami/Supersailormercury
Senshi name: Supersailormercury
Civilian name: (remember, we're going by the Japanese Anime) Mizuno
Age: (remember, this is Crystal Tokyo) 1016
Hometown/Home Planet: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Mercury original)
Birthday: September 10th
Sign: Virgo
Eyes: Watery blue. Her eyes are the most expressive thing about her,
she is often reluctant to share her feelings.
Hair: Also blue, a deeper shade.
Height: around 5’1 or 2, slightly taller than Usagi but definitely
than Makoto, at least while they were growing up.

Ami has always been a shy, seemingly reserved person, rather meek,
with the
appearance that she wouldn’t say ‘boo’ to a goose. She’s very insular
introverted in public, and very focused on studying, and making sure
she does
the best that she can in this regard. She’s highly intelligent and
it seems a bit perverse. Around friends for the first time in her
life upon
meeting Usagi she was able to slowly pull herself out of her shell a
at least around the people she trusted.
Publicly, I would think she’s still rather meek, quick to become
if she’s caught out, or found someone who she was attracted to, prone
stutter a little if caught of guard, especially by someone she views
as an
She takes failure at something, especially intellectual quite hard.
She wants
to be the best, feeling it necessary to prove her worth, and would
see even a
small mistake as a big mark against her.
She’s prone to dwell on things, to mull them over and over to make
sure she’s
doing the right thing. Plus she wants to help people, hence pursuing
medicine. She wants to make them better. So, something that involves
to forcibly harm a person in such a violent manner…that would take a
lot. She
would have to take some time to justify it, and accepting this would
take a
lot from her. She would seek desperately to find any other way, but
logical to a fault. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the
few, the
people will be restored once the Prophesied comes, it’s their duty,
it’s what
Selenity orders, so it must be done.

Eyes: Sparkling blue, as though filled with water, but turning more
cold and
Hair: Cut in a short style, but not page boy, a deep but vibrant
blue, with
no hints of purple or green. It has enough length that it can move
when she moves her head, but not enough that it would disrupt her
fringe kept short.
General appearance:
Mercury would appear as one of the least threatening of the senshi,
she is
small framed, and while she will defend herself, and moreso her
friends and
fellow senshi, she’s more apt to hang back and analyze the situation
and call
pointers to the others, point out weak spots, and remain on the
because that’s what the majority of her powers are, distraction and
She doesn’t have many strong offensive attacks.

Fuku Description:
The super form of the fuku involves pale blue bows, a darker blue
skirt, and
choker, a white bodice, almost knee high plastic boots. The bow in
the rear
has longer tails than before, which end part way down her legs. She
gloves, with blue trim, a gold tiara, with a dark blue gem, she has
earrings in each earlobe and her choker has a star on it. There is a
gem in
the center of the bow on her chest.


Ami is highly intelligent, very studious, logical and thorough. She’s
good in
all academic subjects, knows how to work to deadlines, and actually
enjoys to
learn new things, read and study. She speaks Japanese and English.
She’s very
conscientious. She picks things up very quickly. She’s analytical.
She must
be the top, the best, so she pushes herself to excel, works well by
and can also teach others. She has patience (she used to tutor Usagi,
she has

It’s hard for her to detach herself from her work, and socialize.
She’s her
own worst enemy as far as her self-confidence goes. She also has a
hard time
letting go, cutting loose and having fun. She also has a hard time
people close to her fearing rejection, and that they will use her,
and would
probably use her studies, medical work or duties as a reason to not
consider those.

Future dream:
Any dreams for herself would be pushed aside because the fate of the
and preventing the new evil from winning would become her top
priority above
herself. To complete the mission, summon the Prophesied and let
everyone have
their Fate’s Eyes back would be her all-consuming dream.

To complete the mission, summon the Prophesied and let everyone have
Fate’s Eyes back ^_~

Usagi, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Chibi-usa. While she would want to
Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru friends the difference in their
and ages would mean they’re not as close as the inner senshi.
Usagi has been her longest and most dear friend. Ami knows that the
to order the removal of the Fate’s Eyes will have taken it’s toll on
her, and
this will be one of the reasons that she would ultimately agree and
side with
Usagi. This is not a decision Usagi will have taken lightly. She
trusts Usagi
with all her heart, and trusts that this must be the best decision.
proud of all that the other girl has accomplished, and that she was
able to
take on the responsibility of queen, despite the haphazard nature she
while they were growing up.
Rei has always been a little stand-offish, and quick to argue with
Usagi, but
Ami respects her intuition and judgment. Although, Rei is one of the
she’s least close to. She knows Rei will usually say exactly what it
is on
her mind, and respects that about her, given she, herself, has a hard
vocalizing her opinions.
She’s also close with Makoto. She respects and possibly envies the
girl’s strength and focus; the ability she has to follow her dreams,
and her
love for life, and open, caring nature.

Aside from her own lack of self-assuredness, whatever is attacking
Tokyo and also the internal battle between her ethics and the duty
they must
now undertake.

Inner personality:
Ultimately Ami is very torn. What they have to do goes against her
and the ethics of the profession she has worked since her early life
become a part of. She trusts Usagi, and she can see that ultimately
benefits: getting rid of the evil, and restoring Crystal Tokyo would
be worth
it, but she will always have a nagging doubt; what if we’re wrong?;
what if
we’re being misled?; what if there’s some other way and I haven’t
found it?;
what if’s are Ami’s bane.
When less stressed, and with less to worry about, she has a slightly
nature/weird sense of humor, and has been trying to remember to
relax, as her
friends have often told her and take time out from work and duties to
some fun. This would also be very hard for her. She wants to get
things done
and make sure she’s done them correctly. She would feel guilty about
time for herself, because she considers almost everyone else more

Element: Water/Ice primarily, really water in its three forms.
Talisman/weapon: She does have the aqua harp as a weapon, but not
really a
talisman of any kind.
Henshin (Transformation) Object and Phrase: She calls, “Mercury
Power, make up!” while holding the sort of ugly pink wand with the
handle and
wings, and blue crystal on the top containing the Mercury sigil.

Mercury is more about tactics and defense than attack. She will
analyze a
situation using her computer and visor, trying to find the enemies
spots, were additional enemies might be hiding, and direct the other
to points where they will be most effective.

She has very few spells/abilities which aren’t defensive. Her lack of
confidence in her own abilities is also a factor.

Ami studied medicine at Tokyo University so that she didn’t have to
leave her
friends and forsake her duties. She worked as a doctor once she
somehow managing to balance senshi duties with those of her career.
She has
chosen not to have a family of her own, not wishing to put a husband
or child
through some of the isolation from her mother that she felt growing
up, so
she puts any maternal feelings and instincts into her work, and into
being a
surrogate aunt to Small Lady when she is born.


Attack one: Shabon Spray
Her first power and the weakest, but a useful staple, it propels
which become a fog, blocking attackers perceptions so that the senshi
can get
the jump on them. It will also slowly begin to freeze an enemy making

Attack two: Shine Aqua Illusion
This one uses a spiral water jet to impact the enemy, one of the more
commonly used powers, not the strongest, but will help to wear an
enemy down
so that it can be defeated.

Attack three: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
Mercury calls upon the Aqua Harp, as she plays it powerful jets of
issue from the strings, and wound the enemy.

Attack four: Mercury Aqua Mirage
The only time I can remember her using this was Ami-chan no Hatsukoi,
but it
was powerful enough that she could defeat an enemy by herself. I
can’t see
her seeking anything more powerful than this.
This seems to pull water from the surrounding environment and
herself, in
streams until it forms a ball that she then directs towards the enemy
surrounded by further streams of water.

Extra details:
Ami has often kept fish in the past while growing up as they were all
she was
able to keep in the apartment she lived at with her mother. As she
has grown
up, and become so busy I doubt she would keep them any more, perhaps
graduating to a cat, a more self-sufficient animal.
I often write her with a tendency to chew on her lip or her fingers
mulling something or nervous, or nervously mulling, and also a
tendency to
have her trains of thought run off on bizarre, humorous and sometimes
slightly ecchi tangents.

Picture url if available: (preferred)

Writing sample:
"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the

Ami lay on her bed, one arm by her side, the others back rested
against her
forehead, arm slightly bent. She sighed, inhaling deeply, trying to
stave off
the tears which threatened every time her thoughts strayed back to
discussion that had gone on in the palace earlier.
She had of course sided with Selenity and the rest of the royal
house. She
had maintained the voice of reason, because she knew Selenity’s heart
must be
breaking as she vocalized what they had to do. She had spoken softly,
the fact that inside her head she was screaming, but now, now that
she was
alone, and she didn’t have to put on the dutiful face…

She had collapsed to her knees just inside the door once she had
safely shut
and locked it, and cried her eyes out. It was so horrible, yet
necessary the
more logical part of her said. The needs of the many have always
the needs of the few. *This must have been what the outer senshi went
when they thought they had to take people’s pure hearts* she
sitting up with a start, tears filled her eyes again. *No wonder they
were so
distant* but the Outers had been wrong…maybe they were wrong too,
maybe there
was some other way…she would suggest that to Selenity in private.
They had
always been close, and in private Selenity wouldn’t have to put on
such a
strong face, they could…
She stopped, swinging her legs back over the side of the bed, and
holding her
head in her hands. Selenity cared for her people, she would have
every possible option before taking this course of action. If it was
Ami to think about this course of action, it must be killing
Selenity. Of
course the Prophecy was accurate, not only had Setsuna seen it, but
Rei and Michiru all concurrently, while Ami herself did not have this
kind of
intuition, to have four people independently affected all at the same
It had to be true, hideous, awful…her brain rapidly numbing through
stress she was putting on it ran out of adjectives, and so she sat
for a
moment, still with her head in her hands, elbows rested on her knees
stared at the floor, until the blue diamonds and lines blurred into
one mass.
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REJECTED: NeoQueenSelenity - Connie Bond [10 May 2004|04:39pm]
Q: One- We already have a NeoQueenSelenity. Two- You didn't read anything. You claimed the webpage was 'too long'. That should have been your first clue not to submit. Obviously FATE is too much for you. Geh.

Name:Connie Bond
Where are you From:Bakersfield California

Instant Messager: Littletroa
RPG Experience: Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z Ect...
Sailor moon Knowledge: i know alot about her
Web page: it is too long
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: you emailed it to me
What interested you, why do you want to play?: What interested me was
the character and i love to play rpgs and i want to play this one
How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your
intake of sex and violence? it is strong, none in rpgs

Character You're applying for: Neo-Queen Selenity
Senshi name: Sailor Moon
Civilian name: (remember, we're going by the Japanese Anime)Usagi
(Sailor Moon)
Age:(remember, this is Crystal Tokyo)16
Hometown/Home Planet: Earth
Birthday: June 30th
Sign: Canser
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: i dont know
Personality: she is a loving girl
(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
General appearance: in the beginning to the end
Fuku Description:dont kow

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably
achieved their original goals by now.)
Inability: strangth
Future dream: to be a Bride
Goals/pourpose: To Be a Bride and Queen of Tokyo
Friends: Ami, Mina, Lita, Ray, Amara, Machelle, Trista, Houtaru, The
three starlights, to make it short: EVERYBODY GOOD.
Inner personality: she loves her friends

Element: Moon
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Moon prisim power, Moon
Cosmic Power, Super Moon Cosmic Power (with rini) Eternal Moon Power.
Strength: her heart
Weakness: her friends
History: Sailor Moon, Princess Selenity was the daughter of Queen
Sereinty. Selenity was killed on the moon with Edymion by Queen Byrle
of the negavers but was reborn on earth know Serena (aka princess
selenity)fights for man kind and to be Queen of Tokyo. along with her
friends, her prince and her Future Daughter Princess Lady Selenity

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then
six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they
look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your
Senshi! YAY!

Attack one: Moon tiarra Magic

Attack two: Moon Healing Activation

Attack three: Moon Princess Medataion

Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.)

Picture url if available: (preferred)

Writing sample: cant think of any
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include
thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your
answer this question:

"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the
Prophecy." she believes it
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ACCEPTED: NeoQueenSelenity - Alice [29 Mar 2004|08:24am]
Name: Alice
Where are you From: Suburban Maryland. Not enough parking spaces, too many SUVs.
Age: 17
Email: webmistress@revolutionary-girl.net alisuchan@msn.com
Instant Messager: Eien no Ophelia
I've been playing tabletop D&D on and off for four years, which is around the time I've been doing online RPGs as well. I've been playing pretty steadily since then, mostly Harry Potter and original concept games. I've been in a few BSSM games, but they were pretty low quality ("I shoot u! U die!" Well. Maybe not quite -that- bad.)
Sailor moon Knowledge: Introduced to Sailor Moon on American TV when I was a tiny little kid, and I've been pretty obsessed for the last five or six years. I prefer the manga version and own all eighteen tankubon. I've seen all of S and SuperS and am working my way through the first two seasons in Japanese (the box set. Oy.) I haven't seen any Stars, but I'm gonna get my hands on any American release that ever comes out. I'd like to think I'm pretty knowledgeable, but you can always learn more, right?
Web page: http://www.revolutionary-girl.net
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: Ad on LJ rpg_ads
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I like the story idea, and the fact that it's more tightly controlled plot (I'm a controlled plot fan, I guess! Hm.) I like the dark aspect of the story quite a bit as well.
How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your intake of sex and violence? Well, I -love- the movie Kill Bill. Does that help? Gore doesn't bother me at all. Neither does sex, straight-gay-lesbian-whatever (um. lolicon is a bit of a squick though. x_X.)

Character You're applying for: NeoQueenSelenity / Tsukino Usagi

Senshi name: Lost her powers, used to be Sailor Moon.

Civilian name: Used to be Tsukino Usagi, but she's hardly ever referred to by that name anymore. She's just Selenity, NeoQueenSelenity, or Your Majesty.

Age:(remember, this is Crystal Tokyo) 1017

Hometown/Home Planet: Previous life in the Moon Kingdom, in a castle at Mare Serenitatis. Selenity was the Princess of the Kingdom, but she fell in love with the Prince of Earth, Endymion. When they died in an attack on the Moon, Selenity and all her court were sent to be reincarnated into a peaceful future. She was reborn as Tsukino Usagi, and reawakened as SailorMoon and PrincessSelenity. She now governs Crystal Tokyo as NeoQueenSelenity.

Birthday: June 30.

Sign: Cancer. (Sensitive, intuitive, energetic, compassionate, nurturing, moody, possessive and clingy, hypersensitive.)

Eyes: Her eyes are wide, the blue of a clear day's sky. She has very expressive eyes, and her feelings always seem to be broadcast loud and clear. Her eyes sparkle when she's happy, and tend to shadow when she's sad. Anyone who knew her well before she became Queen can tell her moods at a glance through her eyes.

Hair: Selenity's hair is a bright blonde-gold color. It's styled in her trademark twin odango, which are twined on top of her head, with the tails falling down rather gracefully to just brush the floor. She has slightly puffy bangs that part at the center of her forehead, and at her ears two strands of free hair curl down to her chin.

Height: 4'11''

Personality: Selenity has changed greatly since her days as Tsukino Usagi, but in some ways she has not changed at all. While she has become much more elegant and refined, and less of a klutz, she is still overly emotional at times, and a bit childish in her relationships. As a ruler, she is calm and just, but can be frivolous at times. She loves those around her more than anything, even her life. And even her citizens she loves, though in recent years she’s had trouble reconciling her love and duty to protect them with the Fate’s Eye prophecy. She hardly ever leaves the Palace, and anyone who wishes an audience with her must come there. She has always held lavish balls and parties, but recently they’ve been much decreased. When she’s not tied up in the Throne Room, in meetings or in her personal quarters, she bides her time in the Palace Gardens, especially at her favorite pool, which was built to resemble the reflecting pool from the ancient Moon Kingdom.

SENSHI APPEARANCE (Well. Not exactly.)
(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Selenity has practiced for the last thousand years a face that she can wear when ruling and in the public eyes, that won't give away her every emotion. And she still needs a tad bit of practice. Although she's certainly come a long way, and can now school her face into the calm, almost divine _expression that she thinks NeoQueenSelenity -ought- to wear. Her eyes, which are so expressive, take on an almost maternal, concerned cast. When she's shocked, upset or worried, her guarded front slips a little, and her eyes start to show what she feels inside.

Hair: Selenity's hair is the same bright blonde-gold color as it's always been. Styled in her trademark twin odango, which rest on top of her head, and with the tails falling down rather gracefully to just brush the floor. She has slightly puffy bangs that part at the center of her forehead, and at her ears two strands of free hair curl down to her chin.

General appearance: Selenity's face and image are as familiar as any other symbol throughout her kingdom. Along with the castle and her crystal, these are the representations of the peace and happiness that she has brought to the Earth. Selenity hardly ever leaves the palace, and her subjects see her most often from a distance. She appears, waving and smiling, calm and peaceful with her court, looking for all the world like a benevolent demi-goddess. And until recently, her image was well loved all over the Earth. Face to face, Selenity seems like a real person; although still a bit ethereal. Her graceful, mature appearance and mannerisms when ruling are almost direct contradictions to the somewhat childish self that she once was. She no longer falls over often, not after a thousand years of walking everywhere in high heels.

Fuku Description: Selenity wears a long white gown, made of a light fabric. The waist is just below her bust line, and the dress hugs her form down to her knees in a very graceful line. At the knees, the skirt widens out and falls to pool on the floor at her feet. Behind her, the skirt forms a train. The white fabric, which shimmers in good lighting, has an almost purplish-pink cast to it, especially on the bow in the back. This bow is spectacularly proportioned, and it resembles a butterfly's wings. The top two portions reach above her shoulders, and out about two feet on either side. The bottom portions are slightly curled and twist down to about half a foot off the floor. When she walks, her butterfly wing-bow flutters after her. Around the top of the dress, covering her chest is a line of gold circles over the white fabric. Below them, a line of small golden beads, followed by a pressed and wrinkle-free strip of white, and another strip of the same golden beads, which make up the waistline of the dress. The skirt, which is the main portion of the gown, falls in folds and small wrinkles that fit the contours of her body. Her shoulders are bare and she wears only three pieces of jewelry; a pair of golden twisted earrings that dangle to her chin, her wedding ring, and her crown. The ring is a simple gold band, which matches her slightly more ornate engagement ring; a thin gold band with a light pink stone. She wears the engagement ring when she feels down, or for special occasions. Her crown, which rests above her bangs, is a few shades of gold darker than her hair. At the center is a red stone in the shape of a heart, with wings coming from behind and a tiny cap like that on top of a scepter. The rest of the crown is adorned with rubies, blue sapphires and tiny pearls. On her forehead is the crescent moon symbol in gold. She either wears white satin high heels or goes barefoot.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Selenity has a remarkable aptitude for feeling love and respect towards almost everyone she meets; even an enemy who has tried to kill her can win her friendship by repenting. She gives of her heart quickly and completely. She's loyal and will never give up on something once she's committed to it, and will do anything for a friend, including sacrifice her own life. She has become a capable ruler who tries to consider the welfare of her people and planet before her own.

