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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorNeptune - Tenoh Haruka

Name: Tenoh Haruka. I had it legally changed. Yes I am obsessed.
Where are you from: England. Chicago. Now in San Diego as per the Navy.
Age: Nineteen.
Email: Tenohsama@aol.com. Nepuchunsama@yahoo.com. Nepchun@aol.com.
Instant Messenger: ( AIM ) Tenohsama. Nepchun.
RPG Experience: On AOL, I have been playing since 1998. Before that, I did play with friends in more condensed groups since I was about eleven. Mainly Sailormoon, Utena, and Harry Potter for both.
Sailor moon Knowledge: I've been very into Sailor moon since 1995, having first gotten into the horrid DiC version. As soon as I'd found out about the Japanese version ( 1997-ish ) I jumped at the chance to get VHS of the S, SuperS, and Stars series. I've been highly obsessed since, thus I like to think I am a sort of Sailormoon nerd/guru, as I'm sure you can tell.
Web page: http://touch-me-gently.net/enter.html. Under major construction, as it's in its infancy stage.
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: Livejournal RPG ads, and from friends' journals.
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I've always been a huge fan of in-depth, strict RPGs as they tend to get the job done so much better than other RPGs. Riff-raff is blocked from the picture by the guidelines, and more chance for legitimate, mature play is presented to those of us who crave it.
How strong is your st omach? Where are your personal borders on your intake of sex and violence? Well. My career goal is to become a forensic pathologist, and I've autopsied several dead bodies in the past to get my career going. Nothing really fazes or depresses me any more. As a matter of fact, I've become quite sadistic and morbid over the years in most aspects of my life.

Character you're applying for: Kaioh Michiru.
Senshi name: Supersailorneptune.
Civilian name: (remember, we're going by the Japanese Anime): Kaioh Michiru.
Age (remember, this is Crystal Tokyo): I'd have to go with your Haruka's estimate; roughly 1017-ish, as she was 17 toward the end of Stars.
Hometown/Home Planet: Crystal Tokyo-turned Tokyo, Japan/Neptune.
Birthday: 06 March, 1978.
Sign: Pisces.
Eyes: Blue, sometimes described as marine or deep.
Hair: Wavy teal/turquoise.
Height: 5'4"
Personality: As Michiru, she was always the quiet, refined, proper lady. Her aesthetic talents were abundant, and it seemed as though she was so talented that she didn't know what to do with it ( care of Tsukino Usagi ). Back then, she was often torn between her need to fulfill the mission to stop the Silence, and preventing the required sacrifices in order to bring about the Messiah from the three Tali smans, one of which ironically proved to be her own. As Sailorneptune, she was cold and swift in her manners. She dealt with matters at hand without a trace of remorse, but beyond the sidelines, where only Sailoruranus and Haruka could see, she was at times hesitant to continue with the heartbreaking deed set before them. As the months went by she became even more confident and willing to do whatever was necessary for whatever mission was held before her.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Almost a colder, icier blue than in her civilian form, thanks to her need to become colder herself while battling.
Hair: Very much like the sea, and almost deeper in its shades of blue/green, more powerful in those colours, even.
General appearance: Her odd, sea-inspired hair colouring is what first would catch a person's eye, and next would be the delicate figure shown off well by the various elegant clothing she chooses to wear. There is no lack of white in her closet, and dresses are what frame her best. She is rather well endowed in the area of feminine assets, complete with curves and long, slim legs. Because of her passion for water, she swims on a daily basis, which lends to her toned legs, thighs, and arms. Over all, she is petite and slim, with muscles slightly hidden under her soft, tenderly treated and cleansed skin. There is almost always a loving smile upon her f ace, and for lack of that, one of vague amusement or even competitive gleam.
Fuku Description: The bodysuit, which would tend to mimic a conservative one-piece swimming suit, is set in white, split slightly into two still-connected pieces just below the breasts. There are two pieces of white tubing near the shoulders with a transparent piece attached to that tubing at each arm. A traditional sailor's collar sprouts from the rather generous bustline, coloured deep green with a white strip outlining the very outside of the collar. At the center of the bustline rests a deep green heart-shaped broach, and from it emerges a navy blue blow, another navy blue bow sprouting from the small of her back with thin, flaring, navy blue ribbons leading from it and down to the knees. The rather short, just above mid-thigh skirt flares from her waist and forms into a v-shape at the centre of the bodysuit, where a white tubing separates the suit from the skirt. The skirt's colouring is a dark shade of green, the same as the collar and broach. Her gloves reach mid-forearm, ending in three pieces of deep green tubing. She wears a deep green choker with a golden star at its centre, and a golden tiara upon her forehead which goes down in a v-shape, a deep green gem at its centre. Her shoes are ballet-like in appearance with a strap encircling her ankles.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Playing the violin expertly, painting, swimming, nurturing and being maternal.
Inability: Having to deal with sacrifice or separation of she and those she cares for.
Future dream: To have peace once more so that she and the others can continue to enjoy as normal a life as possible.
Goals/porpose: To always remain loyal to the Queen and her court, and to do whatever necessary to keep that loyalty eternal. Also to keep those she cares about and loves so deeply out of harm as often as she possibly can.
Friends: All Senshi and inwardly, the Royal Family.
Foes: Anyone threatening Crystal Tokyo and its inhabitants. Anyone who may happen to mess with her family.
Inner personality: While she continues to wear a mask of strength and maturity, she also worries about the future of Crystal Tokyo. Sh e is most unsure of the possibility to have any semblance of a normal life back, and she worries even more that she will not be forever reunited with Haruka on a daily basis, as it is quite difficult already having to do so because of their often individual locations and responsibilities.

