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ACCEPTED: NeoKingEndymion - Tasia


Name: Tasia Chiba

Where are you From: Ancient Earth

Age: 22

Email: titillyana@hotmail.com

Instant Messenger: TasiaChiba

RPG Experience: Here and there, a few boards, a few play by emails.

Sailor moon Knowledge: All American releases, some subs, and have read the rest in manga form.

Web page: http://cloverpetals.com/

How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: From the Q and Neo.

What interested you, why do you want to play?: For one, I enjoy playing text RPG’s. However, after this new RPG was brought to my attention, I did look over the site and found the plot to be one of interest.



Character you're applying for: NeoKingEndymion/Chiba Mamoru

Senshi name: NeoKingEndymion

Civilian name: Chiba Mamoru

Age: 1020ish

Hometown/Home Planet: Tokyo/Earth

Birthday: August 3rd

Sign: Leo

Eyes: Dark black

Hair: Dark black

Height: 6’2"

Personality: Subdued, but with a gentle attitude. He carries himself as one befitting royal rule and leadership.


Eyes: Dark black

Hair: Short, dark black hair, well kept.

General appearance: He has pitch black, slightly wavy hair cut short. He has dark, black eyes that can command or console. He is very tall and strong, yet lithe. He generally wears white to light-blue suits, matching boots, waistcoat, and an ankle-length white cape. The cape is fastened by two chain clasps. He also wears white gloves, a white mask, and a white bow tie with a dark-blue collar.



(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)

Talents: Psychometry and consolation.

Inability: To follow the path he feels, inwardly, he should be following….

Future dream: Safety of his home and loved ones.

Goals/purpose: Simply, to protect. Yet, the new commandment to retrieve the Fate Eyes from innocents and more so from infants, has completely disillusioned him over his own destiny.

Friends: The Sailor Senshi, his wife and daughter, and his guardian/priest Helios.

Foes: The Pretentious and any and all who threaten the safety and wellbeing of his loved ones.

Inner personality: Protective and essentially kind, Endymion faces forsaking his own inner peace of mind by upholding the new commandment to seize the Fate Eyes from infants. Although he realizes the necessity to do so for the greater good of the whole, he cannot help but feel himself falling further from his own destiny. The result is a hardening of his own heart, a displacement of his own true personality: one of kindness and concern, gentleness and love. Now he finds himself cold to those around him, disgusted by their new destinies and wishing for a way to turn back the clock, to make things right again, and to regain some part of his lost soul.



Element: Earth (?)

Talismen/weapon: Golden Crystal, a round, golden crystal similar to Queen Serenity’s guinzushou (Silver Imperium Crystal). He also wields a long staff. The lower end of his staff ends in a sharp point while the upper end bears a skull’s head.

Strength: His strength lies mainly in his ability to love and protect. He gives mass strength to the one he loves through support. However, much of his own, personal strength lies dormant from ill use.

Weakness: Endymion needs be his own person and rely not just on Serenity’s power and leadership and his responsibility to assist, protect, and give her aid, but on his own powerful inner strength.

History: Endymion is, essentially, the senshi of Earth. He is Queen Serenity’s husband and father to the current NeoSailorMoon. He is NeoKingEndymion, lord of Earth and second in command, in this matriarchal court, over this solar system. As Earth is his planet, he holds an affinity with the planet, to the extent of feeling its pain. In the heart of the planet he retains a priest, Helios, who watches over the dreams of all those on Earth. In the past he was known as TuxedoKamen, a form he took to find his princess and with which he fought alongside the Sailor Senshi. In this time, however, as NeoKingEndymion he needs not take on the form of TuxedoKamen any longer, as his current form far surpasses his former in superiority.


Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six. And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

Attack one:
Vine Whip:

Endymion can call forth a thorny, blackish-brown whip, strong as titanium. The whip can lengthen at will and with a flick of his wrist, he can throw piercing thorns at his enemy.

Attack two:

Rose Storm:

Blood red rose petals multiply in the air surrounding Endymion as well as an increase in electrical pressure. He can then utilize the petals to strike from any direction at will, also making them razor sharp.

Attack three (not really an attack):

Healing Aura:

Not all of Endymion’s abilities reside in attacks. Being responsible over the earth, a motherly planet, Endymion is psychometric as well as having the ability to heal. When attempting to heal, Endymion concentrates warm, white energy while centering himself. The energy flows down the arm he uses to touch the wounded, flowing over the individual and healing from the inside out.

Extra details: Aside from being psychometric and being the Guardian of Earth, he also retains a priest named Helios who resides in Elysium, the dream realm.

Picture url if available: (Picture Pending)


Writing sample:


Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action.

Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy.

A tall, dark-haired main walked purposefully through the palace. The heels of his white shoes clicked sharply against the white marble floors of the palace halls. The ends of a long, white cape swished across the marble. He made a sharp turn around a corner, continuing on a few feet more before violently thrusting open a tall set of wooden double doors inlaid with bright brass and carved in an ancient motif. The doors clanged loudly against the far walls on either side as Endymion continued on through them and to the outside. His face remained dark, overshadowed by anger and pain.

Grief clutched at his chest as he strode onward; down a set of stairs and into a thick rose garden. Vines towered over his head in arcs while bushes lined the path in a mass of colorful walls. He moved down the path, turning, pushing himself faster with perspiration running down his lean face, matting his black hair, and dampening his white suit. Finally, with quickening strides, he stepped upward onto a large dais and came to a fast, full stop before a waist high balustrade.

The balustrade checked Endymion, awakening as a wind swept up the cliff and blew gently through his hair, easing the strain slightly in his face and drying the hot sweat from his coated body. He breathed deeply, hearing the wind whisper to him in its own way. A rose vine near his hand swayed gently with the caressing wind. A single red rose bloom caught his eye, and he savagely tore it from the vine. Within his fingers he watched as slowly a bright red bloomed against his fingers and spread through the white of his glove. And in the pain of his own hell, Endymion could not feel the pain of the thorn that had torn his finger, only the thorn that had torn his heart.

"We were not MEANT for this!" he yelled into the wind. "I cannot believe that this is real…" The wind grew stronger, as though reflecting the turmoil inside of him. "That we have come this far only to fall before a greater evil!" He crushed the rose bloom within his fist, feeling not the pain or realizing the action. "This cannot BE!" he growled into the howling wind. The wind tore the cry from his mouth as he’d torn the hope from his breast. It carried it away leaving only a single man standing at the edge of his world holding a dying rose in a bleeding hand. But before it died away to leave him to his own misery, it paid him one more visit. To dry the single hot tear that had run down his cheek before it ever met his mouth.
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