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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorMars - Allison Lins


Name: Allison Lins

Where are you From: New Jersey

Age: 21

Email: linsa@centenarycollege.edu

Instant Message: OBMcKenzie

RPG Experience:

Co-created three games: Two PBeM, One Message board based game. The
PBeM lasted two years, and the Message board lasted Six months and
then was turned over to another player

Played in 4 games: Otherworlds, a Message Board spin off, played for
one year; Riah, a spin off played for 2 years as several characters;
Unknown, a direct BSSM PBeM game for two months before it shut down,
played Neptune and Saturn; Millenium Illusions, a direct BSSM PBeM
game, I played for 2 years, as hotaru, mars, chibi-hotaru, Endymion,
and Helios

Sailor moon Knowledge: I used to know a lot, its escaping my mind
now. I have seen most of the seasons dubbed and subbed, mostly
subbed. I've ready up through SuperS of the manga I know kind of what
happened in Stars. I know enough about the starlight’s, but never
saw the ending....*sigh* I know what happans though.

Web page: http://members.fortunecity.com/animerei/index2.html
Long since shut down, Still there as I’ve totally forgoing the log
in and pass

How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: livejournal, somebody hit up my
anime community.

What interested you, why do you want to play? I really missed the
artistic outlet that I had and my writing has suffered a lot. I’ve
lost a lot of my interest in writing and I’m hoping to spark that
passion I once had for writing. I also really miss the interaction I
had when playing with others, and I miss playing Rei-chan and
hotaru-sama…and my fan senshi but that will come with time, plus
she was never finished

How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your
intake of sex and violence? I'm comfortable with it. If its
constantly an orgy at all times I'll seriously question the point of
the game, but I'm not afraid of sex and heavy text. Like any 21 year
old I've watched my share of porn and I've actually written some hard
core stuff, so i think I can handle it.


Character You're applying for: Hino Rei

Senshi name: Supersailormars

Civilian name: Hino Rei

Age: (oh god.. think me think!) 1016? (she was 16 are the end of the
series so.. i think i'm right lol)

Hometown/Home Planet: Tokyo, Japan, Earth (but originally Mars)

Birthday: April 17

Sign: Aries

Eyes: Purple, Dark Violet

Hair: Long black or purple (depends on wh oyou talk too)

Height: 5'5

Personality: Rei used to be a tough and warm girl, she had a hard
outer shell but a lot has changed. She's missed out on a lot of the
pangs in her heart and she's watched the world change without her.
She still loves the senshi but there’s been a growing emptiness
since the prophecy was announced. She was always really very tough,
she would do anything for Usagi and the family. She's still wishes
for a love, and a family, but not as much as before. She's terrified
of the future, and what it was going to mean for her offspring.

She's having a very difficult time accepting that the Fate's Eye's
are the only option, she feel distant to Usagi and the other inner
senshi. She's felt more and more of herself shut down to do her
princesses orders. She's grown quiet adept at her ability to shut off
her emotions, but that is taking a toll on her ability's as a temple
priestess. She's been slowly losing her ability to read the fire,
which Rei has failed to tell anyone. Her dreams have been providing
more of her premonitions then the fire, (and she has seen things that
she though she would never see again, the deaths of her friends and


(Be descriptive!)

Eyes: Violet but they burn with intensity...*i wonder why....*

Hair: Down past her knees, and the tips even reaching her ankles, jet
black in color, it actually shimmers purple in some lights. She
generally wears it down and straight, except when she is performing.
She has a million and one do's for her long hair when she's on stage,
but her fans seem to love that long hair down, especially the guys.
She keeps nice and silky so it blows in the wind.

General appearance: Her favorite outfit and most worn is the
priestess uniform, the traditional red and white robe. When she is
relaxing or going through town she will wear red high heels shoes or
boots, with tight jeans, and a red blouse that hangs off her
shoulder, she might leave her hair down or tie it back with a red
bow. For performing purposes, which she doesn’t do very often, She
wears a red miniskirt and a heavily ripped top. She is at all times
wearing her dangly red star earrings.

