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ACCEPTED : Neosailormoon - Aurae

Name: Aurae
Where Are You From: Midwestern Suburbia Hell.
Age: Seventeen.
Email: aurae@konekodream.com
Instant Messenger: AIM - mahouxshoujo
RPG Experience: I've been RPing for years, although lately all the RPGs I was in are dead and gone.
Sailor Moon Knowledge: I know quite a bit about everything except the MiXX manga and North American Dub, but that's okay and I really don't want to know. If I don't know something, I can easily go look it up.
Web Page: http://www.konekodream.com/ (There isn't really anything there...)
How Did You Hear of the FATE RPG? The Livejournal community where an ad was posted.
What interested you, why do you want to play? I think the storyline is unique and very creepy, and I wanted to play an older-Chibiusa.

Character You're Applying For: NeoSailormoon / Tsukino Usagi (Chibiusa)
Senshi Name: NeoSailormoon
Civilian Name: Tsukino Usagi (Although her parents and her mother's senshi still call her Chibiusa...)
Age: About 15.
Hometown/Home Planet: Crystal Tokyo, Earth.
Birthday: June 30th.
Sign: Cancer.
Eyes: Cherry red.
Hair: Cotton-candy pink, worn up in two poofy pigtails topped with yam-shaped odango. Her bangs are parted down the center and curl inward, framing the golden crescent mark on her forehead, and large curls of hair fall before her ears. She sometimes attempts to do other things with her hair, but tends to fall back on the style she has worn since infancy.
Height: 4'11"
Personality: Usagi is a calm, rather quiet girl. She seems to have picked up more of her best friend’s habits than her mother’s. She is usually very cheerful, especially around others, and always has a smile on her face, but she doesn’t babble endlessly or squeal over the latest idol CD. Usagi has lived most of her life trying to prove that she isn’t a carbon-copy of her mother; that isn’t the kind of person she wants to be.
Usagi is very sociable, and seems to always know what to do around others. She is very charismatic, and others find themselves drawn to her without knowing exactly why. Usagi makes others feel good about themselves without having to result to counseling. She can pick out the positive points in nearly any situation. Her rainbows-and-sunshine attitude is contagious; other’s can’t help feeling uplifted in her presence.
She isn’t an airhead. Usagi, despite her optimistic outlook, is more of a realist than anything else. She is very practical, and follows her mind rather than her emotions. When difficult situations arise, Usagi can calmly help come to a solution instead of panicking and causing more confusion and problems. Her reflexes follow her heart, but Usagi has trained herself to act otherwise. She doesn't want to be like her mother in that respect.
Usagi looks up to her mother senshi as mother figures, and enjoys spending time with them. She hopes that she can acquire some of their prowess in various areas by being taught by the masters. Usagi has never lost the child-like reverence she has for her mother's senshi; they all seem so perfect, and she remembers from her childhood that they all seemed better than her mother. If she can connect with them and learn from them, she can become less like her mother.
Usagi is desperate for others to treat her as her own person, not merely a smaller reincarnation of her mother. The senshi, who remember her from her younger days of time-travel, still seem--at least to Usagi--to picture her as merely a tiny version of her mother. Usagi is tired of being recognized as a stage of another person instead of as her own person. She's desperate to do nearly anything that will make her stand out from her mother, so she is very restrictive on her own actions. Anything that she thinks would be too much like her mother has to be changed.
Her mother is, however, Queen of the known world. She is an intimidating presence, and Usagi feels that she is living in her mother's shadow. She is rather shy and passive because of this; Usagi has seen what happens to those who dare oppose the sovereign will of her mother, and as time goes on she is beginning to think that even supposed "mother's love" wouldn't make things any different for her. Usagi yearns for rebellion and change, despite this, and tries to protest in her own ways. Time has taken bluntness from her and worn it down until it is nearly nothing, so she is not as forward as she once was.
Besides, things are different now.

