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PENDING SupersailorMercury - Alice

Name: Alice
Where are you From: Suburbia Maryland. Land of doctors and lawyers and school kids who pretend to be ghetto. (Don't ask me how or why. I'd like to know why they do myself.)
Age: 17
Email: webmistress@revolutionary-girl.net alisuchan@msn.com
Instant Messager: AIM - Eien No Ophelia MSN - alisuchan@msn.com
RPG Experience: I've been playing tabletop D&D on and off for four years, which is around the time I've been doing online RPGs as well. I've been playing pretty steadily since then, mostly Harry Potter and original concept games. I've been in a few BSSM games, but they were pretty low quality ("I shoot u! U die!" Well. Maybe not quite -that- bad.)
Sailor moon Knowledge: Introduced to Sailor Moon on American TV when I was a tiny little kid, and I've been pretty obsessed for the last five or six years. I prefer the manga version and own all eighteen tankubon. I've seen all of S and SuperS and am working my way through the first two seasons in Japanese (the box set. Oy.) I haven't seen any Stars, but I'm gonna get my hands on any American release that ever comes out. I'd like to think I'm pretty knowledgable, but you can always learn more, right?
Web page: http://www.revolutionary-girl.net
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: Ad on LJ rpg_ads
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I like the story idea, and the fact that it's more tightly controlled plot (I'm a controlled plot fan, I guess! Hm.) I like the dark aspect of the story quite a bit as well.
How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your intake of sex and violence? Well, I -love- the movie Kill Bill. Does that help? Gore doesn't bother me at all. Neither does sex, straight-gay-lesbian-whatever (um. lolicon is a bit of a squick though. x_X.)

Character You're applying for: Mercury / Ami

Senshi name: SuperSailorMercury

Civilian name: Mizuno Ami

Age:(remember, this is Crystal Tokyo) 1016

Hometown/Home Planet: Born in Tokyo, Now residing in Crystal Tokyo. In her previous life, Princess and Guardian of the planet Mercury, Mariner Castle.

Birthday: September 10

Sign: Virgo (the Virgin. Practical, cautious, reliable, idealistic.)

Eyes: Blue. Ami has sea-eyes. Some days, her eyes are a bright, sparkling blue, but at other times, muted greyish blue, like the ocean on a cloudy day, and many shades in between. It depends on the weather, or her mood. They usually are around a medium-dark blue, a few shades lighter than her hair.

Hair: Ami's hair is also blue, but it's color doesn't change. It's navy blue with a tiny bit of a green-gray tinge, highlights in light blue. Ami keeps her hair short, in a very mature-looking cut that she's always liked. She has bangs, which she has cut on a regular basis to avoid them hanging in her eyes (she won't, she says, look like a sheep dog. It's sloppy.) Her hair is naturally curly, and wisps of it are always sticking out.

Height: 5'2".

Personality: Ami is the so called "brains of the operation", being not only very highly educated, but practical as well. She loves reading and learning, and is especially fascinated with science and history. Also very emotionally stable and caring, she tries to be there for her friends. She's always ready to lend an ear, and offer her advice. (Although her advice is usually the "right" thing to do, it's also usually the boring and safe thing to do.) She's a bit cautious, and sometimes shy around the normal citizens. She is very good at making friends, and is quite polite. She does tend to always try and help others, even at her own risk.

(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: As SuperSailorMercury, her eyes are always the same color; blue a bit lighter than her hair, the color of the ocean in the winter.

Hair: Her hair doesn't change it's appearance from civilian to senshi form; it's still dark blue, a bit shaggy and tousled with curls coming up from the sides, and quite cute.

General appearance: When she's not in her Senshi form, Ami usually wears suits, or slightly casual work-type clothing, quite frequently under a white lab coat. She doesn't go in for gaudy clothing, but likes to look well put together. She won't wear much flash jewelry, or very high shoes. When she's not transformed, she needs reading glasses, but as SuperSailorMercury her vision is fine. Her glasses are silver framed, thin and rectangular. She likes swimming, and so has a closet full of swimsuits, but that's a secret that she's a bit embarassed of.

