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ACCEPTED: NeoQueenSelenity - Alice

Name: Alice
Where are you From: Suburban Maryland. Not enough parking spaces, too many SUVs.
Age: 17
Email: webmistress@revolutionary-girl.net alisuchan@msn.com
Instant Messager: Eien no Ophelia
I've been playing tabletop D&D on and off for four years, which is around the time I've been doing online RPGs as well. I've been playing pretty steadily since then, mostly Harry Potter and original concept games. I've been in a few BSSM games, but they were pretty low quality ("I shoot u! U die!" Well. Maybe not quite -that- bad.)
Sailor moon Knowledge: Introduced to Sailor Moon on American TV when I was a tiny little kid, and I've been pretty obsessed for the last five or six years. I prefer the manga version and own all eighteen tankubon. I've seen all of S and SuperS and am working my way through the first two seasons in Japanese (the box set. Oy.) I haven't seen any Stars, but I'm gonna get my hands on any American release that ever comes out. I'd like to think I'm pretty knowledgeable, but you can always learn more, right?
Web page: http://www.revolutionary-girl.net
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: Ad on LJ rpg_ads
What interested you, why do you want to play?: I like the story idea, and the fact that it's more tightly controlled plot (I'm a controlled plot fan, I guess! Hm.) I like the dark aspect of the story quite a bit as well.
How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your intake of sex and violence? Well, I -love- the movie Kill Bill. Does that help? Gore doesn't bother me at all. Neither does sex, straight-gay-lesbian-whatever (um. lolicon is a bit of a squick though. x_X.)

Character You're applying for: NeoQueenSelenity / Tsukino Usagi

Senshi name: Lost her powers, used to be Sailor Moon.

Civilian name: Used to be Tsukino Usagi, but she's hardly ever referred to by that name anymore. She's just Selenity, NeoQueenSelenity, or Your Majesty.

Age:(remember, this is Crystal Tokyo) 1017

Hometown/Home Planet: Previous life in the Moon Kingdom, in a castle at Mare Serenitatis. Selenity was the Princess of the Kingdom, but she fell in love with the Prince of Earth, Endymion. When they died in an attack on the Moon, Selenity and all her court were sent to be reincarnated into a peaceful future. She was reborn as Tsukino Usagi, and reawakened as SailorMoon and PrincessSelenity. She now governs Crystal Tokyo as NeoQueenSelenity.

Birthday: June 30.

Sign: Cancer. (Sensitive, intuitive, energetic, compassionate, nurturing, moody, possessive and clingy, hypersensitive.)

Eyes: Her eyes are wide, the blue of a clear day's sky. She has very expressive eyes, and her feelings always seem to be broadcast loud and clear. Her eyes sparkle when she's happy, and tend to shadow when she's sad. Anyone who knew her well before she became Queen can tell her moods at a glance through her eyes.

Hair: Selenity's hair is a bright blonde-gold color. It's styled in her trademark twin odango, which are twined on top of her head, with the tails falling down rather gracefully to just brush the floor. She has slightly puffy bangs that part at the center of her forehead, and at her ears two strands of free hair curl down to her chin.

Height: 4'11''

Personality: Selenity has changed greatly since her days as Tsukino Usagi, but in some ways she has not changed at all. While she has become much more elegant and refined, and less of a klutz, she is still overly emotional at times, and a bit childish in her relationships. As a ruler, she is calm and just, but can be frivolous at times. She loves those around her more than anything, even her life. And even her citizens she loves, though in recent years she’s had trouble reconciling her love and duty to protect them with the Fate’s Eye prophecy. She hardly ever leaves the Palace, and anyone who wishes an audience with her must come there. She has always held lavish balls and parties, but recently they’ve been much decreased. When she’s not tied up in the Throne Room, in meetings or in her personal quarters, she bides her time in the Palace Gardens, especially at her favorite pool, which was built to resemble the reflecting pool from the ancient Moon Kingdom.

SENSHI APPEARANCE (Well. Not exactly.)
(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: Selenity has practiced for the last thousand years a face that she can wear when ruling and in the public eyes, that won't give away her every emotion. And she still needs a tad bit of practice. Although she's certainly come a long way, and can now school her face into the calm, almost divine _expression that she thinks NeoQueenSelenity -ought- to wear. Her eyes, which are so expressive, take on an almost maternal, concerned cast. When she's shocked, upset or worried, her guarded front slips a little, and her eyes start to show what she feels inside.