Eyes: Cherry red.
Hair: Cotton-candy pink, worn up in two poofy pigtails topped with yam-shaped odango. Although she has a choice of hairstyles when not in senshi form, her hair seems to revert back to this style by default when transformed. Her bangs are parted down the center and curl inward, framing the jewel in the center of her tiara, and large curls of hair fall before her ears.
General Appearance: Usagi is rather slender and frail, moreso than her mother ever was. She doesn't partake in many physical activities, but doesn't indulge in food and sweets the way she did when she was younger. She has some muscle mass, if only from participating in gym and training with the other senshi, but isn't active in any sports. Her skin is a smooth, even peach colour, although she blushes easily so her cheeks are usually various shades of pink. She can usually be found in almost any kind of clothes, depending on how she's feeling at the moment. (Although her mother tries to place some kind of restrictions on what Usagi wears, she is rather good at avoiding even the ever-watchful eyes of NeoQueen Selenity.)
Fuku Description: NeoSailormoon's fuku isn't, at the core, much different from previous fuku she has worn. Her tiara is golden, and the jewel at the apex is deep cherry-red. Her earrings are small, cherry-red crystal hearts. Around her neck is a white ribbon that serves as her choker. Her bodysuit is traditional white, and her sleeves consist of one "roll" of fabric and one "wing" of clear fabric. NeoSailormoon's sailor collar reaches just past the division of fabric beneath her bust line. It is white, with a gradient rainbow of cotton-candy pink, mango orange, and golden yellow along the outermost edge. Her skirt is extremely short, and the edge seems crinkled, as the skirt folds in tiny pleats as opposed to the traditional, large pleats. The skirt itself is white, but the very edge is soaked with the same gradient evident on her sailor collar. NeoSailormoon's skirt is sectioned off from the rest of her bodysuit by a "roll" of fabric in a gentle, sloping v-shape. The bow in the center of her chest is slightly dark cherry-red, as is the bow in the small of her back. Oddly, she lacks a brooch of any kind. NeoSailormoon's gloves are made of a white, slightly sheer fabric. They end just at the middle of her upper arm, where there is a band of opaque white fabric, which then connects to a thin strap of similar fabric secured up in the sleeves of her bodysuit that holds up her gloves. She does not wear shoes, but instead thigh-high white stockings, held up with white garters.

Talents: Usagi is charismatic; people find themselves drawn to her and enjoying her company even if they are not sure exactly how or why. She is very logical and analytical, and always one to think things through; Usagi follows her mind, not her impulsive heart. She applies herself completely to anything that involves learning, and usually does a fair job because she has so much focus.
Inability: Usagi is very passive and even in cases where she does dare to assert herself she will back down and retreat if the slightest resistance is shown. She doesn't communicate well with her mother and is actually terrified of her mother; her childhood fear that her mother didn't love her has never gone away and has actually been renewed with the current turn of events. Usagi is rather unstable, constantly at odds with herself even though she tries to maintain a cheerful outlook and appearance. Although her job is to collect Fate's Eyes, Usagi usually hangs back from the actual retrieval of the Fate's Eyes; the mere sight of blood makes her nauseous. She is also rather naive and sheltered--she is rarely allowed to even venture outside the palace, and when she does so it is usually with the other senshi as they search out Fate's Eyes. Usagi knows next to nothing about "real life". She has a soft spot for sweets and sugary things, and it doesn't take much to make her hyperactive and bouncy.
Future Dream: To be unique. Being a lady just isn't enough.
Goals/Purpose: Nearly everything Usagi does is related to her constant search for identity. She wants to know truly who she is.
Friends: Even after all these years, Usagi still considers her best friend to be Tomoe Hotaru, SuperSailorsaturn. There is a considerable age gap between the two, but Usagi doesn’t care. Usagi doesn't have any other true friends; she can be social if she does happen to run into those she used to know, but so much of her time is devoted to tutoring, finishing lessons, and, of course, collecting Fate's Eyes, that she has no time for socializing. Usagi is also very close to her father, as she has always been, and SuperSailorpluto, who she looks up to as a mother-figure.
Foes: Usagi doesn't have any true foes that she can think of--with the exception of one she would rather not mention: her mother. Usagi doesn't want to be a miniature of her mother, but it seems that the more she tries to be unlike her, the more she is just like her. Usagi knows that this isn't her mother's fault, but she can't seem to stop picturing her mother as the ultimate enemy that she has to defeat.
Inner Personality: Usagi is extremely insecure, to the point of being rather unstable. She tries to never let it show, but she is deeply confused and unsure of herself at all times, and sometimes feels overcome with everything.
More than anything else, Usagi wants to be unique, separate from her mother. She would give anything to be thought of as someone on her own, but people still think of her as "Chibiusa"--nothing more than a small version of her mother. She is especially disturbed by this as of late because of what her mother has become. Although she always claimed to nearly hate "Usagi", Usagi remembers the strength of heart and purity that always radiated from the girl, and that was a characteristic Usagi admired in her mother as well. That seems to be fading, replaced by something Usagi can't quite place; she is unsettled by the way things have come to be.
Usagi is rebellious at heart, but afraid to act on her desires because of her intense fear of her mother, a fear that has begun to grow with the emergence of the Fate's Eye crisis. She would like to do something drastic to set herself apart from her mother, whether it is something like cutting her hair or something more substantial such as sneaking out of the palace to indulge in the Tokyo underground culture. Usagi tries to be logical and act with judgment, but she longs to throw away her obligations and live on the edge, if only because it is something she could never picture her mother doing. She feels consumed by her need to be someone other than "Chibiusa".
Deep down, Usagi is a romantic daydreamer and a believer in fantasy and the unknown. She feels that there is an innate goodness within everyone, despite all the things she has seen. She believes that the lives of innocents are sacred and that sacrifice is never an option. Usagi is more like her mother (at least more like her mother once was) than she would ever dare to admit.
Usagi feels weak, more than she would ever let others know, and is afraid to be herself, especially around her parents and the senshi, because she holds them in such high regard that they are idolized her mind and could never be resisted or defeated. She doesn't want them to know how she really feels about things because she doesn't have any confidence in herself or her own abilities.