Inability: She doesn't really understand betrayal, or the idea that someone could stop loving. She has a history of choosing a single person's well being over that of the whole planet. She still can't write kanji above a third grade level, and she's sensitive to being teased. She’s also a terrible optimist.

Future dream: Her dreams include continuing safeguarding the peace of all her subjects and those she loves. She also wants to see her daughter Usagi grow up in a world where she won't need to fight.

Goals/purpose: To protect her kingdom and those she loves. To win back the favor of her people. To summon the protector, no matter how many Fate’s Eyes it takes, and save her world.

Friends: Selenity counts almost everyone she meets among her important friends; she is quick to give friendship and quick to give help to her friends when they are in need. But there are people in her life who aren’t important as much as crucial, and without any of them, Selenity feels she’d die. Of course, foremost in her heart is Mamoru, her Endymion who she has loved across life and death. Mamoru, who she still gives the pet name Mamo-chan to, rules Crystal Tokyo with her. She relies on him not only for emotional support and love, but for help making decisions that require his intelligence. She no longer cares that he’s “smarter” than she ever will be, although she certainly doesn’t like it when other people tell her that. Her daughter Usagi, who Selenity also calls Chibi-Usa or SmallLadySelenity, is Selenity’s treasure. Having known Usagi before she was born, Selenity often felt strange when she was with her young daughter, and mixed in with the unbreakable maternal bond was a sadness that she didn’t yet have the Usagi she used to know. Until Usagi returned from the past the final time, Selenity was often guarded and a little distant with her daughter, out of the effort of trying not to tell Usagi anything about the past. When Usagi returned and Selenity felt she could finally relax and have a totally healthy relationship with her daughter, she found it still wasn’t so. Half of her wanted to still be the elder sister of the past, and half wanted to be a responsible mother, but Usagi wouldn’t accept her mother turning into the Usagi she’d just left. And nor, as she grew into a teenager, did she really want a responsible mother anymore. Although she loves her daughter deeply, Selenity often feels like she hasn’t been a good mother. Ami has always been a pillar in Selenity’s life; intelligent, caring, always there for her. Selenity and Ami have an unstrained relationship still, and Selenity feels she can rely on Ami for help, both emotional and intellectual. Rei and Selenity, on the other hand, have quarreled since they first met, and still do to this day, over inane things like manga and perceived slights. But beneath the surface, they care for each other like sisters, though they won’t admit it. Selenity is the most attached to Rei out of all of her Inner Senshi, but she would never tell anyone for fear of hurting the others. With Makoto, Selenity always has a caring, protective friend who happens to still make delicious bentou and bring them to the palace every so often. In their youth, Minako and Selenity were often like twins, with the same interests and the same idiocies. As they grew and both shouldered responsibilities (Selenity as Queen, Minako as leader of the Senshi), their bond has matured somewhat. They often have strategical meetings, although it’s not unknown for them to listen to idol music and coo over celebrities during those meetings. She’s always felt safe, and a bit childish around Haruka, and even now that she’s Queen, that feeling persists. She admires Michiru’s elegance, and has modeled her Queenly behavior part-way after Michiru. She’s also respected Setsuna, and has asked for her guidance time and time again while raising Usagi, as well as leaving Usagi with Pluto many times. Selenity has trouble seeing Hotaru as the threatening Senshi of Ruin, because she still sees the loveable Hotaru-chan of the past. She makes an effort to treat Hotaru as a normal young girl instead of a Guardian, with the thought that it’s not healthy to grow up with too much responsibility. Selenity loves all of the Senshi, and tries her hardest to do what’s best for them and not place them in danger. Luna has been with Selenity all along, and Selenity trusts her implicitly, although she’ll still tease her mercilessly. Artemis and Diana also have a place in Selenity’s heart, although they’re not her guides. Her mother and father, Ikuko and Kenji, passed away long ago. Even under the Ginzuishou’s protection, older humans couldn’t last a thousand years. Selenity still misses them and sometimes wishes she could have created a home just like her mother’s. Albeit, with a little less cruelty to those who fail tests. Shingo, her brother, has aged to about forty five, and has a wife and three children. Selenity used to visit them once every year or so, but in the current climate of ill-will towards the Palace, she hasn’t been to visit them in a while.

Foes: In the past, anyone who has threatened the safety of the Earth; she has battled and defeated any danger that approached. But now, when her foe is still unknown, Selenity is nervous.

Inner personality: Inside, Selenity battles with herself over the issue of the Fate’s Eyes more than over anything else in her life. She feels guilt for taking innocent destinies away, but knows that there’s no other solution. Her daughter, Usagi, is also a source of worry; Selenity feels like Usagi is pulling away from her for a reason that she can’t fathom, and it depresses her. She’s still a compulsive eater when she’s unhappy, and the palace kitchen staff know better than to ask their Queen what’s wrong when she comes down and asks for a triple banana split with extra cherries. She tries to relax and act like a kid again when she’s with her Senshi, but something always gets in the way and she’s bitter that she can’t recapture the simplicity of her youth. She feels guilty that she can’t defend herself any longer and must rely on others.

Element: Sanctity

Talisman/weapon: Ginzuishou, the crystal that belonged to QueenSelenity, which was passed down to Selenity. She's used it to save the world countless times. It resembles a large diamond, transparent and always emitting a soft glow. Just being near the Ginzuishou can heal sickness, and it's power increases the lifetimes of Selenity and her court. The Ginzuishou sits in the Tier that she has retained from her days as Eternal Sailor Moon, glittering peacefully.

Henshin (Transformation) Object and Phrase: No Henshin, Selenity has lost all her powers as Sailor Moon except for the use of the Ginzuishou.

Strength: She has the Ginzuishou’s incredible power on her side, and after a thousand years has learned almost the full use of it. She is still willing to endure pain to save another, and still believes in her friends and loved ones completely.

Weakness: She’s lost her transforming powers and all her weapons except for her Tier, which now only functions as a staff for the Ginzuishou, and the Ginzuishou itself. She can’t enter battle or fight anymore, and needs to be protected by her Senshi.

History: After the battle with Galaxia, Selenity married Mamoru and settled down, content that her life would be clear sailing from then on out. Of course, nothing is ever quite as Selenity hopes. She’s begun to think that’s her curse. A year after her wedding, the world was struck with an unnatural sleeping sickness that infected over four-fifths of the population. Selenity used her Ginzuishou and restored the Earth, in the process revealing herself to the world once and for all. In awe, the citizens of the world proclaimed her a Goddess and Selenity realized that –this- was how she was to become Queen. A little unsure of herself, she ascended to the throne in the year 2057. She brought unity and peace to the world, and a time when disease and poverty were all but unknown. She had trouble becoming accustomed to ruling; giving up her name and personal life to become a public figure bothered her, but she eventually became used to it and started to enjoy ruling a happy world. Unfortunately, the peace and happiness never lasted for that long. Not only was her city destroyed in the fairly recent attack from the Black Moon, but in the past she has negotiated through oil shortages, trade strikes, regional conflicts and all manner of political crisises. Not being trained as a ruler, she has relied heavily on her Senshi, each with their own area of expertise, and they have become akin to her cabinet. The Black Moon situation was an especially painful problem for Selenity. She knew that the attack was coming, and that it would decimate her city and thrust her daughter into hardship, but she knew that she –had- to let it happen, or the past might be irrevocably changed. On the morning of the attack, she was so anxious that she ran outside as soon as she heard the first blast, and was hit by it. By that time, Usagi had accidentally stolen her Ginzuishou, and the Guardian Senshi had to use their powers to create a protected place for Selenity to sleep until the Ginzuishou returned. Of course, Usagi eventually brought the Ginzuishou back and revived Selenity. Feeling justified and proud, Selenity set out to rebuild her city, secure again in the notion that there would be peace ever after. Selenity has always been an optimist.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six. And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

The Ginzuishou

- Using the Ginzuishou is very draining, dangerously so. The first Queen Selenity died after sealing away Queen Metallia and the Dark Kingdom with the Ginzuishou. If the Ginzuishou is used for such a large task without any others, such as the Senshi, giving energy to help Selenity, she’s in danger of dying as well.

- Power One. Healing: Selenity’s Ginzuishou has an innate power to heal ailments and alleviate pain, and those who suffer can be healed a little just by being within a certain distance of the Ginzuishou, or touching it. However, if she chooses, Selenity can channel her thoughts and energy into healing a certain person, or an entire area. After healing a single person, Selenity will feel slightly dizzy. If she heals a larger area, she may collapse temporarily or lose conciousness for a few hours. Compared to any other Ginzuishou uses, healing is not that draining.

- Power Two. Protective Barrier: The Ginzuishou can be used to create a protective barrier, one that repels attacks and objects. This power is fairly versatile, and she’s even used it to stop meteors from crashing into the planet. The more complicated the barrier and the longer it is held, the more draining and dangerous it becomes. She is in danger of losing her life if she does not stop using the Ginzuishou before it drains her completely.

- Power Three. Prayer: By praying to her Ginzuishou, Selenity can accomplish many things. Her mother sealed her dead daughter and the Dark Kingdom with this prayer power. Selenity has transformed Luna into a human girl, among many other feats. Depending on the feat performed, and on what power, she may collapse, or be in danger of dying.

- Power Four. The Ginzuishou’s power can be directed at enemies, in a concentrated beam that is incredibly potent. She has destroyed many enemies with this power, but if she invokes this power unaided, she is almost certain to die.

Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, etc.) Luna, who has always detested being called a pet, is Selenity’s guardian and adviser still. She relies too heavily on the magic of the Ginzuishou to keep her figure trim, as she eats too much on many occasions. She still has a few of the manga that she stole from Rei back in their youth, which she reads whenever she feels too old.

Picture url if available: (preferred) http://www.serenitatis.com/dekai/dawn/nqs/nqs_007.jpg

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your answer this question:

"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy."


Selenity lay sprawled sideways across the master bed in the Royal Chambers. It had to be, she thought, wider than her entire room when she was young. She was engulfed in the white and crystal and silver of the room; like most of the palace, decorated in the royal colors. Who’d decided they were the royal colors, she had no idea. But they did feel regal, and Selenity liked feeling regal when she woke up. She stretched and sat up, rubbing her eyes. It was mid-morning, and she was alone in the room. Today was the Queen’s so called “day-off”. Which meant she didn’t have to be anywhere until noon. Then, of course, she had a meeting with Usagi’s tutors to assess her daughter’s progress. And then,… She couldn’t recall what next. A committee of concerned citizens, or a Senshi meeting. Maybe a luncheon with regional government heads. She’d check her schedule later; it was all set out by her bed side, ready for her to read over when she woke.

Mamoru had already left; she vaguely remembered waking up to see her husband in his lavender suit, sitting on the side of the bed. That was right; she’d called for him half-asleep. She’d had a nightmare, and he hugged her and told her to go back to sleep. He was probably out at the morning Conference of Concerned Parents now, she thought. Business as regular. But that dream…

She stood, in her white nightgown, and wrapped herself in a long royal blue robe. Her room wasn’t cold, for they kept it at exactly the temperature that the Queen wanted, but the remembering made her shiver. She had been holding a baby, her daughter Usagi, even though Usagi was seventeen. Running, screaming and crying through the Palace with the child in her arms. She fell, and turned, and a woman with bloody hands grabbed Usagi and wrenched her away, and when Selenity looked up, she was facing herself, with both eyes gouged out and blood running down the front of the Sailor fuku she’d long ago given up.

Selenity wished fervently that Mamoru hadn’t left the room. She wanted, for a moment, to go down to Usagi’s rooms and check on her daughter. But the feeling passed, for a Queen mustn’t be caught doing such a silly thing. She decided to walk down to the kitchens and find herself a quick breakfast. She walked to the back wall of her chamber and grasped an ornate gold decoration. It turned in and a door slid open; the servant’s passage. Selenity walked in and shut the door behind her, the dream still weighing heavily on her mind.

The lights were dim and reddish in the thin hallway, and she walked quickly. Of course it was the Fate’s Eyes that had caused it. She’d tell it to Rei-chan when she saw her next, but Selenity already felt like she knew the meaning. ‘Am I doing the wrong thing?’ she asked herself, ‘Stealing children’s lives?’ It was the only way she could see to go. The world would be saved, she had to believe that. But at what price? Even her Ginzuishou couldn’t restore a person after their Fate’s Eye had been removed. Stolen, a bitter voice in her mind added. Stolen just like the DeathBusters stole PureHearts. “What’s the difference?” she said out loud. She remembered, so long ago, Chibi-Usa’s body lying cold and motionless. Her dead child. ‘And now I’m killing children.’ Where had that SailorMoon gone? Where had the girl who would sacrifice everything for one person gone?

“Your Majesty?” Asked a young woman’s voice, and Selenity looked up quickly, trying to compose herself. One of the girls who cleaned her rooms, long brown hair and green eyes. Sonomi, that was it.

“Yes?” Selenity replied after a moment. She smiled at the servant.

“Oh, oh.. nothing, sorry to bother you, Your Majesty.” Sonomi said, bowing her head and hurrying past. Selenity watched her go, the dream still playing in her head. Did everyone else in the kingdom have nightmares of bloody Sailor Senshi chasing them, too? Or was that a punishment fit only for the one who commanded the bloodshed? Selenity changed her mind; she didn’t want to eat anything this morning.
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PENDING SupersailorMercury - Alice [21 Mar 2004|01:35pm]
Name: Alice
Where are you From: Suburbia Maryland. Land of doctors and lawyers and school kids who pretend to be ghetto. (Don't ask me how or why. I'd like to know why they do myself.)
Age: 17
Email: webmistress@revolutionary-girl.net alisuchan@msn.com
Instant Messager: AIM - Eien No Ophelia MSN - alisuchan@msn.com
RPG Experience: I've been playing tabletop D&D on and off for four years, which is around the time I've been doing online RPGs as well. I've been playing pretty steadily since then, mostly Harry Potter and original concept games. I've been in a few BSSM games, but they were pretty low quality ("I shoot u! U die!" Well. Maybe not quite -that- bad.)
Sailor moon Knowledge: Introduced to Sailor Moon on American TV when I was a tiny little kid, and I've been pretty obsessed for the last five or six years. I prefer the manga version and own all eighteen tankubon. I've seen all of S and SuperS and am working my way through the first two seasons in Japanese (the box set. Oy.) I haven't seen any Stars, but I'm gonna get my hands on any American release that ever comes out. I'd like to think I'm pretty knowledgable, but you can always learn more, right?
Web page: http://www.revolutionary-girl.net
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: Ad on LJ rpg_ads
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I like the story idea, and the fact that it's more tightly controlled plot (I'm a controlled plot fan, I guess! Hm.) I like the dark aspect of the story quite a bit as well.
How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your intake of sex and violence? Well, I -love- the movie Kill Bill. Does that help? Gore doesn't bother me at all. Neither does sex, straight-gay-lesbian-whatever (um. lolicon is a bit of a squick though. x_X.)

Character You're applying for: Mercury / Ami

Senshi name: SuperSailorMercury

Civilian name: Mizuno Ami

Age:(remember, this is Crystal Tokyo) 1016

Hometown/Home Planet: Born in Tokyo, Now residing in Crystal Tokyo. In her previous life, Princess and Guardian of the planet Mercury, Mariner Castle.

Birthday: September 10

Sign: Virgo (the Virgin. Practical, cautious, reliable, idealistic.)

Eyes: Blue. Ami has sea-eyes. Some days, her eyes are a bright, sparkling blue, but at other times, muted greyish blue, like the ocean on a cloudy day, and many shades in between. It depends on the weather, or her mood. They usually are around a medium-dark blue, a few shades lighter than her hair.

Hair: Ami's hair is also blue, but it's color doesn't change. It's navy blue with a tiny bit of a green-gray tinge, highlights in light blue. Ami keeps her hair short, in a very mature-looking cut that she's always liked. She has bangs, which she has cut on a regular basis to avoid them hanging in her eyes (she won't, she says, look like a sheep dog. It's sloppy.) Her hair is naturally curly, and wisps of it are always sticking out.

Height: 5'2".

Personality: Ami is the so called "brains of the operation", being not only very highly educated, but practical as well. She loves reading and learning, and is especially fascinated with science and history. Also very emotionally stable and caring, she tries to be there for her friends. She's always ready to lend an ear, and offer her advice. (Although her advice is usually the "right" thing to do, it's also usually the boring and safe thing to do.) She's a bit cautious, and sometimes shy around the normal citizens. She is very good at making friends, and is quite polite. She does tend to always try and help others, even at her own risk.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: As SuperSailorMercury, her eyes are always the same color; blue a bit lighter than her hair, the color of the ocean in the winter.

Hair: Her hair doesn't change it's appearance from civilian to senshi form; it's still dark blue, a bit shaggy and tousled with curls coming up from the sides, and quite cute.

General appearance: When she's not in her Senshi form, Ami usually wears suits, or slightly casual work-type clothing, quite frequently under a white lab coat. She doesn't go in for gaudy clothing, but likes to look well put together. She won't wear much flash jewelry, or very high shoes. When she's not transformed, she needs reading glasses, but as SuperSailorMercury her vision is fine. Her glasses are silver framed, thin and rectangular. She likes swimming, and so has a closet full of swimsuits, but that's a secret that she's a bit embarassed of.

