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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorSaturn - Charlotte

Name: Charlotte
Where are you From: Canada
Age: 15
Email: grace_undefined@yahoo.com
Instant Messager: /
RPG Experience: Asylum, various other SM rpg’s and a whol e ton of non related SM rps.
Sailor moon Knowledge: I’ve read more of the manga, haven’t seen as much of the show, saw a couple of the movies, and have studied it madly!
Web page: /
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: You e-mailed it to me, sillies!
What interested you, why do you want to play?: Sounds like a really awesome plot. I really enjoy writing, and I know you guys will be able to direct the whole thing well, so we’ll have a nice, polished story in the end.

Character You're applying for: Hotaru Tomoe
Senshi name: SuperSailorSaturn
Civilian name: Hotaru Tomoe
Age: It’s been a thousand years, so Saturn is no longer that little girl of long ago. She has aged, but looks between sixteen and seventeen. Her figure never really matured, because her dark strength eats up her body, and she never put on any fat, let alone curves. Her pointed face lends itself to childishness, but she has an elegant appearance that makes her seem wise and at the same time ageless, but only manifests itself when she is Saturn.
Hometown/Home Planet: Saturn
Birthday: January 6
Sign: Capricorn
Eyes: Deep Purple
Hair: Short and black
Height: Tall. : )
Personality: Hotaru has a dark, stormy personality. Outwardly she is silent, melancholy, and ambiguous. She is naturally contemplative, and a little brooding at times. Hotaru doesn’t make friends easily, in part because she is shy, but more out of the fact that she has a deep, reflective personality, and to reach her, you must delve below the surface.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Hotaru has inky, violet eyes, often described as unfathomable by those who get close enough to her to study them. They are mirrors of melancholy, and hardly ever shimmer with inner happiness.
Hair: Hotaru has silky, ebony hair, even in length and cropped short and barely skimming her shoulders. She has a fall of bangs that brush nearly to her eyes, behind which her inquisitive eyes peer out.
General appearance: Hotaru has a lithe, willowy figure with a delicate, sharp boned face. She is all angles, with a little pointed chin and bony hips. Her dark hair hangs straight around her face, framing her large, dark eyes. They are always intense, either with sadness or inquiry. She is of pallid complexion, with long legs and skinny arms radiantly white, offset by the dark, sombre clothing she often wears.
Fuku Description: Saturn wears a tight, form fitting white body suit which flares out at her hips into a deep, pleated violet skirts that sweeps to the tops of her thighs. A crimson red bow is clasped at her chest with a silver starburst. A crimson bow also is fashioned at the back of her skirt, with crimson ribbons that trail to backs of her knees. She wears knee high, lace up, heeled violet boots, and her arms are concealed to the elbows beneath white gloves that fold at the elbows in violet fabric.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Inability: She has an inability to connect loosely with others, and because of her frailty that has followed her all through her long life, she is limited physically. Her small body can only channel so much of her deep strength at once, and after an attack she is usually left extremely exhausted.
Future dream: Hotaru’s future dream is to see a future when she will reach an age when she will be wise enough to rule Saturn as Queen, without h aving to break her vow of silence.
Goals/pourpose: Her goal is to protect the universe however she can, but not out of selflessness, but to carve out a bright future for her beloved Usagi and the future generations of her friends. She also wants to learn how to use her strength in what ways she can for healing, instead of constant destruction that is inerrant to her nature.
Friends: Usagi is her true, beloved friend eternally. Pluto, too, and Uranus and Neptune as she grew up, but mostly she regards them as maternal figures in her life. She also has a relationship that is deeper than friendship with all the senshi, after all the hardships they have shared.
Foes: Her enemies are Usagi’s enemies. Hotaru is not the type to go creating enemies, or friends for that matter, so acts passively towards most people unless they immediately threaten her friends.
Inner personality: Hotaru is deep and dark, but harbours secret passions for peace and love, and doesn’t delight in killing, or act aggressively out of a need of vengeance, or any type of emotion. She moves through life stoically and dutifully, watching and lingering, but hungering for acceptance. Mostly she is unstable and insecure.

