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ACCEPTED: SupersailorVenus - Ducky

Name: Ducky
Where are you From: West Chester, PA.
Age: 15
Email: lucky_ducky_1228@hotmail.com
Instant Messager: mcsushidle
RPG Experience: Well, it was around one year and three months ago when I joined my first RPG ever. It was a board RPG at the sailormoon-millenia site where I played the position of SailorCapricorn, Joanna Mchamon. It was a very refreshing experience for me, especially as a writer, it was fun being part of an experience where it takes more than one persons ideas to form a plot. But, I must say, it was exactly one year ago in Feburary 2002 when I really took into RPGS. My friend offered me a position for an OC over an one to one AIM RPG. I was utterly hooked, And in the time I spent there I must say I feel as though ive grown tremendously as a writer, and become more open to common controversial ideas and developed a liking to them and the opportunities they present to the imaginatioin.
Sailor moon Knowledge: First season undubbed, S, SuperS and R seasons dubbed [and Im still suffering the psychological trauma] and Ive sadly never seen the Stars season. Ive read the entire manga though ^ ^ Also the information Ive been reseraching online in my spare time [what can I say? I have no life :D]
Web page: In the making, I predict it should be ready around the same time Mamoru finds a reason for being alive other than being the boy toy of every villain presented so far.
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: A friend :3
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I loved the poetic irony of the plot. The way that the senshi have to kill the people in order to protect them, for me such things are really quite inspirational! [not the killing part...the irony part...okay...so maybe the killing part too..]

Character You're applying for: Aino Minako
Senshi name: SuperSailorVenus
Civilian name: (remember, we're going by the Japanese Anime) Aino Minako
Age:(remember, this is Crystal Tokyo) After a thousand years, Aino Minako is no longer the bouncing girl once idolized by the Queen herself. True, her beauty wasnt that of a high paid supermodel, but a impish grin and quirked eyebrow contributed to a more "homey" and sisterly beauty age had exchanged her for her Greek- Aphrodician beauty aquired in young age. It has been said that "When your young and beautiful, thats just luck. But when your beautiful when you grow older, that means you deserved it" And no moore needest be said for the Fallen Goddess
Hometown/Home Planet: Reincarnated in Tokyo, Japan. But once the ruler and guardian of earths amber star and guardian sister, Venus.
Birthday: 22nd of October
Sign: Libra
Eyes: Imperial Blue
Hair: Gold, worn down to her knees. The red ribbon which was once a trademark had been shed once long ago
Height: Id say around 5'7. No taller than Makoto, no shoter than Ami.
Personality: In her youth she was the sister figure to the soon-to-be Queen, their personalities matching in enthusiasm and childish fun. Even though deep down so much had changed, Minako fights to remain the same in her friends eyes. Not harboring the same sweet giggle most women considered to be graceful, but the hardy gaffaw that spawns from the dephts of ones gut always awaits within this woman. The ability to find fun in almost any situation has become her gift, no matter how much damage it may have caused her as of yet. Sarcastic, Witty, Fun loving and Sassy. Loud, annoying, artificial and Arrogant. Its up to the eyes of the beholder how she can be perceived.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: The blue of the calm mediterenean sea, Yet as the seas themselves they have seen unescapable storms, sunken ships and lost lives, all of which rendered them nothing but mere shadows of what they once were. The harshness of life, the shock of being pulled out of the utopian society of youth and thrown into the anarchy of adulthood have taken their toll on the once dreamy eyes.
Hair: Still the same Golden brilliance [Wether it be her powers as Venus, or L'oreal one thousand years in the future, she will no disclose], left loose to swish across her knees. As previously mentioned, the ribbon had been shed as a snake shed its skin. It was something of the old, of the past, and of youth.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Getting people to laugh..or atleast crack a smile
Inability: Being Serious when the time calls for it, immaturity
Future dream: to find a hot younger man, preferably a underware model with a nice tucus.
Goals/pourpose: To live out her fate as a soldier, to protect Queen Selenity as was meant to be.
Friends: The Royal Family, the Inner Senshi, Artemis.
Foes: Her ex husband which keeps trying to win her back. Usually comical, but you never know when things may go astray.
Inner personality: Deep down, shes pissed off as hell. Shes not allowed to love because her fate is to fight and nothing else, and she never got a choice. She never asked for this, yet she still has to pay the price. To never know true love. Shes lonely, and craves for that which she cant ever have. Dont get me wrong, she loves her friends, but theres always that something missing. And deep down, no matter how hard she tries to ignore it, she kind of blames Serenity. Since her fate was to protect her and nothing else, if it were not for her, shed be able to have a normal life.
Element: Love
Talismen/weapon: Venus Love-Me Chain
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Venus Crystal power, Make Up!
Strength: If the enemy is of weak mind, then she holds the power to toy with its emotions and feelings as a cat would a small mouse.
Weakness: The attacks she use can be too advance for her to handle, and end up usually backfiring on her.
"I'll tell your final love fortune," he says. "Your love will be hopeless for all eternity." She stares at him, eyes wide. "What's wrong?" he says. "You should look happier. Now you can go on living, without having to torment yourself over the ultimate choice, your love or your duty. Your fate is to continue fighting."
-Codename Sailor V. Volume 4.
One may say Minako is truly cursed. Those whom she loves, she will surely loose. Ace, Alan..the roots of this curse are unknown, Poetic irony one may say; The infamous Goddess of Love, yet she is destined to never love.
She was once married..she didnt love him. She never could, but it was her only attempt at happyness. It was then that she changed..For after one year with him, she became pregnant. It was a hot julys summer night when a fog as thick as foretress walls clung heavily to the air, The type so harsh it could render Houdini himself claustrophobic. At the early pre dawn hours, tearing pain ripped through her body, instantly waking her from the safe protection of her dreams. With only the dim blue light of the guardian moon She scrambled out of bed in hopes of reaching the phone downstairs. Her husband was away on buisness, and there was no one around. With the pain worsening and her senses telling her of what shortly awaited her, She screamed for help, her voice laced with pain. But no one came. She gripped at the wall as her sight was lost to dizzyness. She faught, she faught so fercely to keep her contioussness. Even if she were to die, let her atleast call for help, for her baby. But it was too late. Her grip on the wall was lost and she fell into dark uncontiousness, and tumbling down the maple stairs. When her husband arrived, he found her. The sweet honey of her skin tainted by the rust of drying blood, the midnight star white of her camisole stained and clinging heavily to her body under the metalic substances weight. She had survived, But it was a bitter victory. She had lost the baby. Her husband shortly after began having numerous affairs, even going as far as having children with his mistresses. Predictably, like a sandcastle built too close to the lapping waves, What little there was of love within them quickly melted and was soon reduced to nothing. So they got divorced, Each going their different paths. Minako gave up completely, she returned to the only thing she had left in the world. Her duty. Her fate. The ironic thing was that she would now protect, and fight for the same cause of all her suffering. She would return to the life of a sailor senshi and protect Queen selenity.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one
Venus Love me chain!
Immersed in the golden light which had become her signature trademark, Venus signals to the skies and a golden chain emerges from the glowing earth beaneath her. Wrapping itself loosly around her before being sent to its destination. Wether it be as a tool of destruction or mercy was up to the events.