Fuku Description: Her body suit is white, with a medium-blue pleated skirt and sailor collar. The collar has a single light blue stripe. At the front of her sailor collar is a bow of the same ice-blue color, with a gem heart in the primary fuku color, "true blue", on the very front. The back of her fuku has another bow, attatched at the top of her skirt, with loose ends that trail about a foot and flutter gracefully. Her fuku's sleeves are simple semi-transparent caps over her shoulders, and she wears elbow-length white gloves with blue trim at the top. She also wears knee high boots with small heels, in the primary blue color with light blue trim at the very top. She has a choker, blue with a gold star in the middle, and a golden tiara with an ocean blue gem inside. She wears dark blue post earrings. Her computer has a head attatchment that is a see-through, light blue visor, which she often wears. The other attatchment, which she uses less, is a cordless headset microphone-reciever.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Intelligence, reasoning and logic, a calm approach to problems, medical skills, computer skills, swimming, chess.

Inability: To stop working and slack off. Almost any kind of offensive manuver in battle.
Future dream: To continue serving NeoQueen Serenity and the Royal Family, to bring lasting peace, to continue studying and learning. She kind of wants to become a medical professor, as well.

Goals/pourpose: To save as many people as possible from death and harm, to save her city and nation (goals which conflict, to a certain degree.)

Friends: She shares a special bond with all of the Inner Senshi and with the Queen. The Outers, especially Setsuna, she respects and is good friends with. She has an almost elder sister relationship with Chibi Usa. She and Mamoru respect one another's intelligence as well as being friends, and often share in researching or discuss science. Ami and Luna are good friends, having been on the same side of almost every dispute between the Senshi for a thousand years. Ami is also quite fond of Artemis and Diana.

Foes: Anyone threatening the peace and wellbeing of her friends, anyone that poses harm to defenseless civilians. Herself.

Inner personality: Ami will periodically get depressed and feel guilty, incapable or unconfident, and while it's a bit difficult to tell when she's unhappy, a little help or caring from one of her friends will cheer her right back up. She has a lot of empathy for other people, part of what makes her such a good doctor and a good friend; and while it used to help her in being a Senshi as well, of late it's done nothing but make her feel even worse about taking Fate' Eyes. She is sometimes upset, as well, over all the things she's given up in order to serve her Princess.

Element: Water / Ice

Talisman/Weapon: Mercury Harp, with which she uses the Mercury Aqua Rhapsody.

Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Her Henshin Pen has an orb on it's top with her planetary symbol inside, along with a picture of the Mercury Harp, topped with a golden star. Below that, two white wings and the golden stick, with a handle, that she grasps and shouts "Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up!"

Strength: Mercury's most important role is tactical analysis. Using her computer, she can discover enemy weaknesses, powers, and anything important to figuring out puzzles and mysteries. Her greatest strength has always been her mind. After that, she's a good defensive fighter, and her specialties lie in stopping approached enemies, literally freezing them in their tracks.

Weakness: She's not an attacker. Most of her powers can't stand alone to defeat an enemy, and she needs back-up to fight properly.

History: After high school, Ami earned her Pre-Med and Medical degrees from prestigious Japanese Universities. She decided that her Senshi duties came first, and declined to go abroad to study although it had always been her dream. She ignored the end of her dream and started out as a pediatrician. In the years before Crystal Tokyo formed, she quickly became one of the leading authorities on children in the nation. But after Usagi became NeoQueen Serenity, Ami retired and focused herself on medical study and her duties as a Guardian. Another dream, she is given to think at her most bitter moments, that she destroyed for Usagi's sake. While she originally wanted a large family, she has realized that it's nearly impossible, and contents herself with being the best adoptive Aunt to Chibi Usa that she can. She's occassionally jealous that others have had the things that she used to want to much, but mostly she can convince herself that her mission is more important than anything else.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six. And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

* Shabon Spray

-- She cups her hands together and an orb of white mist forms between them. Then, spinning, she crosses her arms, and when she uncrosses them the bubbles are shot forward. Her attack generates mist and bubbles used mostly to confuse enemies. Useful for camoflauge, to let others attack, and to retreat. It doesn't take much energy, but it doesn't do damage at all unless the enemy is heavily based in fire or heat, and only a -tiny- bit then. It can't be targeted, it is an area attack and can confuse allies as well as enemies.

