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REJECTED: Cosmo Tesaki - James Reynolds

Neo: First off- auto reject: They didn't read the rules, they didn't apply for a Naoko senshi, or even use a character sheet.

Q: At this moment I would like to let you know that this is how we recieved it- in one big fucking paragraph. The grammer and shit is atrocious. They have no grasp of commas. The only thing good thing I can see is it started with a capital "I".

Neo: This submission was so scattered and condensed... that we're not even going to bother going through it and picking it apart. *Snicker* Twinkle.

Neo&Q: Mary Sue.

I'm interested in Role Playing your Fate game and wished to know if I can add a character that I have used to represent me in every Sailor Moon RP I have played. The specifics have to deal with the stars and the moon. My characters backstory has been... Cosmo Tesaki, a 26 year old college student has never been an outgoing person. A shy guy has never been on a date in his life he mostly likes to sit at home and persue his dream of becoming an artist. He has dreams of a once beutiful moon kingdom and the life he once lived as the prince of the moon with his sister Usagi. When one day he hears the news that Sailor Moon and her friends have been destroyed by a new evil. This evil consumes the earth and he reaches out to the only power left... the stars. As the evil overcomes him, he gives his dying plee to the greatest star ever known to man... the Northstar. He awakes to find himself in an alternate dimension (the Sailor Moon we know) with little memory only the vision of the deaths he had witnessed that now haunt his dreams. He seeks out those who can help him prevent this evil from happening to his new home. When the evil shows itself he takes on a new identity that gave him a new life and a new hope Northstar "A guiding light for those who are lost in the darkness". He can do little himself but he can give the sailor soidiers the ability to use the power of the stars themselves. His only guide has been threw the dead voice of the person that used the power of the stars before him (Neflite) having turned himself to the good side before he di ed. The stars tell him all and give him the location of the next attacks which he always finds a way of informing the sailor senshi in his cover form of Cosmo. he has a crush on Jupiter but is always afraid to show it. He paints now only the destruction he witnessed and hopes one day to dream of the Moon Kindom once again. He has a Cat gaurdian "Twinkle" Luna's little sister (in the alternate dimension) and Twinkle has a sense of humor and likes to play practical jokes (Cosmo has no sense of humor and is always mad at her). Cosmo is sometimes clumsy but only when he is shy around girls. His weapon includes a sword made from the light of the Northstar. He has 3 attacks and 1 healing ability. So is this character ok to intregrate into this story? I have pictures of him, Twinkle, and his sword. Please let me know... thanks!

Q&Neo: Well now that we're done reading the bio out in a funny deep dramatic announcer like voice in the middle of college... *Deep voice* thanks.

*Deep voice* Twinkle.
*Says in slow deep dramatic announcer like voice* Cosmo grabbed Twinkle by the scruff of the neck then tossed her across the room while remaining completely stoic. Twinkle howerever felt a wide arrange of emotions such as gassy, constipated and slightly aroused.

It doesn't translate well into text. You have to try it for yourself to get the full effect. (We have Aaron beside us in college saying it too)

Aaron: *Deep voice* Cosmo touched Twinkie in ways not befitting a cat.
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