Element: Purity (Usually expressed with prismatic light.)
Weapon: NeoSailormoon, like the Sailormoon before her, has a wand: the Crescent Heart Wand. It is about seven inches long from tip to tail, and consists of a pink rod with gold accents topped with a large white crystal heart within a golden outline, with a pink crescent moon and a golden crown just above. It isn't very useful for any kind of physical attack, but only for channeling energy to NeoSailormoon for her attacks. It should also be noted that LunaP accompanies Usagi even as NeoSailormoon, and she can use her bizarre feline-esque friend for many varying uses.
Henshin Object and Phrase: Usagi transforms into NeoSailormoon using a compact which looks strikingly similar to the one she used to transform into SuperSailorchibimoon. It is pink, heart-shaped with an inset, white, heart-shaped jewel, and topped with a small golden crown. Unfortunately, it does not contain the Ginzuishou, for that is her mother's possession, but a smaller, less powerful stone similar to the Ginzuishou. Because of this subtle but important difference, NeoSailormoon can never be anywhere near as strong as Sailormoon was. "New Moon Crystal Power, Makeup!"
Strength: NeoSailormoon is clever and creative, and can think of plans and attacks that combine these traits with her logic to craft brilliant strategies. She attacks only with much forethought and because she is not acting rashly she has eliminated a large margin of error.
Weakness: NeoSailormoon becomes ill around the sight of blood or gore, and is severely reluctant to actually attack. She tries not to let it show, but she would rather not be fighting at all, at least not for this particular cause. NeoSailormoon is also very limited in her physical strength, is younger than all of the other senshi, and is much more inexperienced. She feels inadequate: she is nothing like the veteran senshi and certainly nowhere near as powerful as her mother ever was.
History: Usagi, formerly known as Chibiusa, is the Crown Princess and daughter of NeoQueen Selenity and NeoKing Endymion, heir to the throne of the known world. Ever since she was very young, Usagi has lived in the palace with her family and the senshi. When she was about six, a great evil attacked that threatened the peace of Crystal Tokyo, so Usagi escaped into the past in search of the legendary Sailormoon. It was during her many numerous exploits into the past that she developed the nickname of Chibiusa and even became a senshi. Although she returned to the future after gaining the senshi's help in saving Crystal Tokyo, she continued her journeys into the past to gain more training as a senshi.
Her last voyage into the times before her birth occurred during the battle against the Golden Queen Galaxia, and she hasn't had the need for such a thing since. In the years that followed, Usagi's time was spent between tutoring, so that she could gain knowledge; finishing school, so that she could gain grace and charm of a true lady; and senshi practice, so that she could gain prowess in the art of the battle.
Usagi's childhood has been, for the most part, a happy childhood, although she does not have as great a relationship with her parents as she would like. This is not necessarily unusual, given that her parents are the rulers of the known world, and must devote the majority of their time to such issues.


"Abracadabra Pon!"
+ Usagi snatches LunaP out of the air, dribbles her on the ground, and then tosses her up above her head. There is a hiss of escaping air and a poof as there is a small explosion of some kind and a cloud forms, surrounding LunaP. The girl dictates exact instructions to LunaP, and then the cat-head-orb either falls back down into Usagi's awaiting hand as the object Usagi has summoned or, in the case of being used to disguise Usagi, returns to her former position beside the girl, who is now changed.
+ Usagi uses this attack as Usagi or as NeoSailormoon--having a particular form isn't necessary, she just has to have LunaP handy. (And LunaP is ALWAYS handy.) She can turn her mechanical companion into nearly anything she can think of, and when she is finished and wishes for LunaP to return to her original state, she merely throws the item back up into the air. This is an exceedingly useful attack; it has never let Usagi down. She especially enjoys using LunaP for disguise purposes--it's always fun to pretend to be someone else.
+ This attack really doesn't have a specific power level--it isn't offensive or defensive in and of itself.