Attack two
Venus Love and Beauty Shock!
With a sugar sweet wink and cocky smile, Venus blows out a kiss which forms into a golden glowing heart which she grabs and encricles around her before it flashes out against her opponent.

Attack three
Bewitching lightning Shine
With a solemn look over her shoulder, venus flips her hair over her shoulder; the golden strands glittering in golden irridescence, her eyes blazing with a stinging blue fire. Her lips purse in a shrew smile before she spins around once, the 'camera' zooming to a close up of her face as she shouts out these words. The opponent soon finds himself/herself in an state of pure ecstasy for a few precious seconds which are left to Venus' comrades to continue the assault. This attack cannot hurt the opponent, only daze them for, five, maybe if the opponent is weak, seven seconds. But, if the opponent is of a strong mind, and cares for his/her goal and only that, then the attack will not affect them, and Venus will be left vulnurable for a couple of minutes before her energy returns to her.

Attack Four
Aphrodites Lament
The two amber gemstones on her fuku, the one in her tiara and bow, begin to pulsate. Soon, her whole fukus emiting a strange glow, she mumbles out these words and her eyes snap open, a strange mixture of anger and sadness laced within them. Her opponent would soon find themselves in a dream like world of their own, their best memmories and experiences braught to surface along with the materealization of all their goals and hopes, and for a few minutes they are truly happy. But, Soon, everything is engulfed in blood and fire, and they watch as all that has made them go on in their lives dissapear. This can lead to Confusion, diziness or Madness.
Bad effects: this attack is due to the aphrodite link, the power to give love, and to take it away. But, Venus isnt aphrodite herself, and not as strong as her, so she in a way develops a link with her opponent, and feels the damage herself as well as him. And a kind of link is made then, if he/she dies, then so does Venus. If he/she lives, then Venus will forever live with that link to them, they will take over her mind, her thoughts, eventually her emotions, and she will then begin to deteriorate into madness and a kind of obsession over them.
How the attack can be beaten: Basically, if you have an opponent which is of strong will, And not particularly loyal to anything in particular or hold no bonds to nothing, then the illusion will be hollow; and all the opponent will see are the attempts to get him to break, which would by then fail. Venus would, however, still have the link to the person. She wont feel the madening sadness she would normally, but in the aftermath he/she will still have a total hold over her thoughts and so on.
Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.)
Long ago, Minako had lost Artemis to the royal family. It was obvious he would want to go live with his new family, along with Luna and Diana. She was happy for him, but still, she couldnt help but miss what little of a family she had.
Picture url if available: (preferred)
Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your answer this question:

"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy."