Hair: Selenity's hair is the same bright blonde-gold color as it's always been. Styled in her trademark twin odango, which rest on top of her head, and with the tails falling down rather gracefully to just brush the floor. She has slightly puffy bangs that part at the center of her forehead, and at her ears two strands of free hair curl down to her chin.

General appearance: Selenity's face and image are as familiar as any other symbol throughout her kingdom. Along with the castle and her crystal, these are the representations of the peace and happiness that she has brought to the Earth. Selenity hardly ever leaves the palace, and her subjects see her most often from a distance. She appears, waving and smiling, calm and peaceful with her court, looking for all the world like a benevolent demi-goddess. And until recently, her image was well loved all over the Earth. Face to face, Selenity seems like a real person; although still a bit ethereal. Her graceful, mature appearance and mannerisms when ruling are almost direct contradictions to the somewhat childish self that she once was. She no longer falls over often, not after a thousand years of walking everywhere in high heels.

Fuku Description: Selenity wears a long white gown, made of a light fabric. The waist is just below her bust line, and the dress hugs her form down to her knees in a very graceful line. At the knees, the skirt widens out and falls to pool on the floor at her feet. Behind her, the skirt forms a train. The white fabric, which shimmers in good lighting, has an almost purplish-pink cast to it, especially on the bow in the back. This bow is spectacularly proportioned, and it resembles a butterfly's wings. The top two portions reach above her shoulders, and out about two feet on either side. The bottom portions are slightly curled and twist down to about half a foot off the floor. When she walks, her butterfly wing-bow flutters after her. Around the top of the dress, covering her chest is a line of gold circles over the white fabric. Below them, a line of small golden beads, followed by a pressed and wrinkle-free strip of white, and another strip of the same golden beads, which make up the waistline of the dress. The skirt, which is the main portion of the gown, falls in folds and small wrinkles that fit the contours of her body. Her shoulders are bare and she wears only three pieces of jewelry; a pair of golden twisted earrings that dangle to her chin, her wedding ring, and her crown. The ring is a simple gold band, which matches her slightly more ornate engagement ring; a thin gold band with a light pink stone. She wears the engagement ring when she feels down, or for special occasions. Her crown, which rests above her bangs, is a few shades of gold darker than her hair. At the center is a red stone in the shape of a heart, with wings coming from behind and a tiny cap like that on top of a scepter. The rest of the crown is adorned with rubies, blue sapphires and tiny pearls. On her forehead is the crescent moon symbol in gold. She either wears white satin high heels or goes barefoot.

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably achieved their original goals by now.)
Talents: Selenity has a remarkable aptitude for feeling love and respect towards almost everyone she meets; even an enemy who has tried to kill her can win her friendship by repenting. She gives of her heart quickly and completely. She's loyal and will never give up on something once she's committed to it, and will do anything for a friend, including sacrifice her own life. She has become a capable ruler who tries to consider the welfare of her people and planet before her own.

Inability: She doesn't really understand betrayal, or the idea that someone could stop loving. She has a history of choosing a single person's well being over that of the whole planet. She still can't write kanji above a third grade level, and she's sensitive to being teased. She’s also a terrible optimist.

Future dream: Her dreams include continuing safeguarding the peace of all her subjects and those she loves. She also wants to see her daughter Usagi grow up in a world where she won't need to fight.

Goals/purpose: To protect her kingdom and those she loves. To win back the favor of her people. To summon the protector, no matter how many Fate’s Eyes it takes, and save her world.