Fuku Description: Her body suit is white, with a medium-blue pleated skirt and sailor collar. The collar has a single light blue stripe. At the front of her sailor collar is a bow of the same ice-blue color, with a gem heart in the primary fuku color, "true blue", on the very front. The back of her fuku has another bow, attatched at the top of her skirt, with loose ends that trail about a foot and flutter gracefully. Her fuku's sleeves are simple semi-transparent caps over her shoulders, and she wears elbow-length white gloves with blue trim at the top. She also wears knee high boots with small heels, in the primary blue color with light blue trim at the very top. She has a choker, blue with a gold star in the middle, and a golden tiara with an ocean blue gem inside. She wears dark blue post earrings. Her computer has a head attatchment that is a see-through, light blue visor, which she often wears. The other attatchment, which she uses less, is a cordless headset microphone-reciever.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Intelligence, reasoning and logic, a calm approach to problems, medical skills, computer skills, swimming, chess.

Inability: To stop working and slack off. Almost any kind of offensive manuver in battle.
Future dream: To continue serving NeoQueen Serenity and the Royal Family, to bring lasting peace, to continue studying and learning. She kind of wants to become a medical professor, as well.

Goals/pourpose: To save as many people as possible from death and harm, to save her city and nation (goals which conflict, to a certain degree.)

Friends: She shares a special bond with all of the Inner Senshi and with the Queen. The Outers, especially Setsuna, she respects and is good friends with. She has an almost elder sister relationship with Chibi Usa. She and Mamoru respect one another's intelligence as well as being friends, and often share in researching or discuss science. Ami and Luna are good friends, having been on the same side of almost every dispute between the Senshi for a thousand years. Ami is also quite fond of Artemis and Diana.

Foes: Anyone threatening the peace and wellbeing of her friends, anyone that poses harm to defenseless civilians. Herself.

Inner personality: Ami will periodically get depressed and feel guilty, incapable or unconfident, and while it's a bit difficult to tell when she's unhappy, a little help or caring from one of her friends will cheer her right back up. She has a lot of empathy for other people, part of what makes her such a good doctor and a good friend; and while it used to help her in being a Senshi as well, of late it's done nothing but make her feel even worse about taking Fate' Eyes. She is sometimes upset, as well, over all the things she's given up in order to serve her Princess.

Element: Water / Ice

Talisman/Weapon: Mercury Harp, with which she uses the Mercury Aqua Rhapsody.

Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Her Henshin Pen has an orb on it's top with her planetary symbol inside, along with a picture of the Mercury Harp, topped with a golden star. Below that, two white wings and the golden stick, with a handle, that she grasps and shouts "Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up!"

Strength: Mercury's most important role is tactical analysis. Using her computer, she can discover enemy weaknesses, powers, and anything important to figuring out puzzles and mysteries. Her greatest strength has always been her mind. After that, she's a good defensive fighter, and her specialties lie in stopping approached enemies, literally freezing them in their tracks.

Weakness: She's not an attacker. Most of her powers can't stand alone to defeat an enemy, and she needs back-up to fight properly.

History: After high school, Ami earned her Pre-Med and Medical degrees from prestigious Japanese Universities. She decided that her Senshi duties came first, and declined to go abroad to study although it had always been her dream. She ignored the end of her dream and started out as a pediatrician. In the years before Crystal Tokyo formed, she quickly became one of the leading authorities on children in the nation. But after Usagi became NeoQueen Serenity, Ami retired and focused herself on medical study and her duties as a Guardian. Another dream, she is given to think at her most bitter moments, that she destroyed for Usagi's sake. While she originally wanted a large family, she has realized that it's nearly impossible, and contents herself with being the best adoptive Aunt to Chibi Usa that she can. She's occassionally jealous that others have had the things that she used to want to much, but mostly she can convince herself that her mission is more important than anything else.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six. And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

* Shabon Spray

-- She cups her hands together and an orb of white mist forms between them. Then, spinning, she crosses her arms, and when she uncrosses them the bubbles are shot forward. Her attack generates mist and bubbles used mostly to confuse enemies. Useful for camoflauge, to let others attack, and to retreat. It doesn't take much energy, but it doesn't do damage at all unless the enemy is heavily based in fire or heat, and only a -tiny- bit then. It can't be targeted, it is an area attack and can confuse allies as well as enemies.

* Aqua Mirage

-- The symbol of Mercury appears, and water condenses around it to form a blue orb. Ami twirls and twists around it, finally firing it forward. The water errupts into circles that surround her for a moment, and then rush at the enemy, forming a bullet shape before hitting one oppnent. A medium amount of damage, and it momentarily stuns the target.

* Cold Snap

-- This attack isn't powerful so much as useful, and it requires a large amount of energy. Mercury extends her hands to the sky and turns her head upwards. A few crystals of ice float down into her hands, and she bends over slowly to the ground. As she bends, the ice grows into a ball, and she tips the ball out of her hands and onto the floor. The ball breaks, sending water rushing out in front of her that freezes the ground. It makes motion very difficult, and can topple enemies to the ground with ease. The effect lasts for about twenty minutes, unless a heat source is introduced. It can be pointed in a direction, but not targeted more than that, and allies are just as subject to slipping as enemies. After the attack is done, Mercury doesn't have any control over the ice.

* Shine Aqua Illusion

-- A wave of ice cold water that will freeze multiple opponents or objects in place. The attack begins with a drop of water falling on a dark pool. The droplets that spray upwards trail around her body, as sparkles circling upwards. When they reach her hands, which are raised above her head, Mercury spins and pushes the energy forward. A torrent of water shoots at her enemy. It does a fair amount of damage, but leaves Mercury drained for a few minutes and unable to execute any other attack.

* Aqua Rhapsody

-- This attack is Mercury's strongest, using the Mercury Harp. She strokes the harp, and many small waves of water are fired at high speed towards her opponents. It is fairly exhausting to execute, and while it will only target a single opponent, it is her best offense.

Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.) Hobbies are reading, learning, researching, swimming. No pets, no children. Will occassionaly say slightly perverted things, which suprises everyone she knows.

Picture url if available: http://www.geocities.com/dk1098/moonlight/mercurystars.jpg

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your answer this question:

"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy."

Ami set down her book and stared at the wall. She couldn't muster the energy, today, to digest any information about General Custer or Crazy Horse. It was just...

She stood up and stretched. Her bedroom was small, but she liked it that way. Cozy, not like the rest of the palace at all, where everything was marble and crystal and pearl and gorgeous. Ami's small apartments were blue and white, mostly cotton and wood and steel. It was four rooms that she had to herself, that someone had taken to calling the Mariner Rooms. The name had stuck. She walked out of her bedroom, into the living room. In the middle of the room, her decorative fountain was running happily. It was huge, it had been a gift from the Queen for Ami's one-thousandth birthday. Kneeling by the edge, Ami trailed her fingers through the water. Fate's Eyes. The fish were breaking the surface of the water in quick flashes. They'd never done it like this before, to save the world. It had always been the villians who created pain and stole, and the Sailor Senshi who stopped the crimes. Now, now, Ami thought, we commit the crimes. Legalized crimes.

But no, it's not fair to say that, she corrected herself. It's for the right, Usagi knows that and she has always steered us right before. Every time we thought she would kill us all and doom the whole world, she's pulled through. Ami clenched her hand. You need to have faith, she told herself. Ami tried, and tried again to shut her mind off. But that was the problem with being a so called genius girl. The brain doesn't want to turn off so easily. She couldn't help but think of promising to preserve life and alleviate pain. How was plunging her hand into someone's eye socket anything but a total violation of her beliefs?

There was a knock on her door. Ami stood quickly, splashing water across her shirt. She hurried to the door, and opened it to find a young man in the palace livery. "Princess Mercury," he addressed her, using her formal title. "The Queen requests your presence." Ami nodded.

"Tell Her Majesty that I will arrive as soon as I am able, after changing so that I am fit for an audience." She closed the door and mulled over the words. No, she wouldn't normally have to prepare herself to go see Usagi. They were, (still are, still are, her mind insisted) best friends. But if Usagi had wanted to talk as a friend, she would have sent Luna or called on the Communicator. A courier meant was a grave occasion, and a grave occasion warranted a formal response. Ami headed back into her bedroom to change into a dress that would befit the Princess of Mercury. Her stomach was dropping rapidly, what could Usagi have to say?
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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorMars - Allison Lins [19 Mar 2004|09:00am]

Name: Allison Lins

Where are you From: New Jersey

Age: 21

Email: linsa@centenarycollege.edu

Instant Message: OBMcKenzie

RPG Experience:

Co-created three games: Two PBeM, One Message board based game. The
PBeM lasted two years, and the Message board lasted Six months and
then was turned over to another player

Played in 4 games: Otherworlds, a Message Board spin off, played for
one year; Riah, a spin off played for 2 years as several characters;
Unknown, a direct BSSM PBeM game for two months before it shut down,
played Neptune and Saturn; Millenium Illusions, a direct BSSM PBeM
game, I played for 2 years, as hotaru, mars, chibi-hotaru, Endymion,
and Helios

Sailor moon Knowledge: I used to know a lot, its escaping my mind
now. I have seen most of the seasons dubbed and subbed, mostly
subbed. I've ready up through SuperS of the manga I know kind of what
happened in Stars. I know enough about the starlight’s, but never
saw the ending....*sigh* I know what happans though.

Web page: http://members.fortunecity.com/animerei/index2.html
Long since shut down, Still there as I’ve totally forgoing the log
in and pass

How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: livejournal, somebody hit up my
anime community.

What interested you, why do you want to play? I really missed the
artistic outlet that I had and my writing has suffered a lot. I’ve
lost a lot of my interest in writing and I’m hoping to spark that
passion I once had for writing. I also really miss the interaction I
had when playing with others, and I miss playing Rei-chan and
hotaru-sama…and my fan senshi but that will come with time, plus
she was never finished

How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your
intake of sex and violence? I'm comfortable with it. If its
constantly an orgy at all times I'll seriously question the point of
the game, but I'm not afraid of sex and heavy text. Like any 21 year
old I've watched my share of porn and I've actually written some hard
core stuff, so i think I can handle it.


Character You're applying for: Hino Rei

Senshi name: Supersailormars

Civilian name: Hino Rei

Age: (oh god.. think me think!) 1016? (she was 16 are the end of the
series so.. i think i'm right lol)

Hometown/Home Planet: Tokyo, Japan, Earth (but originally Mars)

Birthday: April 17

Sign: Aries

Eyes: Purple, Dark Violet

Hair: Long black or purple (depends on wh oyou talk too)

Height: 5'5

Personality: Rei used to be a tough and warm girl, she had a hard
outer shell but a lot has changed. She's missed out on a lot of the
pangs in her heart and she's watched the world change without her.
She still loves the senshi but there’s been a growing emptiness
since the prophecy was announced. She was always really very tough,
she would do anything for Usagi and the family. She's still wishes
for a love, and a family, but not as much as before. She's terrified
of the future, and what it was going to mean for her offspring.

She's having a very difficult time accepting that the Fate's Eye's
are the only option, she feel distant to Usagi and the other inner
senshi. She's felt more and more of herself shut down to do her
princesses orders. She's grown quiet adept at her ability to shut off
her emotions, but that is taking a toll on her ability's as a temple
priestess. She's been slowly losing her ability to read the fire,
which Rei has failed to tell anyone. Her dreams have been providing
more of her premonitions then the fire, (and she has seen things that
she though she would never see again, the deaths of her friends and


(Be descriptive!)

Eyes: Violet but they burn with intensity...*i wonder why....*

Hair: Down past her knees, and the tips even reaching her ankles, jet
black in color, it actually shimmers purple in some lights. She
generally wears it down and straight, except when she is performing.
She has a million and one do's for her long hair when she's on stage,
but her fans seem to love that long hair down, especially the guys.
She keeps nice and silky so it blows in the wind.

General appearance: Her favorite outfit and most worn is the
priestess uniform, the traditional red and white robe. When she is
relaxing or going through town she will wear red high heels shoes or
boots, with tight jeans, and a red blouse that hangs off her
shoulder, she might leave her hair down or tie it back with a red
bow. For performing purposes, which she doesn’t do very often, She
wears a red miniskirt and a heavily ripped top. She is at all times
wearing her dangly red star earrings.

Fuku Description: The traditional supersenshi outfit. The snow white
body gives way at the bottom to a short deep red skirt and at the top
to clear, translucent shoulder covers and a red collar. A large
Purple bow covers the front, held in place with a deep red heart,
with wings sprouting from it. Her snowy gloves cover her arms from
her fingers to just above her elbow and are topped with red trim.
From her ears dangle delicate red stars, and around her neck is a
fiery red choker with a gold star. Her golden tiara hold a red jewel
in it that flashes flames is she gets pissed. She also wears bright
red high heeled shoes.


(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably
achieved their original goals by now.)

Talents: Song writing, singing, ability to turn off her emotions.

Inability: She has a lot of moral issues with what they are doing,
but she’s learned to disconnect herself. She will turn over her
life for her friends.

Future dream: She wants to survive the current problem, she wants to
stop the violence, she wants to eventually find love.

Goals/pourpose: Protect earth, her princess, save earth

Friends: Usagi is still her best friend and chibi-usa is like a
daughter to her. She also feels close to Hotaru but in a motherly
way, she doesn't understand the strange pull she feel towards her.
She wants to be close to the inner senshi but she understands the
outers more then ever before, she feels a very large rift between her
friends and herself. (She wants to save everyone, but she can’t
save them, she sees only death and hate amongst her friends)

Foes: She’s unsure of that anymore, she knows that anyone that
wants to hurt her is an immediate threat, but she’s unsure of who
she is helping

Inner personality: Rei has closed off this part of herself. She
desperately longs for the touch of love of a man but is terrified of
anyone getting close because of the events. She feels that she cannot
risk love now, especially now. She is disgusted by what she does, and
doesn’t understand how anyone could love her or even want to know
her once they know who she is.


Element: Fire

Talismen/weapon: I don't believe she had one, if we can make one then
a bow and arrow.

Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Long thin pink stick that
has a handle that runs from the bottom to just under these two larger
golden wings that stick out the side. There is a red orb about the
stick and above that orb there is a star with a creseant moon on top
of that. Within the orb is a wreath with a mars symbol within it. She
yells, "Mars Crystal Power, Make up!" to transform

Strength: Fire

Weakness: Water

History: She was one of the four guardians of the princess of the
moon. They were under the direct command of the Queen. Being
princesses themselves they were bestowed with the powers of their
worlds. These four; Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus were the closest
friends and guardians of Princess Selenity(Usagi). When Mettila
attacked and the moon kingdom was destroyed, Mars along with the
others were sent to earth in the future. She was discovered at a
shrine in Tokyo by Luna and sailormercury and sailormoon. Although
they fought Usagi and Rei were very close and Rei was always willing
to help her.


Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.
And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look.
Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi!

Attack one

Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai,zen. Akuryou

-She uses her scrolls, both as warrior and as priestess, to halt
people in their tracks. Anyone with a scroll attached to themselves
will stop moving and be frozen in spot. She holds a many scrolls in
front of her face and chants the words, "Rin, pyou, tou, sha,
kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen" Her eyes fly open and she throws the
scrolls, She will then say, " Akuryou taisan!" and the
scrolls will fly to their target and stick to their faces or back.
Not very draining, especially since she does not have to be in senshi
form to use it.

Attack two

Fire Soul

- Mars will claps her hands before her face in a praying motion.
Flame will burst from her fingers and fly in a circling motion
towards her enemy. It will burn away any type of "evil"
exterior but will also knock enemy's down. It will also break away
most magical bonds or burn through things holding her fellow warriors
down. Main attack, and used most often, draining but not as much as
the flame sniper.

Attack three

Fire Soul Bird

-Performed the same way as Fire Soul but the fireball turned into a
bird that strikes at the heart. Strongest of her first three, its the
most powerful without being so draining.

Attack four

Burning Mandala

-She draws a circle in flame around her and finishes the circle by
clapping her hands together. Ancient symbols appear in the circle of
flame and the flame then circles each symbol. The circles of flame
fly past her fingers and towards her enemy. They go and circle the
enemy to trip or detain them. Its a holding tactic that is much more
powerful then Akuryou taisan.

Attack five

Flame Sniper

-She holds out her hand and the symbol of mars appears in her hand.
Flames leap from it and engulf her before forming a bow and arrow.
She takes aim and fires are her enemys. It will pierce through
"dark" enemy's and burn them from the inside out. Highly
draining she can choose to destroy the person or can use it as
another holding tool.

Attack six

Enyo's Revenge

- By far her most powerful and wide sweeping attack. She kneels down
and circle of fire burst from the ground around her. She makes a fist
and stands up raising her fist about her as she does. A wall of flame
bursts up around her, to the height of her fist. She brings her hand
down and slaps the ground, the flame moves out in a rush from around
her and travels out fifty feet in all directions. She will collapse
directly after this, her strongest attack, and she only uses it when
she's surrounded and without help.

Extra details: Just the crows, Phobos and Deimos.

Picture url if available: Anime: http://bunnymoon.galerie2.free.fr/raya/mars/attack_mars.JPG

Writing sample:

Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include
thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your
answer this question:

"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the

Rei sat in bed, her chest against her knees; her long flowing black
hair was draped on the bed around her. Her normally vibrant violet
eyes were silent and sullen; her face was white and had a distant
look. Dawn was breaking outside the window but she didn’t notice,
Phobos and Deimos flew in, ready to start their day, she again
didn’t notice.

All she did see was the images that kept replaying in her
head as she burned them deep into her memory. Images of death and
destruction, images of pain, images of a shattered Tokyo. The sun
finally lifted and hit the city and Rei’s window. She jerked her
head as the sun hit her eyes, “Damn.”

She rose from bed, and dressed in her priestess robes.
She left the cold bedroom and walked the grounds, watching as the men
that worked the temple avoided her, making sure to keep as far from
the once beautiful pop-star as they could. Rei was so busy ignoring
them that she didn’t noticed the tall blonde woman standing against
the posts leading to the fire room. When Rei did see her she stopped
and felt fear and hatred build deep within.

“Its no use being mad at me. It is not my fault.” She
spoke gently, and all the men scattered from the sight of the Queen.
Rei stood for a moment and then brushed past her dear friend and into
the fire room. She could feel the other woman follow, and stood in
front of the fire as she heard the door slide shut.

“I can’t do it.” Rei said quietly

“Its..” She began but Rei spun, her warm eyes now

“Shut up about how easy it is. These are peoples lives,
we are talking about Usagi! Their destinies! How can you justify take

“Because we must” she replied calmly after a

“Because we must?! There has to be another way, you
just aren’t thinking hard enough! You were supposed to be so smart;
you are our Queen, our princess! How can you ask them to give up the
lives of their children?” Rei screamed the fire behind her leapt
higher as its priestess screamed. She was so angry, not really at
Usagi; more at what little could be done about the situation. Usagi
listened and watched her friend vent out her fear and frustration.