Fuku Description: The traditional supersenshi outfit. The snow white
body gives way at the bottom to a short deep red skirt and at the top
to clear, translucent shoulder covers and a red collar. A large
Purple bow covers the front, held in place with a deep red heart,
with wings sprouting from it. Her snowy gloves cover her arms from
her fingers to just above her elbow and are topped with red trim.
From her ears dangle delicate red stars, and around her neck is a
fiery red choker with a gold star. Her golden tiara hold a red jewel
in it that flashes flames is she gets pissed. She also wears bright
red high heeled shoes.


(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably
achieved their original goals by now.)

Talents: Song writing, singing, ability to turn off her emotions.

Inability: She has a lot of moral issues with what they are doing,
but she’s learned to disconnect herself. She will turn over her
life for her friends.

Future dream: She wants to survive the current problem, she wants to
stop the violence, she wants to eventually find love.

Goals/pourpose: Protect earth, her princess, save earth

Friends: Usagi is still her best friend and chibi-usa is like a
daughter to her. She also feels close to Hotaru but in a motherly
way, she doesn't understand the strange pull she feel towards her.
She wants to be close to the inner senshi but she understands the
outers more then ever before, she feels a very large rift between her
friends and herself. (She wants to save everyone, but she can’t
save them, she sees only death and hate amongst her friends)

Foes: She’s unsure of that anymore, she knows that anyone that
wants to hurt her is an immediate threat, but she’s unsure of who
she is helping

Inner personality: Rei has closed off this part of herself. She
desperately longs for the touch of love of a man but is terrified of
anyone getting close because of the events. She feels that she cannot
risk love now, especially now. She is disgusted by what she does, and
doesn’t understand how anyone could love her or even want to know
her once they know who she is.


Element: Fire

Talismen/weapon: I don't believe she had one, if we can make one then
a bow and arrow.

Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Long thin pink stick that
has a handle that runs from the bottom to just under these two larger
golden wings that stick out the side. There is a red orb about the
stick and above that orb there is a star with a creseant moon on top
of that. Within the orb is a wreath with a mars symbol within it. She
yells, "Mars Crystal Power, Make up!" to transform

Strength: Fire

Weakness: Water

History: She was one of the four guardians of the princess of the
moon. They were under the direct command of the Queen. Being
princesses themselves they were bestowed with the powers of their
worlds. These four; Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus were the closest
friends and guardians of Princess Selenity(Usagi). When Mettila
attacked and the moon kingdom was destroyed, Mars along with the
others were sent to earth in the future. She was discovered at a
shrine in Tokyo by Luna and sailormercury and sailormoon. Although
they fought Usagi and Rei were very close and Rei was always willing
to help her.


Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six.
And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look.
Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi!

Attack one

Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai,zen. Akuryou

-She uses her scrolls, both as warrior and as priestess, to halt
people in their tracks. Anyone with a scroll attached to themselves
will stop moving and be frozen in spot. She holds a many scrolls in
front of her face and chants the words, "Rin, pyou, tou, sha,
kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen" Her eyes fly open and she throws the
scrolls, She will then say, " Akuryou taisan!" and the
scrolls will fly to their target and stick to their faces or back.
Not very draining, especially since she does not have to be in senshi
form to use it.

Attack two

Fire Soul

- Mars will claps her hands before her face in a praying motion.
Flame will burst from her fingers and fly in a circling motion
towards her enemy. It will burn away any type of "evil"
exterior but will also knock enemy's down. It will also break away
most magical bonds or burn through things holding her fellow warriors
down. Main attack, and used most often, draining but not as much as
the flame sniper.

Attack three

Fire Soul Bird

-Performed the same way as Fire Soul but the fireball turned into a
bird that strikes at the heart. Strongest of her first three, its the
most powerful without being so draining.

Attack four

Burning Mandala

-She draws a circle in flame around her and finishes the circle by
clapping her hands together. Ancient symbols appear in the circle of
flame and the flame then circles each symbol. The circles of flame
fly past her fingers and towards her enemy. They go and circle the
enemy to trip or detain them. Its a holding tactic that is much more
powerful then Akuryou taisan.