"Pink Heart Flash!"
+ NeoSailormoon holds the Crescent Heart Wand above her head and calls out the attack, then gracefully swings her arm around and points her weapon at her opponent. She flicks her wrist, and the crystal within her wand lights up and unleashes a brilliant burst of light in the shape of a pink heart.
+ With this attack, NeoSailormoon can hope to stun her enemy for a moment with a flash of blinding light. It can be compared to staring at the flash on a camera when it goes off.
+ This attack is very simple, and rather weak. It is only useful for very temporary situations, and it isn't uncommon for the attack to have no effect whatsoever.

"Moon Mirage Illumination!"
+ NeoSailormoon glares at her opponent and extends her arm to the side, flicking her wrist so that the Crescent Heart Wand is perpendicular to her body. She begins to spin, and raises the arm holding the Crescent Heart Wand above her head as the crystal heart begins to flicker with energy. She suddenly stops, facing her opponent, and then whips her wand down in front of them. The crystalline heart flickers three times, and then explodes with a brilliant stream of heart-shapes and moon-shapes that fly towards her opponent and envelope them before detonating glitteringly.
+ This attack weakens the enemy--it is a mild version of the typical moon-senshi's "finishing attack". It doesn't have any specific physical or other effects; it is really rather general. The only real strong point this attack has is the fact that time seems to stall while the attack is being performed, and enemies have no time or way to escape once the attack is emitted from her wand. (They can still, of course, try to attack her while she is powering up.)
+ This is NeoSailormoon's strongest attack, one that would usually be used as a finishing attack if it was only stronger. Even NeoSailormoon's most powerful attack isn't powerful; if it were rated, the attack would only be about a two on a scale of one-through-five.

Guardian: Although Diana is officially Usagi's guardian cat, she is the current Guardian of the Gates of Time, and is replaced by Usagi's side with her childhood best friend, LunaP. LunaP, a floating, basketball-sized purple orb that resembles Luna's face with protruding cat ears and an antenna, follows Usagi around everywhere, bobbing happily beside her. LunaP is extensively useful to Usagi, perhaps moreso than a traditional guardian, because she has the unique ability to conform to Usagi's every whim. She also serves as a communicator, telephone, holographic projector, recorder, and has a feature that allows Usagi to use in her a manner as the Luna Pen--for disguise. Usagi is never seen without LunaP trailing beside her; the sphere even follows her into battle!

Random Notes: NeoSailormoon is not a very strong senshi--she is still the weakest when it comes to power. Also, it should be noted that while Usagi sees her mother as greatly changed, this is not necessarily so. NeoQueen Selenity is only doing what she believes is best.

Picture URL: http://home.sailormoon.com/neosailormoonlunap/neomoondoodle.gif (It's really bad. I have a bunch of drawings, but my scanner refuses to scan, so I doodled this up on the computer.)

Writing Sample: Usagi’s eyes widened and she could actually feel herself growing paler. The only way to save everyone from destruction…was to rip their destinies, their fates, from within their eyes? To create a world of mindless, soul-less corpses? Her vision swam and she felt dizzy and sick to her stomach. Her hands flew to her mouth and she pressed them over it, holding back her lunch and a scream, both of which she could feel rising in her throat.
*In order to protect…we have to destroy.*
It made her head hurt and it made her heart hurt. What were they saying? What had happened to the way they all used to be? What had happened to her mother?
Usagi remembered the foes they had fought before. Usagi remembered the pure heart crystals. Back then, her mother had been willing to die as long as it would keep everyone else alive and well. Usagi remembered countless battles that her mother had braved alone, unwilling to let anyone else shoulder the burden of the danger that threatened to destroy all. And now she stood calmly and issued proclamations that allowed thousands—millions—of innocents to have their very essence stolen in the vague hopes of calling forth some great power of which they had no information. What had happened?
“Oh my god,” she whispered, holding her head in her hands and trying to make her vision come into focus, “I feel like I’m having a horrible nightmare, but this is the most real nightmare I’ve ever had.”
She could feel the others watching her, and immediately shut her mouth and wiped all expression from her face. They wouldn’t understand, and it didn’t matter. She was just being a fool. She had to do what they asked; there wasn’t any other option.
It didn’t matter what is wrong and what is right. At least not to them. At least not anymore.
*I can’t believe it. Even so, I can’t believe this is right. I can’t believe this is the way things should be. What is happening?*
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