“Rei-chan…” Usagi spoke quietly. Rei stopped and
dropped her head, masking her face behind her hair, “I gave you
time, more time then anyone else to work through it. To find a
balance with our mission and I have no more time to give.”

Rei nodded and lifted her face, “There has to be
another way,” she whispered

“If there is I can’t see it. That’s why I need you
to come back, they need you.” Usagi turned and walked away from Rei
and slid open the door, “I know that you are disappointed in me,
that its impossible of me to ask them to give this up. But we can’t
second guess ourselves now, We are losing time.”

“Usagi…” Rei said, feeling torn between her
princess and her human emotions.

“Please Rei-chan, fight for me again. Fight for me.”
And she disappeared into the sun. Rei stood, she felt the rage build
up inside her. She screamed at the top of her lungs and fell to the
floor. It was then, Rei will late muse, that Rei turned off her

*sorry no fighting here, I really didn’t know how to describe the
enemy’s. You can always ask me to write up another one if you want
a fight. And I used Usagi, I’m sorry but its what Rei told me to
write. I hope that you like her as I’ve done her, she felt so much
darker with the story, as if she couldn’t see the end and its
terrifying her. She will have days where she isn’t so depressed,
promise, just not many*
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ACCEPTED: NeoKingEndymion - Tasia [02 Mar 2004|06:10pm]

Name: Tasia Chiba

Where are you From: Ancient Earth

Age: 22

Email: titillyana@hotmail.com

Instant Messenger: TasiaChiba

RPG Experience: Here and there, a few boards, a few play by emails.

Sailor moon Knowledge: All American releases, some subs, and have read the rest in manga form.

Web page: http://cloverpetals.com/

How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: From the Q and Neo.

What interested you, why do you want to play?: For one, I enjoy playing text RPG’s. However, after this new RPG was brought to my attention, I did look over the site and found the plot to be one of interest.



Character you're applying for: NeoKingEndymion/Chiba Mamoru

Senshi name: NeoKingEndymion

Civilian name: Chiba Mamoru

Age: 1020ish

Hometown/Home Planet: Tokyo/Earth

Birthday: August 3rd

Sign: Leo

Eyes: Dark black

Hair: Dark black

Height: 6’2"

Personality: Subdued, but with a gentle attitude. He carries himself as one befitting royal rule and leadership.


Eyes: Dark black

Hair: Short, dark black hair, well kept.

General appearance: He has pitch black, slightly wavy hair cut short. He has dark, black eyes that can command or console. He is very tall and strong, yet lithe. He generally wears white to light-blue suits, matching boots, waistcoat, and an ankle-length white cape. The cape is fastened by two chain clasps. He also wears white gloves, a white mask, and a white bow tie with a dark-blue collar.



(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)

Talents: Psychometry and consolation.

Inability: To follow the path he feels, inwardly, he should be following….

Future dream: Safety of his home and loved ones.

Goals/purpose: Simply, to protect. Yet, the new commandment to retrieve the Fate Eyes from innocents and more so from infants, has completely disillusioned him over his own destiny.

Friends: The Sailor Senshi, his wife and daughter, and his guardian/priest Helios.

Foes: The Pretentious and any and all who threaten the safety and wellbeing of his loved ones.

Inner personality: Protective and essentially kind, Endymion faces forsaking his own inner peace of mind by upholding the new commandment to seize the Fate Eyes from infants. Although he realizes the necessity to do so for the greater good of the whole, he cannot help but feel himself falling further from his own destiny. The result is a hardening of his own heart, a displacement of his own true personality: one of kindness and concern, gentleness and love. Now he finds himself cold to those around him, disgusted by their new destinies and wishing for a way to turn back the clock, to make things right again, and to regain some part of his lost soul.



Element: Earth (?)

Talismen/weapon: Golden Crystal, a round, golden crystal similar to Queen Serenity’s guinzushou (Silver Imperium Crystal). He also wields a long staff. The lower end of his staff ends in a sharp point while the upper end bears a skull’s head.

Strength: His strength lies mainly in his ability to love and protect. He gives mass strength to the one he loves through support. However, much of his own, personal strength lies dormant from ill use.

Weakness: Endymion needs be his own person and rely not just on Serenity’s power and leadership and his responsibility to assist, protect, and give her aid, but on his own powerful inner strength.

History: Endymion is, essentially, the senshi of Earth. He is Queen Serenity’s husband and father to the current NeoSailorMoon. He is NeoKingEndymion, lord of Earth and second in command, in this matriarchal court, over this solar system. As Earth is his planet, he holds an affinity with the planet, to the extent of feeling its pain. In the heart of the planet he retains a priest, Helios, who watches over the dreams of all those on Earth. In the past he was known as TuxedoKamen, a form he took to find his princess and with which he fought alongside the Sailor Senshi. In this time, however, as NeoKingEndymion he needs not take on the form of TuxedoKamen any longer, as his current form far surpasses his former in superiority.


Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six. And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one:
Vine Whip:

Endymion can call forth a thorny, blackish-brown whip, strong as titanium. The whip can lengthen at will and with a flick of his wrist, he can throw piercing thorns at his enemy.

Attack two:

Rose Storm:

Blood red rose petals multiply in the air surrounding Endymion as well as an increase in electrical pressure. He can then utilize the petals to strike from any direction at will, also making them razor sharp.

Attack three (not really an attack):

Healing Aura:

Not all of Endymion’s abilities reside in attacks. Being responsible over the earth, a motherly planet, Endymion is psychometric as well as having the ability to heal. When attempting to heal, Endymion concentrates warm, white energy while centering himself. The energy flows down the arm he uses to touch the wounded, flowing over the individual and healing from the inside out.

Extra details: Aside from being psychometric and being the Guardian of Earth, he also retains a priest named Helios who resides in Elysium, the dream realm.

Picture url if available: (Picture Pending)


Writing sample:


Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action.

Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy.

A tall, dark-haired main walked purposefully through the palace. The heels of his white shoes clicked sharply against the white marble floors of the palace halls. The ends of a long, white cape swished across the marble. He made a sharp turn around a corner, continuing on a few feet more before violently thrusting open a tall set of wooden double doors inlaid with bright brass and carved in an ancient motif. The doors clanged loudly against the far walls on either side as Endymion continued on through them and to the outside. His face remained dark, overshadowed by anger and pain.

Grief clutched at his chest as he strode onward; down a set of stairs and into a thick rose garden. Vines towered over his head in arcs while bushes lined the path in a mass of colorful walls. He moved down the path, turning, pushing himself faster with perspiration running down his lean face, matting his black hair, and dampening his white suit. Finally, with quickening strides, he stepped upward onto a large dais and came to a fast, full stop before a waist high balustrade.

The balustrade checked Endymion, awakening as a wind swept up the cliff and blew gently through his hair, easing the strain slightly in his face and drying the hot sweat from his coated body. He breathed deeply, hearing the wind whisper to him in its own way. A rose vine near his hand swayed gently with the caressing wind. A single red rose bloom caught his eye, and he savagely tore it from the vine. Within his fingers he watched as slowly a bright red bloomed against his fingers and spread through the white of his glove. And in the pain of his own hell, Endymion could not feel the pain of the thorn that had torn his finger, only the thorn that had torn his heart.

"We were not MEANT for this!" he yelled into the wind. "I cannot believe that this is real…" The wind grew stronger, as though reflecting the turmoil inside of him. "That we have come this far only to fall before a greater evil!" He crushed the rose bloom within his fist, feeling not the pain or realizing the action. "This cannot BE!" he growled into the howling wind. The wind tore the cry from his mouth as he’d torn the hope from his breast. It carried it away leaving only a single man standing at the edge of his world holding a dying rose in a bleeding hand. But before it died away to leave him to his own misery, it paid him one more visit. To dry the single hot tear that had run down his cheek before it ever met his mouth.
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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorNeptune - Tenoh Haruka [02 Mar 2004|08:53am]
Name: Tenoh Haruka. I had it legally changed. Yes I am obsessed.
Where are you from: England. Chicago. Now in San Diego as per the Navy.
Age: Nineteen.
Email: Tenohsama@aol.com. Nepuchunsama@yahoo.com. Nepchun@aol.com.
Instant Messenger: ( AIM ) Tenohsama. Nepchun.
RPG Experience: On AOL, I have been playing since 1998. Before that, I did play with friends in more condensed groups since I was about eleven. Mainly Sailormoon, Utena, and Harry Potter for both.
Sailor moon Knowledge: I've been very into Sailor moon since 1995, having first gotten into the horrid DiC version. As soon as I'd found out about the Japanese version ( 1997-ish ) I jumped at the chance to get VHS of the S, SuperS, and Stars series. I've been highly obsessed since, thus I like to think I am a sort of Sailormoon nerd/guru, as I'm sure you can tell.
Web page: http://touch-me-gently.net/enter.html. Under major construction, as it's in its infancy stage.
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: Livejournal RPG ads, and from friends' journals.
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I've always been a huge fan of in-depth, strict RPGs as they tend to get the job done so much better than other RPGs. Riff-raff is blocked from the picture by the guidelines, and more chance for legitimate, mature play is presented to those of us who crave it.
How strong is your st omach? Where are your personal borders on your intake of sex and violence? Well. My career goal is to become a forensic pathologist, and I've autopsied several dead bodies in the past to get my career going. Nothing really fazes or depresses me any more. As a matter of fact, I've become quite sadistic and morbid over the years in most aspects of my life.

Character you're applying for: Kaioh Michiru.
Senshi name: Supersailorneptune.
Civilian name: (remember, we're going by the Japanese Anime): Kaioh Michiru.
Age (remember, this is Crystal Tokyo): I'd have to go with your Haruka's estimate; roughly 1017-ish, as she was 17 toward the end of Stars.
Hometown/Home Planet: Crystal Tokyo-turned Tokyo, Japan/Neptune.
Birthday: 06 March, 1978.
Sign: Pisces.
Eyes: Blue, sometimes described as marine or deep.
Hair: Wavy teal/turquoise.
Height: 5'4"
Personality: As Michiru, she was always the quiet, refined, proper lady. Her aesthetic talents were abundant, and it seemed as though she was so talented that she didn't know what to do with it ( care of Tsukino Usagi ). Back then, she was often torn between her need to fulfill the mission to stop the Silence, and preventing the required sacrifices in order to bring about the Messiah from the three Tali smans, one of which ironically proved to be her own. As Sailorneptune, she was cold and swift in her manners. She dealt with matters at hand without a trace of remorse, but beyond the sidelines, where only Sailoruranus and Haruka could see, she was at times hesitant to continue with the heartbreaking deed set before them. As the months went by she became even more confident and willing to do whatever was necessary for whatever mission was held before her.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Almost a colder, icier blue than in her civilian form, thanks to her need to become colder herself while battling.
Hair: Very much like the sea, and almost deeper in its shades of blue/green, more powerful in those colours, even.
General appearance: Her odd, sea-inspired hair colouring is what first would catch a person's eye, and next would be the delicate figure shown off well by the various elegant clothing she chooses to wear. There is no lack of white in her closet, and dresses are what frame her best. She is rather well endowed in the area of feminine assets, complete with curves and long, slim legs. Because of her passion for water, she swims on a daily basis, which lends to her toned legs, thighs, and arms. Over all, she is petite and slim, with muscles slightly hidden under her soft, tenderly treated and cleansed skin. There is almost always a loving smile upon her f ace, and for lack of that, one of vague amusement or even competitive gleam.
Fuku Description: The bodysuit, which would tend to mimic a conservative one-piece swimming suit, is set in white, split slightly into two still-connected pieces just below the breasts. There are two pieces of white tubing near the shoulders with a transparent piece attached to that tubing at each arm. A traditional sailor's collar sprouts from the rather generous bustline, coloured deep green with a white strip outlining the very outside of the collar. At the center of the bustline rests a deep green heart-shaped broach, and from it emerges a navy blue blow, another navy blue bow sprouting from the small of her back with thin, flaring, navy blue ribbons leading from it and down to the knees. The rather short, just above mid-thigh skirt flares from her waist and forms into a v-shape at the centre of the bodysuit, where a white tubing separates the suit from the skirt. The skirt's colouring is a dark shade of green, the same as the collar and broach. Her gloves reach mid-forearm, ending in three pieces of deep green tubing. She wears a deep green choker with a golden star at its centre, and a golden tiara upon her forehead which goes down in a v-shape, a deep green gem at its centre. Her shoes are ballet-like in appearance with a strap encircling her ankles.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Playing the violin expertly, painting, swimming, nurturing and being maternal.
Inability: Having to deal with sacrifice or separation of she and those she cares for.
Future dream: To have peace once more so that she and the others can continue to enjoy as normal a life as possible.
Goals/porpose: To always remain loyal to the Queen and her court, and to do whatever necessary to keep that loyalty eternal. Also to keep those she cares about and loves so deeply out of harm as often as she possibly can.
Friends: All Senshi and inwardly, the Royal Family.
Foes: Anyone threatening Crystal Tokyo and its inhabitants. Anyone who may happen to mess with her family.
Inner personality: While she continues to wear a mask of strength and maturity, she also worries about the future of Crystal Tokyo. Sh e is most unsure of the possibility to have any semblance of a normal life back, and she worries even more that she will not be forever reunited with Haruka on a daily basis, as it is quite difficult already having to do so because of their often individual locations and responsibilities.

Element: Sea.
Talisman/weapon: Deep Aqua Mirror.
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Henshin pen. Neptune Crystal Power, Make-Up!
Strength: The ability to see past most lies, agility, speed enough to keep with Uranus, attack strategies.
Weakness: Absolute emotional detachment, making straightforward statements/actions.
History: Although her past is rather shaded, she made a life for herself through her artistic and musical talents, which were enough to allow her to live away from any possible family. She had matured at a young age, which allowed for her to live alone and to act wisely in the situations set before her. After she'd chosen to become a Senshi, she'd faced many such situations and made through with the help of her partner, Sailoruranus. She'd even raised infant Hotaru with the other Outers as a mother figure until Galaxia came. After that ordeal she'd once again become a guardian in a supposed world of peace.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one
Deep Submerge. Ribbons and waves of water stretch out behind and beside her to form a large, aqueous blue ball in her hands, which is then repelled toward the enemy. It continues to slightly grow until making contact with its target.

Attack two
Submarine Reflection. With Deep Aqua Mirror in hand, she spins and holds it close, then turns it out toward the enemy. A beam of whitish light shoots out which points out an enemy's weakness and shines it bright.

Attack three
Neptune's Depths. As during her henshin, she is completely engulfed in water for an instant. In her left hand is her Deep Aqua Mirror, and while smiling into it, her other open hand, palm down, runs swiftly across the reflection to reveal the shimmering planet Neptune in the Mirror's depths. This is aimed at the enemy and acts much as Deep Submerge does, albeit the entire wave, which had previously engulfed her, also travels with the planet toward the enemy. She yells the attack right as her hand passes over the Mirror.

Attack four
Cosmetic Wave. A flip of her hair and a smile produce small shimmers of light to form at the corners of her eyes, outlining her eyeshadow, then the light traces over her lipgloss. It shoots off to her right with her arms almost presenting the growing light which semi-rapidly transforms into multiple ribbons that flare out when her hands grab at them and toss them at the enemy. The ribbons form into thin waves which wrap the enemy up while also submerging them in salty water. The attack is yelled right as the ribbons are tossed at the enemy. The outcome leaves her a bit weak in the knees, but she hides it.

Attack five
Sea God's Summon. The Deep Aqua Mirror is held high above her head, her eyes closed, legs crossed primly with waves crashing on both sides of her figure. A brilliant light shines from the surface of the mirror and the large upper body of a man emerges with trident in hand; the watery form of Poseidon reaches out for the enemy with one hand, and once he's got said enemy in his grasp, embeds his shimmery trident in the enemy's chest, either causing violent spasms or a cold, numbed state to pass through the enemy. With weaker enemies, the trident should destroy them entirely. Use of this attack causes Neptune to pass out from the amount of energy required. Similar concept as SailorChibimoon's Twinkle Yell.

Attack six
Aqueous Trilogy. This attack is formed while she is running, either after the enemy, or toward the enemy. Her right hand shoots up and to her right, which is then grabbed by ribbons of water, lifting her upon a watery horse. ( Horses and dolphins being sacred to Poseidon as per Greek mythology. ) Her legs are to the side, as they are when riding on a motorcycle, and she holds onto the horse's mane as it encircles the enemy. A large tide rushes in and brings with it a silvery dolphin that jumps up and leads her to hold its dorsal fin as it makes more rounds to encircle the enemy. ( The rounds serve to disorient the foe, as with the horse's initial circles. ) As a finale, a mainly coral coloured mermaid takes hold of her outstretched left hand. They share a smile before all three liquid apparitions, along with Neptune, make a dive for the enemy. If it goes through, the enemy should either disintegrate or weaken considerab ly, and she is severely injured because of the impact, left soaked and battered.

Picture url if available: (preferred) http://touch-me-gently.net/images/anime/bssm/michiru/playviolin.jpg

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your answer this question:
"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy."

As a guardian of the new Tokyo, Crystal Tokyo and her NeoQueen and Princess, of course she didn't like the whole thing. Like when the Silence was imminent, she'd still chosen to take the path of a Senshi in order to protect and serve Her Royal Highness, but she did not like the idea of taking the lives of those in possession of anything vital ( i.e. pure hearts/star seeds/Fate's Eye ) that was needed for world salvation. All these thoughts were constantly running through her head as she took a leisurely swim in the olympic-sized pool at the Palace's exclusive facilities.

She hadn't slept properly in months, but that didn't matter now. The worst was about to come, and here she was worrying about lost sleep! Instead, she shifted her thoughts to the look upon her Queen's face when Pluto had been first to inform her of the Prophecy. As though afraid of being heard, she whispered, ``I can't help but wonder if this is the beginning to a dreadful end...`` It was another, terribly darker version of the previous Silence, and no matter how hard she swam, or how vigorously she ran her bow across the delicate violin's strings, her mind could not leave the darkness at hand.

She had then taken to wondering how her beloved Uranus was taking all of this. It had been too long since last they saw one another, and even though this new mission would reunite them, it would not be under the most desirable of events. Her head lowered a bit as a smile graced her face. ``How ironic.`` Her voice echoed eerily. They had to concentrate fully on the task at hand, but for some reason, right now she just wanted to submerge herself in this calming water for all of eternity.