Attack five

Flame Sniper

-She holds out her hand and the symbol of mars appears in her hand.
Flames leap from it and engulf her before forming a bow and arrow.
She takes aim and fires are her enemys. It will pierce through
"dark" enemy's and burn them from the inside out. Highly
draining she can choose to destroy the person or can use it as
another holding tool.

Attack six

Enyo's Revenge

- By far her most powerful and wide sweeping attack. She kneels down
and circle of fire burst from the ground around her. She makes a fist
and stands up raising her fist about her as she does. A wall of flame
bursts up around her, to the height of her fist. She brings her hand
down and slaps the ground, the flame moves out in a rush from around
her and travels out fifty feet in all directions. She will collapse
directly after this, her strongest attack, and she only uses it when
she's surrounded and without help.

Extra details: Just the crows, Phobos and Deimos.

Picture url if available: Anime: http://bunnymoon.galerie2.free.fr/raya/mars/attack_mars.JPG

Writing sample:

Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include
thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your
answer this question:

"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the

Rei sat in bed, her chest against her knees; her long flowing black
hair was draped on the bed around her. Her normally vibrant violet
eyes were silent and sullen; her face was white and had a distant
look. Dawn was breaking outside the window but she didn’t notice,
Phobos and Deimos flew in, ready to start their day, she again
didn’t notice.

All she did see was the images that kept replaying in her
head as she burned them deep into her memory. Images of death and
destruction, images of pain, images of a shattered Tokyo. The sun
finally lifted and hit the city and Rei’s window. She jerked her
head as the sun hit her eyes, “Damn.”

She rose from bed, and dressed in her priestess robes.
She left the cold bedroom and walked the grounds, watching as the men
that worked the temple avoided her, making sure to keep as far from
the once beautiful pop-star as they could. Rei was so busy ignoring
them that she didn’t noticed the tall blonde woman standing against
the posts leading to the fire room. When Rei did see her she stopped
and felt fear and hatred build deep within.

“Its no use being mad at me. It is not my fault.” She
spoke gently, and all the men scattered from the sight of the Queen.
Rei stood for a moment and then brushed past her dear friend and into
the fire room. She could feel the other woman follow, and stood in
front of the fire as she heard the door slide shut.

“I can’t do it.” Rei said quietly

“Its..” She began but Rei spun, her warm eyes now

“Shut up about how easy it is. These are peoples lives,
we are talking about Usagi! Their destinies! How can you justify take

“Because we must” she replied calmly after a

“Because we must?! There has to be another way, you
just aren’t thinking hard enough! You were supposed to be so smart;
you are our Queen, our princess! How can you ask them to give up the
lives of their children?” Rei screamed the fire behind her leapt
higher as its priestess screamed. She was so angry, not really at
Usagi; more at what little could be done about the situation. Usagi
listened and watched her friend vent out her fear and frustration.

“Rei-chan…” Usagi spoke quietly. Rei stopped and
dropped her head, masking her face behind her hair, “I gave you
time, more time then anyone else to work through it. To find a
balance with our mission and I have no more time to give.”

Rei nodded and lifted her face, “There has to be
another way,” she whispered

“If there is I can’t see it. That’s why I need you
to come back, they need you.” Usagi turned and walked away from Rei
and slid open the door, “I know that you are disappointed in me,
that its impossible of me to ask them to give this up. But we can’t
second guess ourselves now, We are losing time.”

“Usagi…” Rei said, feeling torn between her
princess and her human emotions.

“Please Rei-chan, fight for me again. Fight for me.”
And she disappeared into the sun. Rei stood, she felt the rage build
up inside her. She screamed at the top of her lungs and fell to the
floor. It was then, Rei will late muse, that Rei turned off her

*sorry no fighting here, I really didn’t know how to describe the
enemy’s. You can always ask me to write up another one if you want
a fight. And I used Usagi, I’m sorry but its what Rei told me to
write. I hope that you like her as I’ve done her, she felt so much
darker with the story, as if she couldn’t see the end and its
terrifying her. She will have days where she isn’t so depressed,
promise, just not many*
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