* Aqua Mirage

-- The symbol of Mercury appears, and water condenses around it to form a blue orb. Ami twirls and twists around it, finally firing it forward. The water errupts into circles that surround her for a moment, and then rush at the enemy, forming a bullet shape before hitting one oppnent. A medium amount of damage, and it momentarily stuns the target.

* Cold Snap

-- This attack isn't powerful so much as useful, and it requires a large amount of energy. Mercury extends her hands to the sky and turns her head upwards. A few crystals of ice float down into her hands, and she bends over slowly to the ground. As she bends, the ice grows into a ball, and she tips the ball out of her hands and onto the floor. The ball breaks, sending water rushing out in front of her that freezes the ground. It makes motion very difficult, and can topple enemies to the ground with ease. The effect lasts for about twenty minutes, unless a heat source is introduced. It can be pointed in a direction, but not targeted more than that, and allies are just as subject to slipping as enemies. After the attack is done, Mercury doesn't have any control over the ice.

* Shine Aqua Illusion

-- A wave of ice cold water that will freeze multiple opponents or objects in place. The attack begins with a drop of water falling on a dark pool. The droplets that spray upwards trail around her body, as sparkles circling upwards. When they reach her hands, which are raised above her head, Mercury spins and pushes the energy forward. A torrent of water shoots at her enemy. It does a fair amount of damage, but leaves Mercury drained for a few minutes and unable to execute any other attack.

* Aqua Rhapsody

-- This attack is Mercury's strongest, using the Mercury Harp. She strokes the harp, and many small waves of water are fired at high speed towards her opponents. It is fairly exhausting to execute, and while it will only target a single opponent, it is her best offense.

Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.) Hobbies are reading, learning, researching, swimming. No pets, no children. Will occassionaly say slightly perverted things, which suprises everyone she knows.

Picture url if available: http://www.geocities.com/dk1098/moonlight/mercurystars.jpg

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your answer this question:

"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy."

Ami set down her book and stared at the wall. She couldn't muster the energy, today, to digest any information about General Custer or Crazy Horse. It was just...

She stood up and stretched. Her bedroom was small, but she liked it that way. Cozy, not like the rest of the palace at all, where everything was marble and crystal and pearl and gorgeous. Ami's small apartments were blue and white, mostly cotton and wood and steel. It was four rooms that she had to herself, that someone had taken to calling the Mariner Rooms. The name had stuck. She walked out of her bedroom, into the living room. In the middle of the room, her decorative fountain was running happily. It was huge, it had been a gift from the Queen for Ami's one-thousandth birthday. Kneeling by the edge, Ami trailed her fingers through the water. Fate's Eyes. The fish were breaking the surface of the water in quick flashes. They'd never done it like this before, to save the world. It had always been the villians who created pain and stole, and the Sailor Senshi who stopped the crimes. Now, now, Ami thought, we commit the crimes. Legalized crimes.

But no, it's not fair to say that, she corrected herself. It's for the right, Usagi knows that and she has always steered us right before. Every time we thought she would kill us all and doom the whole world, she's pulled through. Ami clenched her hand. You need to have faith, she told herself. Ami tried, and tried again to shut her mind off. But that was the problem with being a so called genius girl. The brain doesn't want to turn off so easily. She couldn't help but think of promising to preserve life and alleviate pain. How was plunging her hand into someone's eye socket anything but a total violation of her beliefs?

There was a knock on her door. Ami stood quickly, splashing water across her shirt. She hurried to the door, and opened it to find a young man in the palace livery. "Princess Mercury," he addressed her, using her formal title. "The Queen requests your presence." Ami nodded.

"Tell Her Majesty that I will arrive as soon as I am able, after changing so that I am fit for an audience." She closed the door and mulled over the words. No, she wouldn't normally have to prepare herself to go see Usagi. They were, (still are, still are, her mind insisted) best friends. But if Usagi had wanted to talk as a friend, she would have sent Luna or called on the Communicator. A courier meant was a grave occasion, and a grave occasion warranted a formal response. Ami headed back into her bedroom to change into a dress that would befit the Princess of Mercury. Her stomach was dropping rapidly, what could Usagi have to say?
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