The timer went off in the large room, which indicated that she should get back to her tasks. Tragically, her favourite past-time had done nothing to calm her thoughts nor did it relax her now stiffer muscles. For the first time in her life, she was genuinely worried for their futures.
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ACCEPTED: SupersailorVenus - Ducky [28 Feb 2004|01:44am]
Name: Ducky
Where are you From: West Chester, PA.
Age: 15
Email: lucky_ducky_1228@hotmail.com
Instant Messager: mcsushidle
RPG Experience: Well, it was around one year and three months ago when I joined my first RPG ever. It was a board RPG at the sailormoon-millenia site where I played the position of SailorCapricorn, Joanna Mchamon. It was a very refreshing experience for me, especially as a writer, it was fun being part of an experience where it takes more than one persons ideas to form a plot. But, I must say, it was exactly one year ago in Feburary 2002 when I really took into RPGS. My friend offered me a position for an OC over an one to one AIM RPG. I was utterly hooked, And in the time I spent there I must say I feel as though ive grown tremendously as a writer, and become more open to common controversial ideas and developed a liking to them and the opportunities they present to the imaginatioin.
Sailor moon Knowledge: First season undubbed, S, SuperS and R seasons dubbed [and Im still suffering the psychological trauma] and Ive sadly never seen the Stars season. Ive read the entire manga though ^ ^ Also the information Ive been reseraching online in my spare time [what can I say? I have no life :D]
Web page: In the making, I predict it should be ready around the same time Mamoru finds a reason for being alive other than being the boy toy of every villain presented so far.
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: A friend :3
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I loved the poetic irony of the plot. The way that the senshi have to kill the people in order to protect them, for me such things are really quite inspirational! [not the killing part...the irony part...okay...so maybe the killing part too..]

Character You're applying for: Aino Minako
Senshi name: SuperSailorVenus
Civilian name: (remember, we're going by the Japanese Anime) Aino Minako
Age:(remember, this is Crystal Tokyo) After a thousand years, Aino Minako is no longer the bouncing girl once idolized by the Queen herself. True, her beauty wasnt that of a high paid supermodel, but a impish grin and quirked eyebrow contributed to a more "homey" and sisterly beauty age had exchanged her for her Greek- Aphrodician beauty aquired in young age. It has been said that "When your young and beautiful, thats just luck. But when your beautiful when you grow older, that means you deserved it" And no moore needest be said for the Fallen Goddess
Hometown/Home Planet: Reincarnated in Tokyo, Japan. But once the ruler and guardian of earths amber star and guardian sister, Venus.
Birthday: 22nd of October
Sign: Libra
Eyes: Imperial Blue
Hair: Gold, worn down to her knees. The red ribbon which was once a trademark had been shed once long ago
Height: Id say around 5'7. No taller than Makoto, no shoter than Ami.
Personality: In her youth she was the sister figure to the soon-to-be Queen, their personalities matching in enthusiasm and childish fun. Even though deep down so much had changed, Minako fights to remain the same in her friends eyes. Not harboring the same sweet giggle most women considered to be graceful, but the hardy gaffaw that spawns from the dephts of ones gut always awaits within this woman. The ability to find fun in almost any situation has become her gift, no matter how much damage it may have caused her as of yet. Sarcastic, Witty, Fun loving and Sassy. Loud, annoying, artificial and Arrogant. Its up to the eyes of the beholder how she can be perceived.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: The blue of the calm mediterenean sea, Yet as the seas themselves they have seen unescapable storms, sunken ships and lost lives, all of which rendered them nothing but mere shadows of what they once were. The harshness of life, the shock of being pulled out of the utopian society of youth and thrown into the anarchy of adulthood have taken their toll on the once dreamy eyes.
Hair: Still the same Golden brilliance [Wether it be her powers as Venus, or L'oreal one thousand years in the future, she will no disclose], left loose to swish across her knees. As previously mentioned, the ribbon had been shed as a snake shed its skin. It was something of the old, of the past, and of youth.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Getting people to laugh..or atleast crack a smile
Inability: Being Serious when the time calls for it, immaturity
Future dream: to find a hot younger man, preferably a underware model with a nice tucus.
Goals/pourpose: To live out her fate as a soldier, to protect Queen Selenity as was meant to be.
Friends: The Royal Family, the Inner Senshi, Artemis.
Foes: Her ex husband which keeps trying to win her back. Usually comical, but you never know when things may go astray.
Inner personality: Deep down, shes pissed off as hell. Shes not allowed to love because her fate is to fight and nothing else, and she never got a choice. She never asked for this, yet she still has to pay the price. To never know true love. Shes lonely, and craves for that which she cant ever have. Dont get me wrong, she loves her friends, but theres always that something missing. And deep down, no matter how hard she tries to ignore it, she kind of blames Serenity. Since her fate was to protect her and nothing else, if it were not for her, shed be able to have a normal life.
Element: Love
Talismen/weapon: Venus Love-Me Chain
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Venus Crystal power, Make Up!
Strength: If the enemy is of weak mind, then she holds the power to toy with its emotions and feelings as a cat would a small mouse.
Weakness: The attacks she use can be too advance for her to handle, and end up usually backfiring on her.
"I'll tell your final love fortune," he says. "Your love will be hopeless for all eternity." She stares at him, eyes wide. "What's wrong?" he says. "You should look happier. Now you can go on living, without having to torment yourself over the ultimate choice, your love or your duty. Your fate is to continue fighting."
-Codename Sailor V. Volume 4.
One may say Minako is truly cursed. Those whom she loves, she will surely loose. Ace, Alan..the roots of this curse are unknown, Poetic irony one may say; The infamous Goddess of Love, yet she is destined to never love.
She was once married..she didnt love him. She never could, but it was her only attempt at happyness. It was then that she changed..For after one year with him, she became pregnant. It was a hot julys summer night when a fog as thick as foretress walls clung heavily to the air, The type so harsh it could render Houdini himself claustrophobic. At the early pre dawn hours, tearing pain ripped through her body, instantly waking her from the safe protection of her dreams. With only the dim blue light of the guardian moon She scrambled out of bed in hopes of reaching the phone downstairs. Her husband was away on buisness, and there was no one around. With the pain worsening and her senses telling her of what shortly awaited her, She screamed for help, her voice laced with pain. But no one came. She gripped at the wall as her sight was lost to dizzyness. She faught, she faught so fercely to keep her contioussness. Even if she were to die, let her atleast call for help, for her baby. But it was too late. Her grip on the wall was lost and she fell into dark uncontiousness, and tumbling down the maple stairs. When her husband arrived, he found her. The sweet honey of her skin tainted by the rust of drying blood, the midnight star white of her camisole stained and clinging heavily to her body under the metalic substances weight. She had survived, But it was a bitter victory. She had lost the baby. Her husband shortly after began having numerous affairs, even going as far as having children with his mistresses. Predictably, like a sandcastle built too close to the lapping waves, What little there was of love within them quickly melted and was soon reduced to nothing. So they got divorced, Each going their different paths. Minako gave up completely, she returned to the only thing she had left in the world. Her duty. Her fate. The ironic thing was that she would now protect, and fight for the same cause of all her suffering. She would return to the life of a sailor senshi and protect Queen selenity.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one
Venus Love me chain!
Immersed in the golden light which had become her signature trademark, Venus signals to the skies and a golden chain emerges from the glowing earth beaneath her. Wrapping itself loosly around her before being sent to its destination. Wether it be as a tool of destruction or mercy was up to the events.

Attack two
Venus Love and Beauty Shock!
With a sugar sweet wink and cocky smile, Venus blows out a kiss which forms into a golden glowing heart which she grabs and encricles around her before it flashes out against her opponent.

Attack three
Bewitching lightning Shine
With a solemn look over her shoulder, venus flips her hair over her shoulder; the golden strands glittering in golden irridescence, her eyes blazing with a stinging blue fire. Her lips purse in a shrew smile before she spins around once, the 'camera' zooming to a close up of her face as she shouts out these words. The opponent soon finds himself/herself in an state of pure ecstasy for a few precious seconds which are left to Venus' comrades to continue the assault. This attack cannot hurt the opponent, only daze them for, five, maybe if the opponent is weak, seven seconds. But, if the opponent is of a strong mind, and cares for his/her goal and only that, then the attack will not affect them, and Venus will be left vulnurable for a couple of minutes before her energy returns to her.

Attack Four
Aphrodites Lament
The two amber gemstones on her fuku, the one in her tiara and bow, begin to pulsate. Soon, her whole fukus emiting a strange glow, she mumbles out these words and her eyes snap open, a strange mixture of anger and sadness laced within them. Her opponent would soon find themselves in a dream like world of their own, their best memmories and experiences braught to surface along with the materealization of all their goals and hopes, and for a few minutes they are truly happy. But, Soon, everything is engulfed in blood and fire, and they watch as all that has made them go on in their lives dissapear. This can lead to Confusion, diziness or Madness.
Bad effects: this attack is due to the aphrodite link, the power to give love, and to take it away. But, Venus isnt aphrodite herself, and not as strong as her, so she in a way develops a link with her opponent, and feels the damage herself as well as him. And a kind of link is made then, if he/she dies, then so does Venus. If he/she lives, then Venus will forever live with that link to them, they will take over her mind, her thoughts, eventually her emotions, and she will then begin to deteriorate into madness and a kind of obsession over them.
How the attack can be beaten: Basically, if you have an opponent which is of strong will, And not particularly loyal to anything in particular or hold no bonds to nothing, then the illusion will be hollow; and all the opponent will see are the attempts to get him to break, which would by then fail. Venus would, however, still have the link to the person. She wont feel the madening sadness she would normally, but in the aftermath he/she will still have a total hold over her thoughts and so on.
Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.)
Long ago, Minako had lost Artemis to the royal family. It was obvious he would want to go live with his new family, along with Luna and Diana. She was happy for him, but still, she couldnt help but miss what little of a family she had.
Picture url if available: (preferred)
Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your answer this question:

"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy."

Life had began to move as though in slow motion. One after another, Innocents were to be slain for something that may, or may not happen. These were the ghosts that shifted behind the blue eyes of the blonde whom slowly made her way down the empty, early morning streets of Crystal Tokyo. The moon was nowhere to be seen, Maybe it was a sign. Maybe upon sight of the blasphemies occuring on such everyday terms, the moon had become ashamed of those which dared use its name in such a manner. But it was vital, was it not?

There was no point in hiding behind the dreamy morals of a child in such times. They had to do what had to be done in order to protect the future, and themselves. Stopping nearby a short brick wall seperating the cold grey pavement of the sidewalk from the lush green shimmer of the dew covered grass, Minako settled down to give her wary legs a break before resuming her patrol around the city.

Distraught parents whom grieved over the deaths of their children for the fates eye, angry mothers, sisters, daughters, brothers, father and sons had began to form an uprising against the queen. Maybe Minako didnt like it, but she had to do what she was told. She had to get rid of those which threatened her Queen. Man, woman, and especially children. Wether she liked it or not wasnt in her position to decide.

Her head dropped back and a small smile formed across her lips as memories cascaded back to her in a ecstatic frenzy. It had been so much easier in their childhood...good was good and bad was bad..they were always the brave guardians, ready to fight for their princess and their justice. But now, for that same princess, they had become murderers. Cold blooded murderers. They did bad to achieve good...it made her think...about their enemies..maybe they had been faced with the same problems..with the same questions..that would mean that thier queen was no better than the same Metaria which had awakened her, and that they, the senshi, were no better than the minions they faught, and killed.

A rush of wind assaulted the woman from behind, gluing hair and clothes to skin. Instantly she jumped to her feet, winds of such force did not occur by themselves in cities such as this. Minako would be even ready to believe such winds didnt occur by themselves period.

SUddenly, the wind struck again, this time with much more force, and from all around her. And it was then, as if by magic, Minako was flung harshly against a nearby wall, her head bouncing painfully to the side, sending her heart to her ears as she began hearing the obnoxious pulse which kept her alive. When she had made contact with the wall, her body had twisted painfully to the side, all Minako heard was a crack, shortly followed by searing pain.

Before she slid to the ground, a blur of motion flashed in the corner of Minakos eye. A man appeared before her. Short blond hair had been cropped less than a centimeter from his scalp, framing his anorexic-looking face. Startling eyes of liquid mercury glared at her, the only visible feature in his shadow-enshrouded face.

Minako quickly jumped to her feet, clenching her fists angrily. This guy was a dead man. He just didnt know it yet. Before she took two strides, someone - rather, two someones - behind her grabbed her arms. As she struggled against the steely clutches, the two muscle heads moved forward to stand at either side. They were dressed in identical black leather outfits that stretched and strained against grossly bulging muscles. Great; tweedledee abd tweedledum. This should be fun...

"My my my, look what we have here" The gothic-bondage male version of twiggy hissed through a cocky grin. "I think your about my Kiana's age, Im sure the queen will be very happy as long as she just receives her fates eye. She wont know the difference" He raised his hand to her face, the clunky fingers of the men holding her arms digging into her flesh. she dropped her head, a smile crossing her face and a melodic laughter escaping her coral lips, sending the skeleton-man aback

"Whats so funny?" He demanded in a croak so low toads within a five block radius would be falling in love. She felt the surprise reach her captors and their grip on her loosening. clenching her fists tightly, she instantly proceeded to pull her arms out of their grasp and elbow their groins, sending them rolling to the ground, howling in pain.

Leaping up, she grabbed her henshin wand and raised it to the heavens.

"VEENUUUS" She began

Mr Eating disorder look at her through wild, wide eyes. "A SAILOR SENSHI!!!" He screamed before turning on his heels and proceeding to run away as fast as his skinny little legs would take him, leaving his 'friends' behind


The two distraught and enabled hulks of humans looked up in terror before gathering up what remained of their dignity and high tailing it out of there. A cloud of pale smoke raising from their heels. Minako simply fell back to the ground, a wide grin across her face. She couldnt help but laugh at the blokes. It was obvious there was no major threat to the queen within them, so she simply resumed her seat at the brick wall and watched as the clouds of dust slowly dissapeared into the rising sun. Oh if only all their opponents could be like this.

[Sorry for the crapiness of this ending, I wasn’t sure If I should have her go through the transformation and attack and all that juvely stuff. Anyway, I anxiously await your reply and am very interested in hearing what you think ^ ^]
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REJECTED: Cosmo Tesaki - James Reynolds [23 Feb 2004|11:53am]
Neo: First off- auto reject: They didn't read the rules, they didn't apply for a Naoko senshi, or even use a character sheet.

Q: At this moment I would like to let you know that this is how we recieved it- in one big fucking paragraph. The grammer and shit is atrocious. They have no grasp of commas. The only thing good thing I can see is it started with a capital "I".

Neo: This submission was so scattered and condensed... that we're not even going to bother going through it and picking it apart. *Snicker* Twinkle.

Neo&Q: Mary Sue.

I'm interested in Role Playing your Fate game and wished to know if I can add a character that I have used to represent me in every Sailor Moon RP I have played. The specifics have to deal with the stars and the moon. My characters backstory has been... Cosmo Tesaki, a 26 year old college student has never been an outgoing person. A shy guy has never been on a date in his life he mostly likes to sit at home and persue his dream of becoming an artist. He has dreams of a once beutiful moon kingdom and the life he once lived as the prince of the moon with his sister Usagi. When one day he hears the news that Sailor Moon and her friends have been destroyed by a new evil. This evil consumes the earth and he reaches out to the only power left... the stars. As the evil overcomes him, he gives his dying plee to the greatest star ever known to man... the Northstar. He awakes to find himself in an alternate dimension (the Sailor Moon we know) with little memory only the vision of the deaths he had witnessed that now haunt his dreams. He seeks out those who can help him prevent this evil from happening to his new home. When the evil shows itself he takes on a new identity that gave him a new life and a new hope Northstar "A guiding light for those who are lost in the darkness". He can do little himself but he can give the sailor soidiers the ability to use the power of the stars themselves. His only guide has been threw the dead voice of the person that used the power of the stars before him (Neflite) having turned himself to the good side before he di ed. The stars tell him all and give him the location of the next attacks which he always finds a way of informing the sailor senshi in his cover form of Cosmo. he has a crush on Jupiter but is always afraid to show it. He paints now only the destruction he witnessed and hopes one day to dream of the Moon Kindom once again. He has a Cat gaurdian "Twinkle" Luna's little sister (in the alternate dimension) and Twinkle has a sense of humor and likes to play practical jokes (Cosmo has no sense of humor and is always mad at her). Cosmo is sometimes clumsy but only when he is shy around girls. His weapon includes a sword made from the light of the Northstar. He has 3 attacks and 1 healing ability. So is this character ok to intregrate into this story? I have pictures of him, Twinkle, and his sword. Please let me know... thanks!

Q&Neo: Well now that we're done reading the bio out in a funny deep dramatic announcer like voice in the middle of college... *Deep voice* thanks.

*Deep voice* Twinkle.
*Says in slow deep dramatic announcer like voice* Cosmo grabbed Twinkle by the scruff of the neck then tossed her across the room while remaining completely stoic. Twinkle howerever felt a wide arrange of emotions such as gassy, constipated and slightly aroused.

It doesn't translate well into text. You have to try it for yourself to get the full effect. (We have Aaron beside us in college saying it too)

Aaron: *Deep voice* Cosmo touched Twinkie in ways not befitting a cat.
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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorSaturn - Charlotte [11 Feb 2004|09:05am]
Name: Charlotte
Where are you From: Canada
Age: 15
Email: grace_undefined@yahoo.com
Instant Messager: /
RPG Experience: Asylum, various other SM rpg’s and a whol e ton of non related SM rps.
Sailor moon Knowledge: I’ve read more of the manga, haven’t seen as much of the show, saw a couple of the movies, and have studied it madly!
Web page: /
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: You e-mailed it to me, sillies!
What interested you, why do you want to play?: Sounds like a really awesome plot. I really enjoy writing, and I know you guys will be able to direct the whole thing well, so we’ll have a nice, polished story in the end.