Element: Sea.
Talisman/weapon: Deep Aqua Mirror.
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Henshin pen. Neptune Crystal Power, Make-Up!
Strength: The ability to see past most lies, agility, speed enough to keep with Uranus, attack strategies.
Weakness: Absolute emotional detachment, making straightforward statements/actions.
History: Although her past is rather shaded, she made a life for herself through her artistic and musical talents, which were enough to allow her to live away from any possible family. She had matured at a young age, which allowed for her to live alone and to act wisely in the situations set before her. After she'd chosen to become a Senshi, she'd faced many such situations and made through with the help of her partner, Sailoruranus. She'd even raised infant Hotaru with the other Outers as a mother figure until Galaxia came. After that ordeal she'd once again become a guardian in a supposed world of peace.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one
Deep Submerge. Ribbons and waves of water stretch out behind and beside her to form a large, aqueous blue ball in her hands, which is then repelled toward the enemy. It continues to slightly grow until making contact with its target.

Attack two
Submarine Reflection. With Deep Aqua Mirror in hand, she spins and holds it close, then turns it out toward the enemy. A beam of whitish light shoots out which points out an enemy's weakness and shines it bright.

Attack three
Neptune's Depths. As during her henshin, she is completely engulfed in water for an instant. In her left hand is her Deep Aqua Mirror, and while smiling into it, her other open hand, palm down, runs swiftly across the reflection to reveal the shimmering planet Neptune in the Mirror's depths. This is aimed at the enemy and acts much as Deep Submerge does, albeit the entire wave, which had previously engulfed her, also travels with the planet toward the enemy. She yells the attack right as her hand passes over the Mirror.

Attack four
Cosmetic Wave. A flip of her hair and a smile produce small shimmers of light to form at the corners of her eyes, outlining her eyeshadow, then the light traces over her lipgloss. It shoots off to her right with her arms almost presenting the growing light which semi-rapidly transforms into multiple ribbons that flare out when her hands grab at them and toss them at the enemy. The ribbons form into thin waves which wrap the enemy up while also submerging them in salty water. The attack is yelled right as the ribbons are tossed at the enemy. The outcome leaves her a bit weak in the knees, but she hides it.

Attack five
Sea God's Summon. The Deep Aqua Mirror is held high above her head, her eyes closed, legs crossed primly with waves crashing on both sides of her figure. A brilliant light shines from the surface of the mirror and the large upper body of a man emerges with trident in hand; the watery form of Poseidon reaches out for the enemy with one hand, and once he's got said enemy in his grasp, embeds his shimmery trident in the enemy's chest, either causing violent spasms or a cold, numbed state to pass through the enemy. With weaker enemies, the trident should destroy them entirely. Use of this attack causes Neptune to pass out from the amount of energy required. Similar concept as SailorChibimoon's Twinkle Yell.

Attack six
Aqueous Trilogy. This attack is formed while she is running, either after the enemy, or toward the enemy. Her right hand shoots up and to her right, which is then grabbed by ribbons of water, lifting her upon a watery horse. ( Horses and dolphins being sacred to Poseidon as per Greek mythology. ) Her legs are to the side, as they are when riding on a motorcycle, and she holds onto the horse's mane as it encircles the enemy. A large tide rushes in and brings with it a silvery dolphin that jumps up and leads her to hold its dorsal fin as it makes more rounds to encircle the enemy. ( The rounds serve to disorient the foe, as with the horse's initial circles. ) As a finale, a mainly coral coloured mermaid takes hold of her outstretched left hand. They share a smile before all three liquid apparitions, along with Neptune, make a dive for the enemy. If it goes through, the enemy should either disintegrate or weaken considerab ly, and she is severely injured because of the impact, left soaked and battered.

Picture url if available: (preferred) http://touch-me-gently.net/images/anime/bssm/michiru/playviolin.jpg

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your answer this question:
"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy."

As a guardian of the new Tokyo, Crystal Tokyo and her NeoQueen and Princess, of course she didn't like the whole thing. Like when the Silence was imminent, she'd still chosen to take the path of a Senshi in order to protect and serve Her Royal Highness, but she did not like the idea of taking the lives of those in possession of anything vital ( i.e. pure hearts/star seeds/Fate's Eye ) that was needed for world salvation. All these thoughts were constantly running through her head as she took a leisurely swim in the olympic-sized pool at the Palace's exclusive facilities.

She hadn't slept properly in months, but that didn't matter now. The worst was about to come, and here she was worrying about lost sleep! Instead, she shifted her thoughts to the look upon her Queen's face when Pluto had been first to inform her of the Prophecy. As though afraid of being heard, she whispered, ``I can't help but wonder if this is the beginning to a dreadful end...`` It was another, terribly darker version of the previous Silence, and no matter how hard she swam, or how vigorously she ran her bow across the delicate violin's strings, her mind could not leave the darkness at hand.

She had then taken to wondering how her beloved Uranus was taking all of this. It had been too long since last they saw one another, and even though this new mission would reunite them, it would not be under the most desirable of events. Her head lowered a bit as a smile graced her face. ``How ironic.`` Her voice echoed eerily. They had to concentrate fully on the task at hand, but for some reason, right now she just wanted to submerge herself in this calming water for all of eternity.

The timer went off in the large room, which indicated that she should get back to her tasks. Tragically, her favourite past-time had done nothing to calm her thoughts nor did it relax her now stiffer muscles. For the first time in her life, she was genuinely worried for their futures.
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