Life had began to move as though in slow motion. One after another, Innocents were to be slain for something that may, or may not happen. These were the ghosts that shifted behind the blue eyes of the blonde whom slowly made her way down the empty, early morning streets of Crystal Tokyo. The moon was nowhere to be seen, Maybe it was a sign. Maybe upon sight of the blasphemies occuring on such everyday terms, the moon had become ashamed of those which dared use its name in such a manner. But it was vital, was it not?

There was no point in hiding behind the dreamy morals of a child in such times. They had to do what had to be done in order to protect the future, and themselves. Stopping nearby a short brick wall seperating the cold grey pavement of the sidewalk from the lush green shimmer of the dew covered grass, Minako settled down to give her wary legs a break before resuming her patrol around the city.

Distraught parents whom grieved over the deaths of their children for the fates eye, angry mothers, sisters, daughters, brothers, father and sons had began to form an uprising against the queen. Maybe Minako didnt like it, but she had to do what she was told. She had to get rid of those which threatened her Queen. Man, woman, and especially children. Wether she liked it or not wasnt in her position to decide.

Her head dropped back and a small smile formed across her lips as memories cascaded back to her in a ecstatic frenzy. It had been so much easier in their childhood...good was good and bad was bad..they were always the brave guardians, ready to fight for their princess and their justice. But now, for that same princess, they had become murderers. Cold blooded murderers. They did bad to achieve good...it made her think...about their enemies..maybe they had been faced with the same problems..with the same questions..that would mean that thier queen was no better than the same Metaria which had awakened her, and that they, the senshi, were no better than the minions they faught, and killed.

A rush of wind assaulted the woman from behind, gluing hair and clothes to skin. Instantly she jumped to her feet, winds of such force did not occur by themselves in cities such as this. Minako would be even ready to believe such winds didnt occur by themselves period.

SUddenly, the wind struck again, this time with much more force, and from all around her. And it was then, as if by magic, Minako was flung harshly against a nearby wall, her head bouncing painfully to the side, sending her heart to her ears as she began hearing the obnoxious pulse which kept her alive. When she had made contact with the wall, her body had twisted painfully to the side, all Minako heard was a crack, shortly followed by searing pain.

Before she slid to the ground, a blur of motion flashed in the corner of Minakos eye. A man appeared before her. Short blond hair had been cropped less than a centimeter from his scalp, framing his anorexic-looking face. Startling eyes of liquid mercury glared at her, the only visible feature in his shadow-enshrouded face.

Minako quickly jumped to her feet, clenching her fists angrily. This guy was a dead man. He just didnt know it yet. Before she took two strides, someone - rather, two someones - behind her grabbed her arms. As she struggled against the steely clutches, the two muscle heads moved forward to stand at either side. They were dressed in identical black leather outfits that stretched and strained against grossly bulging muscles. Great; tweedledee abd tweedledum. This should be fun...

"My my my, look what we have here" The gothic-bondage male version of twiggy hissed through a cocky grin. "I think your about my Kiana's age, Im sure the queen will be very happy as long as she just receives her fates eye. She wont know the difference" He raised his hand to her face, the clunky fingers of the men holding her arms digging into her flesh. she dropped her head, a smile crossing her face and a melodic laughter escaping her coral lips, sending the skeleton-man aback

"Whats so funny?" He demanded in a croak so low toads within a five block radius would be falling in love. She felt the surprise reach her captors and their grip on her loosening. clenching her fists tightly, she instantly proceeded to pull her arms out of their grasp and elbow their groins, sending them rolling to the ground, howling in pain.

Leaping up, she grabbed her henshin wand and raised it to the heavens.

"VEENUUUS" She began

Mr Eating disorder look at her through wild, wide eyes. "A SAILOR SENSHI!!!" He screamed before turning on his heels and proceeding to run away as fast as his skinny little legs would take him, leaving his 'friends' behind


The two distraught and enabled hulks of humans looked up in terror before gathering up what remained of their dignity and high tailing it out of there. A cloud of pale smoke raising from their heels. Minako simply fell back to the ground, a wide grin across her face. She couldnt help but laugh at the blokes. It was obvious there was no major threat to the queen within them, so she simply resumed her seat at the brick wall and watched as the clouds of dust slowly dissapeared into the rising sun. Oh if only all their opponents could be like this.

[Sorry for the crapiness of this ending, I wasn’t sure If I should have her go through the transformation and attack and all that juvely stuff. Anyway, I anxiously await your reply and am very interested in hearing what you think ^ ^]
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