Character You're applying for: Hotaru Tomoe
Senshi name: SuperSailorSaturn
Civilian name: Hotaru Tomoe
Age: It’s been a thousand years, so Saturn is no longer that little girl of long ago. She has aged, but looks between sixteen and seventeen. Her figure never really matured, because her dark strength eats up her body, and she never put on any fat, let alone curves. Her pointed face lends itself to childishness, but she has an elegant appearance that makes her seem wise and at the same time ageless, but only manifests itself when she is Saturn.
Hometown/Home Planet: Saturn
Birthday: January 6
Sign: Capricorn
Eyes: Deep Purple
Hair: Short and black
Height: Tall. : )
Personality: Hotaru has a dark, stormy personality. Outwardly she is silent, melancholy, and ambiguous. She is naturally contemplative, and a little brooding at times. Hotaru doesn’t make friends easily, in part because she is shy, but more out of the fact that she has a deep, reflective personality, and to reach her, you must delve below the surface.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Hotaru has inky, violet eyes, often described as unfathomable by those who get close enough to her to study them. They are mirrors of melancholy, and hardly ever shimmer with inner happiness.
Hair: Hotaru has silky, ebony hair, even in length and cropped short and barely skimming her shoulders. She has a fall of bangs that brush nearly to her eyes, behind which her inquisitive eyes peer out.
General appearance: Hotaru has a lithe, willowy figure with a delicate, sharp boned face. She is all angles, with a little pointed chin and bony hips. Her dark hair hangs straight around her face, framing her large, dark eyes. They are always intense, either with sadness or inquiry. She is of pallid complexion, with long legs and skinny arms radiantly white, offset by the dark, sombre clothing she often wears.
Fuku Description: Saturn wears a tight, form fitting white body suit which flares out at her hips into a deep, pleated violet skirts that sweeps to the tops of her thighs. A crimson red bow is clasped at her chest with a silver starburst. A crimson bow also is fashioned at the back of her skirt, with crimson ribbons that trail to backs of her knees. She wears knee high, lace up, heeled violet boots, and her arms are concealed to the elbows beneath white gloves that fold at the elbows in violet fabric.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Inability: She has an inability to connect loosely with others, and because of her frailty that has followed her all through her long life, she is limited physically. Her small body can only channel so much of her deep strength at once, and after an attack she is usually left extremely exhausted.
Future dream: Hotaru’s future dream is to see a future when she will reach an age when she will be wise enough to rule Saturn as Queen, without h aving to break her vow of silence.
Goals/pourpose: Her goal is to protect the universe however she can, but not out of selflessness, but to carve out a bright future for her beloved Usagi and the future generations of her friends. She also wants to learn how to use her strength in what ways she can for healing, instead of constant destruction that is inerrant to her nature.
Friends: Usagi is her true, beloved friend eternally. Pluto, too, and Uranus and Neptune as she grew up, but mostly she regards them as maternal figures in her life. She also has a relationship that is deeper than friendship with all the senshi, after all the hardships they have shared.
Foes: Her enemies are Usagi’s enemies. Hotaru is not the type to go creating enemies, or friends for that matter, so acts passively towards most people unless they immediately threaten her friends.
Inner personality: Hotaru is deep and dark, but harbours secret passions for peace and love, and doesn’t delight in killing, or act aggressively out of a need of vengeance, or any type of emotion. She moves through life stoically and dutifully, watching and lingering, but hungering for acceptance. Mostly she is unstable and insecure.

Element: Death/darkness
Talismen/weapon: The Silence Glaive
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Super Crystal Power Make-Up! (uses her glaive to transform instead of a wand or pen, like the other senshi)
Strength: Her strength is her enduring will to fight, her loyalty, and her passion for her friends.
Weakness: Physically she is weak, but also the constant weight of carrying around the ability to destroy the world and the fact that her strength comes from destruction is emotionally grating, and make s her unstable.
History: Hotaru has had a tumultuous history. Living a secluded, solitary existence, her only real companion was her father until she met Usagi. Her mother died when she was young, so she had no maternal figure in her life. She was summoned when the Outers united their talismans, and with their mission to destroy her, she was often put in dangerous, frightening, and awkward situations. When her father’s lab assistance seduced him to participate in evil actions, the consequences were devastating. Hotaru was transformed into Mistress Nine, an evil being who controlle d and stifled the frightened girl into nearly bringing about the final silence. When she sacrificed herself in battle with Pharaoh Nine, things became a little easier, as the outers chose to raise the baby she had been reborn onto the earth in.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one – Silence Glaive Surprise! Hotaru swings down her silence glaive, and an awesome explosion of energy is savagely released.

Attack two – Silence Wall! This is a mainly defensive attack used by Saturn when her friends are in danger. It creates a nearly unbreakable wall around her friends which acts as a buffer against enemy attacks.

Attack three – Death Reborn Revolution! This is Saturn’s most feared and deadly attack. It involves her fulfilling her duty as the messiah of silence, granting her the strength to destroy an entire planet, and everyone on it. The senshi, at all costs, try to stop her from ever having to use this attack.

Attack Four – Black Silence! Hotaru swings her glaive and brings it to rest in the earth, tilting her chin back to issue her attack as she does so. She channels power through her staff, where it can be seen gathering in an electrifying ball of energy at the tip of the blades on her staff. She tips her staff at the enemy, and the world plunges into darkness, and a high pitched wailing can be heard. Strings of energy crackle in whips of light that attack the blinded enemies.

Attack Five – Wicked Secret Revolution! This is Hotaru’s strongest attack. She tosses one hand to the air and spins on one booted foot, twirls of ribbons gathering in her hands and coiling around her slender body. A burst of light, and Hotaru stands before you, only the enemy sees the darker, true form of Saturn; a reflection of the destructive Mistress Nine. She then whispers the words of her attack, and nothing but silence rings in the enemies ears. With no noise to break the spell, they rapidly see Hotaru’s twisted past of planet breaking, stretching further back than the Silver Millennium. This can either break an enemy physically, mentally, cause them to faint, or even die if delivered with enough force and the right intent.

Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.) – Hotaru has deeply immersed herself in the study of Saturn, and the history of her planet, to fill her time. She dreams of the day when she can return as Queen, so she studies a lot of myths, astrology, legends, etc. involving the planet.

Picture url if available: (preferred)

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action.

Hotaru stood in the deepening twilight, the shadows clinging to her lithe figure. Silently she opened her umbrella, sensing the moisture on her skin before it actually began to rain. Such were the ambiguities of the inky eyed woman, but growing up among the senshi as she did, she had come less and less to think of them as deformities, and more and more of the necessary quirks that came with serving one very powerful lady.

She walked absently, the shadows gliding over her face. Her mind was on the newest snare that had come to plague the senshi; the strange prophecy that had crashed into her mind and left her senseless. A fresh horror it had proved to be, and one she intended to shield her princess from at all costs.

Lost in her thoughts as she was it was a long time before she realized another set of footsteps haunted her own. The gait was uneven, staccato, and would quickly overcome hers. Naturally inquisitive Hotaru tipped her chin over her shoulder, trying to glimpse a sight of the only other person on the lonely street.

The umbrella dropped from her listless hands as she turned and stared at the ruined human scraping behind her. It was a woman, Hotaru could tell, by the strings of bloody hair that hung to her waist. Her face had been wripped off completely, hanging in shreds of flesh and dripping blood. One eye was dangling from the eye socket; an inept attempt to dislodge the Fate’s Eye.

Hotaru felt her panic rising. She dropped into the shadows, feeling Saturn’s old power rising in her blood as she transformed.

Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy.

Hotaru views the prophecy cynically, in the way of her personality. It is a defence to protect herself from the innocent blood being spilt. She thinks it is nothing more than the horrors of the living world in which she has grown up in, and will obey and act dutifully to bring about salvation. She, too, has been sacrificed for the greater good, and will not flinch from her calling. Also, she trusts in divine things like visions and premonitions, and has no reason to fault what she has seen.
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REJECTED: SuperSailorMars - Shonte [09 Feb 2004|10:00am]
Name: Shonte
Where are you From: NJ
Age: 16
Email: sailormoon_88_2000@yahoo.com,


Instant Messager: Y!M:sailormoon_88_2000; AIM:
RPG Experience: 2 or 3 years
Sailor moon Knowledge: Very Good
Web page: NA
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: Pusms
What interested you, why do you want to play?: Its new
and different. And the whole theme is different than
how it normally is. It seems fun as well. This RPG
seemed to scream at me 'play me, play me!!' who am I
to ignore it?


Character You're applying for: Hino Rei
Senshi name: SuperSailorMars
Civilian name: Hino Rei
Hometown/Home Planet: Tokyo/Mars
Birthday: April 17
Sign: Aries
Eyes: Dark Violet
Hair: Black
Height: 5'5
Personality: She has a fiery temper and is the
act-first-ask-questions-later type. She has a tough
exterior, but, on the inside, she is sensitive and
cares about her friends very much. She may seem bossy,
but, she just wants to make sure that everything comes
out well in the end. She cares for NeoQueenSerenity
like a sister. She loves all of her fellow senshi as
well and would everything and anything beyond the call
of duty for them, especially NeoQueenSerenity. Out of
duty and friendship.

Eyes: Dark Violet, although they seem to turn red, the
color of fire whenever she gets mad.
Hair: Black
General appearance: She is usually found in her
priestess clothing and her complexion, and body shape
are the same as in the past.
Fuku Description: Basically the same, all red. Her
bows are purple however. She has a heart shaped brooch
which is, of course, red. Her choker now has a star in
the center, her tiara and jewel are the same.

Talents: Her foresight, her singing, and her powers as
Inability: To show her emotions effectively
Future dream: She wishes to one day be a good wife and
mother, and more for a family that she wants to have.
Goals/pourpose: To serve NeoQueenSerenity,as is her
duty, and to protect her friends.
Friends: All of the other Inners, and all of the
Foes: Those who want to hurt NeoQueenSerenity in any
way, shape, or form.
Inner personality: She constitently tries to better
herself. She feels that she is kind of weak at times,
and she tries to make up for these weaknesses. She is
terrified of what others think of her. She acts as
though she doesn't care, but, deep inside, she really


Element: Fire
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: A red wand
with a red globe atop of it with the symbol for Mars
embedded on it. Mars Crystal Power, Make-up!
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Water
History: In the past, she was a priestess and lived
with her grandfather. She met Usagi at the shrine,
named, Hikawa Shrine. From there, she had her first
battle with a youma. She then met up with the other
senshi, in time. She, since then, has always stood by
Usagi's side, even though they often fought, verbally,
they have maintained a friendship, that those who have
seen them argue can agree is that of two sisters who
care for each other.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no
more then six.

Attack 1:
Evil Spirits Begone!
--- she charges a special charm and throws it at the
enemy to stun them.It can also be used on possessed

Attack 2:
Fire Soul (Mars Fire Ignite)
----- she clasps her hands together and collects her
power at the tip of her pointing fingers. She thrusts
her fingers at the enemy and a ball of fire shoots

Attack 3:
Fire Soul Bird! (Mars Firebird Strike)
------A flaming firebird streaks to attack, literally
made of fire

Attack 4:
Fire Soul (Mars Firestar Flash)
----A strong column of fire shoots toward the enemy

Attack 5:
Burning Mandala (Mars Celestial Fire Surround)
----- different signs, japanese symbols to be exact
circle around her and turn into firey discs/rings that
comet toward the enemy

Attack 6:
Mars Flame Sniper
------a firey bow appears for her to shoot a powerful
flaming arrow attack

Extra details: No pets...besides Phobos and Deimos who
watch over her. She cares for them of course.

Picture url if available:

Writing sample:

"Burning Mandala!"
I looked around myself.
'Why have we reduced ourselves to this?'
We were supposed to help and protect innocents, yet
here we are, taking away their destinies. I never
thought that it would be like this. Jupiter walked
over to me,
"Are you okay, M..Rei?"
I nodded.
"Mako, what do you think about this whole thing?"
She shrugged at me, unsure of what to say. We were
doing as we were told to do, by the one we are sworn
to protect and listen to.
"I really don't know...I really don't know."
I understood exactly what she meant. We, who had
risked our lives and gladly given up our own, are
taking others' lives...their Destinies.
She looked at me,
"What do you think?"
I couldn't say a word. I couldn't say a thing. Why?
Because I was sworn to protect her. She was like a
sister to me. By duty I am sworn to protect, and
serve. By friendship, I am sworn to support. I wanted
to yell out,
'I don't want to! There must be another way! We have
fought for these people, died for them! Now we take
away their destinies!'
But, I said nothing. I am sworn to NeoQueenSerenity,
in more ways than one. She has changed much from when
we were younger, but we all have. I know that even
Chibiusa can see it in her own mother. I just hope
that we are doing the right thing by this. By taking
away people's destinies. Children's destinies, infants
destinies. I just hope we are doing the right thing.
Jupiter looked at me with a sad smile. She too knew my
inner turmoil about this matter. We didn't want to do
it, but we had to, or face the consequences. We had to
do what must be done for our Queen...our friend...
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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorPluto - Rae Coffey [09 Feb 2004|09:59am]


Name: Rae Coffey
Where are you From: Waynesboro, Va., or my mother’s womb
Age: 20
Email: kittie_rae@msn.com

Instant Messenger: TenshiNekoChanI
RPG Experience: I have written in a continuous Anime fanfic, I have
played games such as Dungeons and Dragons.
Sailor moon Knowledge: I have watched almost all the anime, (I’m
working on
Sailor Stars right now) I have read the manga and I have looked over
Web page: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ivycross/
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: My roommate, Tasia
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I tried for the Asylum
every time I would start to apply for a character it would be taken.
So Sad…

Character You're applying for: SuperSailorPluto/ Meiou Setsuna
Senshi name: NeoSailorPluto
Civilian name: Meiou Setsuna
Age: 1020(give or take)
Hometown/Home Planet: Tokyo/Pluto
Birthday: October 29
Sign: Scorpio
Eyes: Garnet Red
Hair: Jade green. Part of it is placed in a bun on top of her head
towards the crown of her head. The rest is hanging straight and
loose down
her back to her knees. She has medium-length bangs in the front.
Height: 5'6"

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Garnet Red
Hair: same as above, no change
General appearance:
As a senshi she is elegant, and proud. She is fairly tall, slender,
female appeal. Her long, dark-green hair hangs down her back and
seems to
blow in the wind even when there is no breeze present. Her eyes shine
red to black and seem to hold a dark sadness to them. She stands in a
nonchalant fashion, and when she moves, it is with a detached air.

Fuku Description:
The bodice of her fuku is white with puffed, short-sleeves. Her
collar is
black with a thin, white stripe and her skirt is black with a white
underlying ruff. Around her lower waist, attached to her skirt, is a
of black encircling her, adorned with a small star jewel in front and
trailing two long ribbons to her knees in the back. Her gloves are
long and
white with black elbow pads. Her bow in the back is white to mach the
that are under her skirt. Her boots come up to just below her knees.
are black with white trim at the top. She wears a black ribbon around
neck complemented by a small star pendant. The bow on the front of
her fuku
is the same color as her eyes, a dark red. In the center of the bow
is a
black heart. Her somber dress and mood help to accentuate the meaning
of her
name: Instant King of the Dead.


She is good with science, especially Physics, and used to enjoy
Inability: Has trouble with interpersonal relationships and
expressing her
own personal self.
Future dream: To be able to get through this ugly place of destroying
innocent people, and the state where all the other senshi are
currently at,
with as little damage being done to her own inner being

To obey what her Queen and King tell her to do in order to stop the
evil that will soon take Crystal Tokyo, and hope for an end to the
destruction of innocents.

Any and all senshi

The Pretentious

Inner personality:
She is very dark inside. She has never been the happiest of the
senshi, but
as of lately she has slowly become worse. She is gradually going into
a pit
of depression that she is unaware of. As a result she is becoming
more and
more callous to the people she was sworn to protect. This sometimes
the royal family and other senshi. She is, overall, somber and
detached. She understands the importance of taking the Fate’s Eye,
wishes it could be avoided. The continued destruction of innocents
their Fate’s Eye has disgusted her towards life and her true purpose
of life
in general.

Element: Time
Talismen/weapon: Garnet Orb/Time Staff or Time Key
Henshin(Transformation) Object: Henshin pen which is black in color
with the
sign and planet of Pluto on top done in garnet red.
Phrase: Pluto Crystal Power Make up!
Strength: Carrying out her duties as she is commanded.
Weakness: As carrying out her duties can be strength, it can also be
weakness. Believing in following what commands she’s been given and
away other’s destinies; she herself has felt as though her own
destiny is
slowly slipping away.
History: She is the senshi of time, the soldier destined to guard the
of Time and watch over the destinies of all. She is known as an
outer-senshi, one of the four planets on the outer rim of this solar
The outer-senshi are known to be the most powerful of all nine
Pluto herself has mostly remained by the Time Gate, rarely ever
leaving her
post. As such, she is lonely by nature and situation, remaining
from the other senshi.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.
please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look.
you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one
Chronos Typhoon: For this attack, she sends a whirlwind of dark,
purplish-black energy shooting from her Time Staff. It swirls around
length of her staff and herself before she flings her staff towards
enemy. The energy races down the length of it and inevitably towards

Attack two

Dead Scream: A mist swirls all around Sailor Pluto; she twirls in the
and forms a glowing ball of energy that looks like her planet. She
throws it at the enemy, either killing or severely injuring them.

Attack three
Dark Dome Close: Pluto lifts her Time Staff above her head, twirling
before bringing it down and holding it before her. Energy radiates
from her
as it closes the passages of time so that nothing can get through.

Attack Four
Time Stop: It is a forbidden attack. Pluto raises her Time Staff and
her power to stop time for a few moments. Utilization of this attack
kill her as she has been ordered never to use this attack.

Extra details:
Setsuna used to like to sew. Her favorite food is Green Tea (O-Cha)
and her
least favorite food is eggplants. She enjoys physics on the whole,
when it comes to music, she is greatly deficient in any talent, of
which she
is picked on about by Haruka and Michru who are both talented
themselves. She hates cockroaches with a passion. She used to dream
being a designer or doctor, but those burgeoning dreams have long
faded into the past. Her favorite gemstone is Garnet (duh!)