Element: Death/darkness
Talismen/weapon: The Silence Glaive
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Super Crystal Power Make-Up! (uses her glaive to transform instead of a wand or pen, like the other senshi)
Strength: Her strength is her enduring will to fight, her loyalty, and her passion for her friends.
Weakness: Physically she is weak, but also the constant weight of carrying around the ability to destroy the world and the fact that her strength comes from destruction is emotionally grating, and make s her unstable.
History: Hotaru has had a tumultuous history. Living a secluded, solitary existence, her only real companion was her father until she met Usagi. Her mother died when she was young, so she had no maternal figure in her life. She was summoned when the Outers united their talismans, and with their mission to destroy her, she was often put in dangerous, frightening, and awkward situations. When her father’s lab assistance seduced him to participate in evil actions, the consequences were devastating. Hotaru was transformed into Mistress Nine, an evil being who controlle d and stifled the frightened girl into nearly bringing about the final silence. When she sacrificed herself in battle with Pharaoh Nine, things became a little easier, as the outers chose to raise the baby she had been reborn onto the earth in.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one – Silence Glaive Surprise! Hotaru swings down her silence glaive, and an awesome explosion of energy is savagely released.

Attack two – Silence Wall! This is a mainly defensive attack used by Saturn when her friends are in danger. It creates a nearly unbreakable wall around her friends which acts as a buffer against enemy attacks.

Attack three – Death Reborn Revolution! This is Saturn’s most feared and deadly attack. It involves her fulfilling her duty as the messiah of silence, granting her the strength to destroy an entire planet, and everyone on it. The senshi, at all costs, try to stop her from ever having to use this attack.

Attack Four – Black Silence! Hotaru swings her glaive and brings it to rest in the earth, tilting her chin back to issue her attack as she does so. She channels power through her staff, where it can be seen gathering in an electrifying ball of energy at the tip of the blades on her staff. She tips her staff at the enemy, and the world plunges into darkness, and a high pitched wailing can be heard. Strings of energy crackle in whips of light that attack the blinded enemies.

Attack Five – Wicked Secret Revolution! This is Hotaru’s strongest attack. She tosses one hand to the air and spins on one booted foot, twirls of ribbons gathering in her hands and coiling around her slender body. A burst of light, and Hotaru stands before you, only the enemy sees the darker, true form of Saturn; a reflection of the destructive Mistress Nine. She then whispers the words of her attack, and nothing but silence rings in the enemies ears. With no noise to break the spell, they rapidly see Hotaru’s twisted past of planet breaking, stretching further back than the Silver Millennium. This can either break an enemy physically, mentally, cause them to faint, or even die if delivered with enough force and the right intent.

Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.) – Hotaru has deeply immersed herself in the study of Saturn, and the history of her planet, to fill her time. She dreams of the day when she can return as Queen, so she studies a lot of myths, astrology, legends, etc. involving the planet.

Picture url if available: (preferred)

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action.

Hotaru stood in the deepening twilight, the shadows clinging to her lithe figure. Silently she opened her umbrella, sensing the moisture on her skin before it actually began to rain. Such were the ambiguities of the inky eyed woman, but growing up among the senshi as she did, she had come less and less to think of them as deformities, and more and more of the necessary quirks that came with serving one very powerful lady.

She walked absently, the shadows gliding over her face. Her mind was on the newest snare that had come to plague the senshi; the strange prophecy that had crashed into her mind and left her senseless. A fresh horror it had proved to be, and one she intended to shield her princess from at all costs.

Lost in her thoughts as she was it was a long time before she realized another set of footsteps haunted her own. The gait was uneven, staccato, and would quickly overcome hers. Naturally inquisitive Hotaru tipped her chin over her shoulder, trying to glimpse a sight of the only other person on the lonely street.

The umbrella dropped from her listless hands as she turned and stared at the ruined human scraping behind her. It was a woman, Hotaru could tell, by the strings of bloody hair that hung to her waist. Her face had been wripped off completely, hanging in shreds of flesh and dripping blood. One eye was dangling from the eye socket; an inept attempt to dislodge the Fate’s Eye.

Hotaru felt her panic rising. She dropped into the shadows, feeling Saturn’s old power rising in her blood as she transformed.

Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy.

Hotaru views the prophecy cynically, in the way of her personality. It is a defence to protect herself from the innocent blood being spilt. She thinks it is nothing more than the horrors of the living world in which she has grown up in, and will obey and act dutifully to bring about salvation. She, too, has been sacrificed for the greater good, and will not flinch from her calling. Also, she trusts in divine things like visions and premonitions, and has no reason to fault what she has seen.
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