Picture url if available: (preferred)

*picture pending*

Writing sample:

Setsuna opened her eyes and stared at the blank ceiling of her
bathroom. She
felt the hot water around her body as she slid in the bath tub up to
neck. Her hair swam about the bath like green snakes that could bite
her at
any second. Suddenly a tear rolled down her face. She never
bothered to
wipe it away. She knew there was no need. It was the first tear she
cried since she and the others learn about the Prophecy. Since then
everything had become like a living hell. The only way to save
everyone was
to take from people their Fate eyes and leave them without a destiny.
first it broke her heart to know this, but after awhile she started
to care
less and less, what it was doing to everyone at the time. She just
herself what it meant for everyone’s future. After that she stopped
for there was no need. It didn’t help the situation any, so why
should she
bother. Setsuna breathed in deep and let out a sigh. No more tears
followed the first. She knew none would. She stood up and stepped out
the tub. She dried off and looked in her bathroom mirror. As she
stared into
the eyes of her reflection a thought passed into her mind. She then
spoke it
aloud as if she were saying an oath.
“It is all or nothing.” At that she turned from the mirror and got
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ACCEPTED : Neosailormoon - Aurae [06 Feb 2004|07:05am]
Name: Aurae
Where Are You From: Midwestern Suburbia Hell.
Age: Seventeen.
Email: aurae@konekodream.com
Instant Messenger: AIM - mahouxshoujo
RPG Experience: I've been RPing for years, although lately all the RPGs I was in are dead and gone.
Sailor Moon Knowledge: I know quite a bit about everything except the MiXX manga and North American Dub, but that's okay and I really don't want to know. If I don't know something, I can easily go look it up.
Web Page: http://www.konekodream.com/ (There isn't really anything there...)
How Did You Hear of the FATE RPG? The Livejournal community where an ad was posted.
What interested you, why do you want to play? I think the storyline is unique and very creepy, and I wanted to play an older-Chibiusa.

Character You're Applying For: NeoSailormoon / Tsukino Usagi (Chibiusa)
Senshi Name: NeoSailormoon
Civilian Name: Tsukino Usagi (Although her parents and her mother's senshi still call her Chibiusa...)
Age: About 15.
Hometown/Home Planet: Crystal Tokyo, Earth.
Birthday: June 30th.
Sign: Cancer.
Eyes: Cherry red.
Hair: Cotton-candy pink, worn up in two poofy pigtails topped with yam-shaped odango. Her bangs are parted down the center and curl inward, framing the golden crescent mark on her forehead, and large curls of hair fall before her ears. She sometimes attempts to do other things with her hair, but tends to fall back on the style she has worn since infancy.
Height: 4'11"
Personality: Usagi is a calm, rather quiet girl. She seems to have picked up more of her best friend’s habits than her mother’s. She is usually very cheerful, especially around others, and always has a smile on her face, but she doesn’t babble endlessly or squeal over the latest idol CD. Usagi has lived most of her life trying to prove that she isn’t a carbon-copy of her mother; that isn’t the kind of person she wants to be.
Usagi is very sociable, and seems to always know what to do around others. She is very charismatic, and others find themselves drawn to her without knowing exactly why. Usagi makes others feel good about themselves without having to result to counseling. She can pick out the positive points in nearly any situation. Her rainbows-and-sunshine attitude is contagious; other’s can’t help feeling uplifted in her presence.
She isn’t an airhead. Usagi, despite her optimistic outlook, is more of a realist than anything else. She is very practical, and follows her mind rather than her emotions. When difficult situations arise, Usagi can calmly help come to a solution instead of panicking and causing more confusion and problems. Her reflexes follow her heart, but Usagi has trained herself to act otherwise. She doesn't want to be like her mother in that respect.
Usagi looks up to her mother senshi as mother figures, and enjoys spending time with them. She hopes that she can acquire some of their prowess in various areas by being taught by the masters. Usagi has never lost the child-like reverence she has for her mother's senshi; they all seem so perfect, and she remembers from her childhood that they all seemed better than her mother. If she can connect with them and learn from them, she can become less like her mother.
Usagi is desperate for others to treat her as her own person, not merely a smaller reincarnation of her mother. The senshi, who remember her from her younger days of time-travel, still seem--at least to Usagi--to picture her as merely a tiny version of her mother. Usagi is tired of being recognized as a stage of another person instead of as her own person. She's desperate to do nearly anything that will make her stand out from her mother, so she is very restrictive on her own actions. Anything that she thinks would be too much like her mother has to be changed.
Her mother is, however, Queen of the known world. She is an intimidating presence, and Usagi feels that she is living in her mother's shadow. She is rather shy and passive because of this; Usagi has seen what happens to those who dare oppose the sovereign will of her mother, and as time goes on she is beginning to think that even supposed "mother's love" wouldn't make things any different for her. Usagi yearns for rebellion and change, despite this, and tries to protest in her own ways. Time has taken bluntness from her and worn it down until it is nearly nothing, so she is not as forward as she once was.
Besides, things are different now.

Eyes: Cherry red.
Hair: Cotton-candy pink, worn up in two poofy pigtails topped with yam-shaped odango. Although she has a choice of hairstyles when not in senshi form, her hair seems to revert back to this style by default when transformed. Her bangs are parted down the center and curl inward, framing the jewel in the center of her tiara, and large curls of hair fall before her ears.
General Appearance: Usagi is rather slender and frail, moreso than her mother ever was. She doesn't partake in many physical activities, but doesn't indulge in food and sweets the way she did when she was younger. She has some muscle mass, if only from participating in gym and training with the other senshi, but isn't active in any sports. Her skin is a smooth, even peach colour, although she blushes easily so her cheeks are usually various shades of pink. She can usually be found in almost any kind of clothes, depending on how she's feeling at the moment. (Although her mother tries to place some kind of restrictions on what Usagi wears, she is rather good at avoiding even the ever-watchful eyes of NeoQueen Selenity.)
Fuku Description: NeoSailormoon's fuku isn't, at the core, much different from previous fuku she has worn. Her tiara is golden, and the jewel at the apex is deep cherry-red. Her earrings are small, cherry-red crystal hearts. Around her neck is a white ribbon that serves as her choker. Her bodysuit is traditional white, and her sleeves consist of one "roll" of fabric and one "wing" of clear fabric. NeoSailormoon's sailor collar reaches just past the division of fabric beneath her bust line. It is white, with a gradient rainbow of cotton-candy pink, mango orange, and golden yellow along the outermost edge. Her skirt is extremely short, and the edge seems crinkled, as the skirt folds in tiny pleats as opposed to the traditional, large pleats. The skirt itself is white, but the very edge is soaked with the same gradient evident on her sailor collar. NeoSailormoon's skirt is sectioned off from the rest of her bodysuit by a "roll" of fabric in a gentle, sloping v-shape. The bow in the center of her chest is slightly dark cherry-red, as is the bow in the small of her back. Oddly, she lacks a brooch of any kind. NeoSailormoon's gloves are made of a white, slightly sheer fabric. They end just at the middle of her upper arm, where there is a band of opaque white fabric, which then connects to a thin strap of similar fabric secured up in the sleeves of her bodysuit that holds up her gloves. She does not wear shoes, but instead thigh-high white stockings, held up with white garters.

Talents: Usagi is charismatic; people find themselves drawn to her and enjoying her company even if they are not sure exactly how or why. She is very logical and analytical, and always one to think things through; Usagi follows her mind, not her impulsive heart. She applies herself completely to anything that involves learning, and usually does a fair job because she has so much focus.
Inability: Usagi is very passive and even in cases where she does dare to assert herself she will back down and retreat if the slightest resistance is shown. She doesn't communicate well with her mother and is actually terrified of her mother; her childhood fear that her mother didn't love her has never gone away and has actually been renewed with the current turn of events. Usagi is rather unstable, constantly at odds with herself even though she tries to maintain a cheerful outlook and appearance. Although her job is to collect Fate's Eyes, Usagi usually hangs back from the actual retrieval of the Fate's Eyes; the mere sight of blood makes her nauseous. She is also rather naive and sheltered--she is rarely allowed to even venture outside the palace, and when she does so it is usually with the other senshi as they search out Fate's Eyes. Usagi knows next to nothing about "real life". She has a soft spot for sweets and sugary things, and it doesn't take much to make her hyperactive and bouncy.
Future Dream: To be unique. Being a lady just isn't enough.
Goals/Purpose: Nearly everything Usagi does is related to her constant search for identity. She wants to know truly who she is.
Friends: Even after all these years, Usagi still considers her best friend to be Tomoe Hotaru, SuperSailorsaturn. There is a considerable age gap between the two, but Usagi doesn’t care. Usagi doesn't have any other true friends; she can be social if she does happen to run into those she used to know, but so much of her time is devoted to tutoring, finishing lessons, and, of course, collecting Fate's Eyes, that she has no time for socializing. Usagi is also very close to her father, as she has always been, and SuperSailorpluto, who she looks up to as a mother-figure.
Foes: Usagi doesn't have any true foes that she can think of--with the exception of one she would rather not mention: her mother. Usagi doesn't want to be a miniature of her mother, but it seems that the more she tries to be unlike her, the more she is just like her. Usagi knows that this isn't her mother's fault, but she can't seem to stop picturing her mother as the ultimate enemy that she has to defeat.
Inner Personality: Usagi is extremely insecure, to the point of being rather unstable. She tries to never let it show, but she is deeply confused and unsure of herself at all times, and sometimes feels overcome with everything.
More than anything else, Usagi wants to be unique, separate from her mother. She would give anything to be thought of as someone on her own, but people still think of her as "Chibiusa"--nothing more than a small version of her mother. She is especially disturbed by this as of late because of what her mother has become. Although she always claimed to nearly hate "Usagi", Usagi remembers the strength of heart and purity that always radiated from the girl, and that was a characteristic Usagi admired in her mother as well. That seems to be fading, replaced by something Usagi can't quite place; she is unsettled by the way things have come to be.
Usagi is rebellious at heart, but afraid to act on her desires because of her intense fear of her mother, a fear that has begun to grow with the emergence of the Fate's Eye crisis. She would like to do something drastic to set herself apart from her mother, whether it is something like cutting her hair or something more substantial such as sneaking out of the palace to indulge in the Tokyo underground culture. Usagi tries to be logical and act with judgment, but she longs to throw away her obligations and live on the edge, if only because it is something she could never picture her mother doing. She feels consumed by her need to be someone other than "Chibiusa".
Deep down, Usagi is a romantic daydreamer and a believer in fantasy and the unknown. She feels that there is an innate goodness within everyone, despite all the things she has seen. She believes that the lives of innocents are sacred and that sacrifice is never an option. Usagi is more like her mother (at least more like her mother once was) than she would ever dare to admit.
Usagi feels weak, more than she would ever let others know, and is afraid to be herself, especially around her parents and the senshi, because she holds them in such high regard that they are idolized her mind and could never be resisted or defeated. She doesn't want them to know how she really feels about things because she doesn't have any confidence in herself or her own abilities.

Element: Purity (Usually expressed with prismatic light.)
Weapon: NeoSailormoon, like the Sailormoon before her, has a wand: the Crescent Heart Wand. It is about seven inches long from tip to tail, and consists of a pink rod with gold accents topped with a large white crystal heart within a golden outline, with a pink crescent moon and a golden crown just above. It isn't very useful for any kind of physical attack, but only for channeling energy to NeoSailormoon for her attacks. It should also be noted that LunaP accompanies Usagi even as NeoSailormoon, and she can use her bizarre feline-esque friend for many varying uses.
Henshin Object and Phrase: Usagi transforms into NeoSailormoon using a compact which looks strikingly similar to the one she used to transform into SuperSailorchibimoon. It is pink, heart-shaped with an inset, white, heart-shaped jewel, and topped with a small golden crown. Unfortunately, it does not contain the Ginzuishou, for that is her mother's possession, but a smaller, less powerful stone similar to the Ginzuishou. Because of this subtle but important difference, NeoSailormoon can never be anywhere near as strong as Sailormoon was. "New Moon Crystal Power, Makeup!"
Strength: NeoSailormoon is clever and creative, and can think of plans and attacks that combine these traits with her logic to craft brilliant strategies. She attacks only with much forethought and because she is not acting rashly she has eliminated a large margin of error.
Weakness: NeoSailormoon becomes ill around the sight of blood or gore, and is severely reluctant to actually attack. She tries not to let it show, but she would rather not be fighting at all, at least not for this particular cause. NeoSailormoon is also very limited in her physical strength, is younger than all of the other senshi, and is much more inexperienced. She feels inadequate: she is nothing like the veteran senshi and certainly nowhere near as powerful as her mother ever was.
History: Usagi, formerly known as Chibiusa, is the Crown Princess and daughter of NeoQueen Selenity and NeoKing Endymion, heir to the throne of the known world. Ever since she was very young, Usagi has lived in the palace with her family and the senshi. When she was about six, a great evil attacked that threatened the peace of Crystal Tokyo, so Usagi escaped into the past in search of the legendary Sailormoon. It was during her many numerous exploits into the past that she developed the nickname of Chibiusa and even became a senshi. Although she returned to the future after gaining the senshi's help in saving Crystal Tokyo, she continued her journeys into the past to gain more training as a senshi.
Her last voyage into the times before her birth occurred during the battle against the Golden Queen Galaxia, and she hasn't had the need for such a thing since. In the years that followed, Usagi's time was spent between tutoring, so that she could gain knowledge; finishing school, so that she could gain grace and charm of a true lady; and senshi practice, so that she could gain prowess in the art of the battle.
Usagi's childhood has been, for the most part, a happy childhood, although she does not have as great a relationship with her parents as she would like. This is not necessarily unusual, given that her parents are the rulers of the known world, and must devote the majority of their time to such issues.


"Abracadabra Pon!"
+ Usagi snatches LunaP out of the air, dribbles her on the ground, and then tosses her up above her head. There is a hiss of escaping air and a poof as there is a small explosion of some kind and a cloud forms, surrounding LunaP. The girl dictates exact instructions to LunaP, and then the cat-head-orb either falls back down into Usagi's awaiting hand as the object Usagi has summoned or, in the case of being used to disguise Usagi, returns to her former position beside the girl, who is now changed.
+ Usagi uses this attack as Usagi or as NeoSailormoon--having a particular form isn't necessary, she just has to have LunaP handy. (And LunaP is ALWAYS handy.) She can turn her mechanical companion into nearly anything she can think of, and when she is finished and wishes for LunaP to return to her original state, she merely throws the item back up into the air. This is an exceedingly useful attack; it has never let Usagi down. She especially enjoys using LunaP for disguise purposes--it's always fun to pretend to be someone else.
+ This attack really doesn't have a specific power level--it isn't offensive or defensive in and of itself.

"Pink Heart Flash!"
+ NeoSailormoon holds the Crescent Heart Wand above her head and calls out the attack, then gracefully swings her arm around and points her weapon at her opponent. She flicks her wrist, and the crystal within her wand lights up and unleashes a brilliant burst of light in the shape of a pink heart.
+ With this attack, NeoSailormoon can hope to stun her enemy for a moment with a flash of blinding light. It can be compared to staring at the flash on a camera when it goes off.
+ This attack is very simple, and rather weak. It is only useful for very temporary situations, and it isn't uncommon for the attack to have no effect whatsoever.

"Moon Mirage Illumination!"
+ NeoSailormoon glares at her opponent and extends her arm to the side, flicking her wrist so that the Crescent Heart Wand is perpendicular to her body. She begins to spin, and raises the arm holding the Crescent Heart Wand above her head as the crystal heart begins to flicker with energy. She suddenly stops, facing her opponent, and then whips her wand down in front of them. The crystalline heart flickers three times, and then explodes with a brilliant stream of heart-shapes and moon-shapes that fly towards her opponent and envelope them before detonating glitteringly.
+ This attack weakens the enemy--it is a mild version of the typical moon-senshi's "finishing attack". It doesn't have any specific physical or other effects; it is really rather general. The only real strong point this attack has is the fact that time seems to stall while the attack is being performed, and enemies have no time or way to escape once the attack is emitted from her wand. (They can still, of course, try to attack her while she is powering up.)
+ This is NeoSailormoon's strongest attack, one that would usually be used as a finishing attack if it was only stronger. Even NeoSailormoon's most powerful attack isn't powerful; if it were rated, the attack would only be about a two on a scale of one-through-five.

Guardian: Although Diana is officially Usagi's guardian cat, she is the current Guardian of the Gates of Time, and is replaced by Usagi's side with her childhood best friend, LunaP. LunaP, a floating, basketball-sized purple orb that resembles Luna's face with protruding cat ears and an antenna, follows Usagi around everywhere, bobbing happily beside her. LunaP is extensively useful to Usagi, perhaps moreso than a traditional guardian, because she has the unique ability to conform to Usagi's every whim. She also serves as a communicator, telephone, holographic projector, recorder, and has a feature that allows Usagi to use in her a manner as the Luna Pen--for disguise. Usagi is never seen without LunaP trailing beside her; the sphere even follows her into battle!

Random Notes: NeoSailormoon is not a very strong senshi--she is still the weakest when it comes to power. Also, it should be noted that while Usagi sees her mother as greatly changed, this is not necessarily so. NeoQueen Selenity is only doing what she believes is best.

Picture URL: http://home.sailormoon.com/neosailormoonlunap/neomoondoodle.gif (It's really bad. I have a bunch of drawings, but my scanner refuses to scan, so I doodled this up on the computer.)

Writing Sample: Usagi’s eyes widened and she could actually feel herself growing paler. The only way to save everyone from destruction…was to rip their destinies, their fates, from within their eyes? To create a world of mindless, soul-less corpses? Her vision swam and she felt dizzy and sick to her stomach. Her hands flew to her mouth and she pressed them over it, holding back her lunch and a scream, both of which she could feel rising in her throat.
*In order to protect…we have to destroy.*
It made her head hurt and it made her heart hurt. What were they saying? What had happened to the way they all used to be? What had happened to her mother?
Usagi remembered the foes they had fought before. Usagi remembered the pure heart crystals. Back then, her mother had been willing to die as long as it would keep everyone else alive and well. Usagi remembered countless battles that her mother had braved alone, unwilling to let anyone else shoulder the burden of the danger that threatened to destroy all. And now she stood calmly and issued proclamations that allowed thousands—millions—of innocents to have their very essence stolen in the vague hopes of calling forth some great power of which they had no information. What had happened?
“Oh my god,” she whispered, holding her head in her hands and trying to make her vision come into focus, “I feel like I’m having a horrible nightmare, but this is the most real nightmare I’ve ever had.”
She could feel the others watching her, and immediately shut her mouth and wiped all expression from her face. They wouldn’t understand, and it didn’t matter. She was just being a fool. She had to do what they asked; there wasn’t any other option.
It didn’t matter what is wrong and what is right. At least not to them. At least not anymore.
*I can’t believe it. Even so, I can’t believe this is right. I can’t believe this is the way things should be. What is happening?*
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RESULTS [02 Feb 2004|08:45am]
The results list of submitted character sheets. Each rejected bio has commentary by the mods. For each accepted bio we will most likely speak to you about your sheet personally on aim. Thankyou for applying.


SuperSailorJupiter - Mousie
SuperSailorMercury - Cat
NeoQueenSelenity - Alice
NeoKingEndymion - Tasia
SuperSailorVenus - Ducky
SuperSailorMars - Allison Lins
SuperSailorNeptune - Tenoh Haruka
SuperSailorPluto - Rae Coffey
Neosailormoon - Aurae
SuperSailorUranus - Jessica Balick
SuperSailorSaturn - Charlotte

SuperSailorJupiter - Bridget Coles
NeoQueenSelenity - Connie Bond
SuperSailorMars - Shonte
Cosmo Tesaki - James Reynolds
SuperSailorJupiter - Kris
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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorUranus - Jessica Balick [02 Feb 2004|08:34am]
Name: Jessica Balick
Where are you From: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 16
Email: kaptainsarcasm@hotmail.com,

Instant Messager: AIM - kaptainsarcasm
RPG Experience: I roleplayed at www.pokemasters.net for about a year.
Sailor moon Knowledge: It’s my greatest passion in life. Let’s just
say that
my friends get REALLY tired of me talking about it all the time.
Web page: www.geocities.com/kaptainsarcasm
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: LiveJournal, on the sailormoonfans
anime communities.
What interested you, why do you want to play?: The strict rules
attracted me. I like moderators that are smart assholes because it
smart people. I get tired of RPing with morons.

Character you're applying for:
Senshi name: SuperSailorUranus
Civilian name: Tenoh Haruka
Age: 1017ish.
Hometown/Home Planet: Juuban/Uranus
Birthday: January 27
Sign: Aquarius
Eyes: Light green/blue
Hair: Dirty blonde
Height: 5’9”
Personality: Kind of a wild card, Haruka tends to act on impulse
rather than
thinking things through. Very loyal and devoted to her mission, which
is, of
course, to protect her Queen, she will always take the route that
leads her
to her involvement with Queen Serenity’s bests interests rather than
own. While she does love her family and friends, she is most likely
ignore her personal feelings while on duty. While on the outside she
cold and uncaring and composed, one carefully worded statement by
can uproot her entire thinking. Put simply, her biggest issues are
gender, her own self worth and her feelings of love versus her
feelings of
requirement and duty.
Eyes: A greenish blue color that is icy in its own effect and can be
scary when she tries to be. For the most part, her eyes reveal her
and of course Michiru is the first to pick up on this fact.
Hair: Boyish and wispy, dirty blonde in color.
General appearance: She looks amazingly good in men’s clothing and
oddly out of place in her fuku. Tall and lanky, she wears clothing
hangs off her body to avoid being identified immediately as a female.
she fights, she stands tall and proud, but when she is feeling
playful and flirty, she will lean down and go slack, giving the
that she is relaxed and fun. There is a presence about her that
simultaneously attracts women and intimidates men.
Fuku Description: The base color is dark blue. Her skirt, collar and
base of
her gloves are all that color. There is also a blue boy on the back
of her
skirt that frills out slightly. Her collar has a white stripe that
lines the
outside of the material. The bow on her chest is golden yellow, with
a light
blue heart-shaped broach at the crux of the knot. The tiara on her
is gold and has a small blue gem on the front. She wears a blue
choker on
her neck.

Talents: Motor racing, fighting, flirting, and playing the piano.
Inability: Showing emotions, making fast friends, planning
strategies, taking emotional situations seriously, and fitting into
expected role of a “woman.”
Future dream: She one day wishes to once again live in a house with
Hotaru and Setsuna. Mostly, she just wants to be a good wife, father
and friend, respectively, to them.
Goals/pourpose: Protect NeoQueenSerenity because that is what she has
to do, and protect her family because she values their lives over her
Friends: All of the Inner senshi, all of the Outer senshi, and “the
down at the racetrack who she rarely ever sees any more but will
still talk
about them to retain her sense of humanity.
Foes: Kou Seiya, anyone who opposes the Queen, anyone who flirts with
Inner personality: She hates herself, for the most part. Constantly
battle with her identity as a “woman,” it sometimes gets in the way
with her
ability to socialize with the Inners. Sometimes she will find herself
switching to “auto-pilot” to shut herself up, which is when she
Michiru closely and does what her instincts tell her to do. When the
of her life really builds up, she forces herself to hold back tears
it’s “girly” and “weak” to cry, and those are two things that she is
The only person she can really trust is Michiru, and she can hardly
talk to her because they so rarely see each other. She feels utterly
so she throws herself into her work and is willing to give her mostly
meaningless life for the Queen.

Element: Wind
Talismen/weapon: Space Sword
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Henshin pen, “Uranus
Power, make-up!”
Strength: Brute force and speed.
Weakness: Strategy, patience, teamwork.
History: Not much is known about her history, just that, in this
she ran away from home to attend high school in Juuban. Her name
means “King
of the Skies” which implies that, perhaps, in her past life, she had
over the sky.


Attack one
Hand-to-hand combat
Uranus is physically stronger and faster than the Inners, so she uses
to her advantage and will first go in with her fists and feet before
resorting to Senshi-specific attacks.

Attack two
World Shaking
Uranus grasps energy from the sky and forms it into a beach ball
golden sphere with a ring around it. She then throws it down onto the
and sets it off on its path to the target.

Attack three
Space Sword Blaster
With her talisman magically in her hands, Uranus focuses energy from
the sky
until the sword glows with it. With one mighty swing, she flings the
from the sword unto the target in a long, flat stream. This attack
can take
out multiple targets at once, depending on the strength of the enemy.

Attack four
Space Sword Boomerang
As in her Space Sword Blaster attack, Uranus gathers energy from the
until the sword glows with it, but this time she doesn’t swing the
she throws it. This gives the attack more length and range than the
attack. The sword, after finishing its flight around, will fly safely
to her hands.

(Attack five
Double-Edge Sword
This time, not only does Uranus gather energy from the sky, but she
all of her own energy into the sword as well. This causes the
Talisman to
grow another blade under the hilt, making it two-sided. Then Uranus
holds it
out straight and charges the enemy at full speed. If the attack
Uranus gets stabbed, as well. All of the energy in the sword enters
enemy though the wound and causes them to go boom, if all goes well.
will probably never use this attack because of the dangers involved
with it,
but it’s nice to know she has a last-ditch effort.)

Extra details: Blatantly and pride fully lesbian and not afraid to
admit it.
She does not care what anyone else thinks of her and she’ll be the
first to
tell you that she doesn’t care what you think of her.

Picture url if available:

Writing sample:

“Space Sword Blaster!”
My voice echoes around the training area like stone dropping into a
pond of
still water. My attack destroys the rock that the youma was hiding
and he comes charging at me stupidly, waving his arms and making
noises. I wait for him to come, staring straight into his eyes. At
the last
second, I jump to the side, holding out the curved tip of my sword.
catches him under his armoured chest plate and with one swift motion,
I jerk
my arms back and rip it off. All his insides come pouring out of the
hole in
his body, and slowly he falls forward, nose landing on a smelly pile
of his
own guts.
As my sword glows and dissipates into thin air, someone starts
behind me. I jerk around, knowing even before I see her who it is.
“Neptune,” I breathe. Her eyes are sparkling and her smile makes my
knees go
weak. I haven’t seen her in months. Quickly, I regain my composure.
are you doing on this side of the galaxy?”
“My planet is dull without wind and a sky. You know that, Haruka,”
replies, accentuating my old name with an affectionate twist. I
her, embracing her gently, then pull back and place my hands on her
shoulders. We have more pressing matters at hand.
“I assume you’ve talked to Pluto.”
She frowns, and I immediately regret saying anything. I hate to see
unhappy. “Yes,” she starts slowly, “I have. She told me that we have
steal their desires, their dreams. What do you think?”
‘I hate it!’ I want to shout. ‘I think their plan sucks! There has to
another way! I won’t repeat history again. Not if I have to risk
everything again.’ All these thoughts cry for release, even as I hear
say, “I will protect the Queen and her kingdom at all costs.”
“It is our mission,” she agrees.
Our mission. Right. My sworn duty. I’m bound by my word and my honor,
two of
my most important qualities. And because of that, I will do as I said
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REJECTED: SuperSailorJupiter - Kris [02 Feb 2004|08:32am]
Q: ROCK! A new Bio. Spamming sure brings results, huh? Well, lets get it on.

Neo: Groovy.


Name: Kris
Where are you From: KY
Age: 22

Q: Ohh...22. Age means a lot. This feels promising.

Neo: We like to think so. But we've had some good players that were still teens.

Email: Adhvanit21@aol.com
Instant Messager: Adhvanit21
RPG Experience: A LOT! (I've beaten nearly every one I've gotten my hands on; I also RP on the net a lot.)

Q: A bit gloaty...but eh.

Neo: Be nice to know what the RPGs were: free form? pbem? irc? personal im to im?

Sailor moon Knowledge: Pretty much anything concerning the anime, up to Sailor Stars; a small bit of the manga, as well.

Neo: Well thats always good to hear... but read further.

Web page: N/A
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: www.Shoujoai.com
What interested you, why do you want to play?: It's a Sailor Moon RPG!!!!!

Q:That it is, but there are plenty of SMRPG's out there. Why THIS one? Hrm..I think I'll add that clarification to the bio sheet.


Character You're applying for: Makoto Kino
Senshi name: Sailor Jupiter

Q:Personal piss of mine. This is the japanese SM version..therefore it's "Sailorjupiter"...one word. And it's Crystal Tokyo, thus it's "SuperSailorJupiter"

Civilian name: Makoto Kino
Age: 17...ish (or is it 1017?)

Q: 1017ish hon.

Hometown/Home Planet: Earth/Jupiter

Birthday: No clue
Sign: No idea

Q:....*pause* Someone didn't do their research. I hate when that happens.

Neo: google.ca One of the most extensive search engines. You could find yourself an abouts page and literally be in the clear.

Eyes: Green

Q: dark green, bright green, electric green with brown flecks...are they warm, careing, cold...be a touch more descriptive.

Hair: Brown

Q: See my comment for hair.

Height: Tallest inner senshi

Q: And how tall is that?

Personality: Dynamic, yet personal and empathetic. BIG romantic.

Q: Jupter is also loyal, loving, with a short temper...

Neo: We want you to describe her as if we've never met or watched the show; like she could literally lift off the text and sit here infront of us.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Emotional green, expressing current feelings

Q:Better on the detail here.

Hair: Brown, tied in a ponytail, with a pink bauble scrunchy tying it

Q:Green bauble actually...and you forgot that it's wavey, and that two little whisps hang down on either side of her face...

General appearance: Tall, muscular, very pretty
Fuku Description: Green, dark green

Q: Actually that'd be green and pink..but what we're looking for is the cut, the colourscheme, length of gloves, tiara, all that stuff. Make us see it in our minds.

Neo: Its also tech here that we see your descriptive writting skills. If you can describe her well for us here- it gives us a peek at what you could do in the rpg.
You also forgot about her earings and tiara. tsk.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Housework, esp. culinary arts; can now fly in planes!!

Neo: Not bad. I didn't know she had a plane problem. heh.

Inability: Still obsessed over old boyfriend (sigh)

Neo: Even after 1000 years.. she's still gripping over him.. even after the whole comprimising of morals, making vegetables out of people- she's STILL morning over him.. ouch man.. ouch..

Future dream: With peace achieved, she now wants to host cooking and fighting tournaments
Goals/pourpose: Protect the Queen, the kingdom, and to find that special love! Also, host a cooking/fighting tournament
Friends: Inner Senshi, outer senshi; the cats, Shinozaki

Neo: Just incase ya'll were wondering Shinozaki was the one time episode child hood friend- better known as "Ken". His name translated means "Bambo Grass Ppeninsula". See what a lil quick research does. [ http://www.geocities.com/sailorjupiter244/Profiles/UrawaMikaShino.html ]

Foes: If it stands in opposition of the Lunar Kingdom, it's an enemy. Old foes include Queen Beryl/Mettalia, the Doom Phantom, Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90, Queen Nehelenia, etc.etc.

Neo: Amazon Trio/Quartet, random villian monster stealing thingy of the day-- really don't need to be THAT extensive.. we were hoping for more of rivials or random obstacles.

Inner personality: A "strong" character in more ways than one. Sometimes acts as the cheerleader of the group, or the one who "goes out and gets them". Mako can usually be aggressive but she's really sweet, too. She would make the perfect housewife or martial arts instructor!

Neo: well.. not bad. What we wanted here was the REAL Makoto. What she's like INSIDE that no one would ever get a glance to see. Her personal feelings, thoughts, hidden sides and such- would be explained here... what you put was more outer personality- which is what would be written above in "Personality"

Element: Thunder/nature
Talismen/weapon: Body (might be able to summon a Thunder Sword??)
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: "Jupiter Crystal Power!"

Q: uh...where's the object? ..the Supers had henshin wands....THAT's what we're talking about. Something like "A green stick with a gold bauble on the top, wings fanning from the base of the bauble, inside is a wreith with the emblem of Jupiter on it"

Strength: Physically stronger than most of the girls; her stamina is usually greater as well. She's perfect for front line fighting and sending in the big attacks.
Weakness: Not too well on strategy. Can sometimes hold grudges or anger too long. Her defensiveness of the others, particularly Ami/Mercury, might be her undoing.
History: Orphaned at a very young age when her mother and father were killed in a plane crash; got kicked out of a school for "fighting" (but in truth she was set up by bullies, and only protected another kid from their harassment); ended up in Juuban and has been fighting for good ever since! No matter what happens, her best and closest friend Shinozaki will be there for her. Makoto is a bit boy-crazy and seems to become infatuated very easily. Also, she has a passion for cooking and many other feminine hobbies.

Neo: Wouldn't have hurt to say something about her past with the senshi to present day story. Maybe even give a few thoughts into that. But nice lil peek into her past.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one
"Thunder Crash"
-channels a bolt of lightning through the lightning rod in tiara; inflicts average lightning-based attack.

Neo: Oh, tiara. Seemed you failed to mention her having one in her description.

Attack two
"Thunder Dragon"
-calls out an electric dragon to deal massive damage to a foe. The dragon can constrict its foes or breathe lightning breath on them. Inflicts strong lightning-based attack.

Attack three
"Sparkling Wide Pressure"
-sends an orb of pressurized lightning hurtling towards enemies. Sometimes explodes on impact. Inflicts stronger lightning-based attack

Q: Actually, Sparkleing wide pressure would be attack two, and Thunder dragon would be attack three...

Neo: mmmmm half true. She gained Sparkling Wide Pressure AFTER she gained the Dragon.

Attack four
"Oak Evolution"
-sends a shower of razor-sharp leaves blowing against the enemy; can hit solo or groups; weak group attack, very strong nature-based single attack.

Attack five
"Lightning Sword"
-uses own powers to focus energy for an arm-length sword consisting of lightning energy. great for melee attacks and cutting stuff. Inflicts very strong lightning-based attack, but can drain energy quickly.

Attack six
"Zeus Fury"
-the ancient Greek god blasts the enemy with a HUGE column of lightning that can also send shockwaves on the ground, striking multiple enemies or unlucky allies. VERY powerful multi-group lightning-based attack; a drawback is it's safest when executed while friends are far away

Neo: Even though the attacks could use more description- I must commend you for giving a status on the powers. It gives input and illiminates god moding.

Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.)
No pets; she lives by herself, and she used to be petrified of flying. Shinozaki has helped her with her fear, though. Oh, and she has a terrible way of infatuating with perfect (male) strangers.

Picture url if available: (preferred)
It's Sailor Jupiter!

Q: yeah, it is, we've established that. But which version? We still want a picture.

Neo: Not that hard to find using google.ca

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action.

Attaching a short story!

Q: We didn't ask for a damn-ass long Mako/Naru lemon. No, we asked you to write what your character thinks of the Prophecy. We wanted you to show us an example of how you'd roleplay, using thought, action and diologue. However, I can see how the biosheet might have made that slighly confusing. So it's not all your fault, but really, a LEMON!? Fine, we found you on Shojouai.com, but use some common sense,please.

Neo: *FLAIL!* A STORY!?.. a FIC!? the hellllll.... Very left field. It does read in the rules "please cyber else where. No one wants to read your nookie." If its a sig, then I'd seriously reconsider it.. its LONG..

Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy.

"What do I think? Well, I thought that Crystal Tokyo was meant to be an era of peace. I'm not really sure what to think. My immediate thought is that we have turned into a tyrannical dictatorship that forces its citizens to give up their destinies just so 'everyone else' can live. It's a very painful thing for me to think about. Why can't we be called into action like we have so many times before? Sailor Moon and the whole gang saved the world half a dozen times, at least! Do we... do we have to make this huge sacrifice? Do we have to? Isn't there another way? Isn't there? I... I'm scared now, of my own doubts..."

Q: Not bad, good inner angst, but no action or portreyal of inner thought...

Neo: This is more often than not- what makes or breaks you in your character sheet. This gives us insight to what your basic rping skills will be. It specifically says at the top "Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action.". Sorry but you had no movement or even bothered to really scratch deeper than the surface on what your character really thought or was affected.

Q: Some of your answers for the quiz were far too 'cutesy'. This is ment to be a damn dark RPG, and I at least, would appriciate it if applicants took that fact seriously.

Neo: Ironically- I found it funny. But we do like a serious aire more often than not.
Also the first question of the quiz: Pluto being the keeper. Thats a bad on our part we must fix. Pluto was kicked from her guarding of the time gate as she used the time stop saving Uranus and Neptune from a helicopter crash.. thusly breaking the biggest taboo. Diana now guards it. Lets all point and laugh.

Q:In short, you've been rejected for not having enough description, not doing your homework, and assuming just cause everyone knows Mako, you don't need to fill in certain things. If we didn't want those things filled out, we wouldn't ask.

Neo: Think of this as a resume. This is what we look over first; its essentially your first impression. If you wow us with detail, indepth perspective and character affectedness- you will most likely be accepted. All it takes is effort and thought. Thankyou for applying.
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