Friends: Selenity counts almost everyone she meets among her important friends; she is quick to give friendship and quick to give help to her friends when they are in need. But there are people in her life who aren’t important as much as crucial, and without any of them, Selenity feels she’d die. Of course, foremost in her heart is Mamoru, her Endymion who she has loved across life and death. Mamoru, who she still gives the pet name Mamo-chan to, rules Crystal Tokyo with her. She relies on him not only for emotional support and love, but for help making decisions that require his intelligence. She no longer cares that he’s “smarter” than she ever will be, although she certainly doesn’t like it when other people tell her that. Her daughter Usagi, who Selenity also calls Chibi-Usa or SmallLadySelenity, is Selenity’s treasure. Having known Usagi before she was born, Selenity often felt strange when she was with her young daughter, and mixed in with the unbreakable maternal bond was a sadness that she didn’t yet have the Usagi she used to know. Until Usagi returned from the past the final time, Selenity was often guarded and a little distant with her daughter, out of the effort of trying not to tell Usagi anything about the past. When Usagi returned and Selenity felt she could finally relax and have a totally healthy relationship with her daughter, she found it still wasn’t so. Half of her wanted to still be the elder sister of the past, and half wanted to be a responsible mother, but Usagi wouldn’t accept her mother turning into the Usagi she’d just left. And nor, as she grew into a teenager, did she really want a responsible mother anymore. Although she loves her daughter deeply, Selenity often feels like she hasn’t been a good mother. Ami has always been a pillar in Selenity’s life; intelligent, caring, always there for her. Selenity and Ami have an unstrained relationship still, and Selenity feels she can rely on Ami for help, both emotional and intellectual. Rei and Selenity, on the other hand, have quarreled since they first met, and still do to this day, over inane things like manga and perceived slights. But beneath the surface, they care for each other like sisters, though they won’t admit it. Selenity is the most attached to Rei out of all of her Inner Senshi, but she would never tell anyone for fear of hurting the others. With Makoto, Selenity always has a caring, protective friend who happens to still make delicious bentou and bring them to the palace every so often. In their youth, Minako and Selenity were often like twins, with the same interests and the same idiocies. As they grew and both shouldered responsibilities (Selenity as Queen, Minako as leader of the Senshi), their bond has matured somewhat. They often have strategical meetings, although it’s not unknown for them to listen to idol music and coo over celebrities during those meetings. She’s always felt safe, and a bit childish around Haruka, and even now that she’s Queen, that feeling persists. She admires Michiru’s elegance, and has modeled her Queenly behavior part-way after Michiru. She’s also respected Setsuna, and has asked for her guidance time and time again while raising Usagi, as well as leaving Usagi with Pluto many times. Selenity has trouble seeing Hotaru as the threatening Senshi of Ruin, because she still sees the loveable Hotaru-chan of the past. She makes an effort to treat Hotaru as a normal young girl instead of a Guardian, with the thought that it’s not healthy to grow up with too much responsibility. Selenity loves all of the Senshi, and tries her hardest to do what’s best for them and not place them in danger. Luna has been with Selenity all along, and Selenity trusts her implicitly, although she’ll still tease her mercilessly. Artemis and Diana also have a place in Selenity’s heart, although they’re not her guides. Her mother and father, Ikuko and Kenji, passed away long ago. Even under the Ginzuishou’s protection, older humans couldn’t last a thousand years. Selenity still misses them and sometimes wishes she could have created a home just like her mother’s. Albeit, with a little less cruelty to those who fail tests. Shingo, her brother, has aged to about forty five, and has a wife and three children. Selenity used to visit them once every year or so, but in the current climate of ill-will towards the Palace, she hasn’t been to visit them in a while.

Foes: In the past, anyone who has threatened the safety of the Earth; she has battled and defeated any danger that approached. But now, when her foe is still unknown, Selenity is nervous.

Inner personality: Inside, Selenity battles with herself over the issue of the Fate’s Eyes more than over anything else in her life. She feels guilt for taking innocent destinies away, but knows that there’s no other solution. Her daughter, Usagi, is also a source of worry; Selenity feels like Usagi is pulling away from her for a reason that she can’t fathom, and it depresses her. She’s still a compulsive eater when she’s unhappy, and the palace kitchen staff know better than to ask their Queen what’s wrong when she comes down and asks for a triple banana split with extra cherries. She tries to relax and act like a kid again when she’s with her Senshi, but something always gets in the way and she’s bitter that she can’t recapture the simplicity of her youth. She feels guilty that she can’t defend herself any longer and must rely on others.

Element: Sanctity

Talisman/weapon: Ginzuishou, the crystal that belonged to QueenSelenity, which was passed down to Selenity. She's used it to save the world countless times. It resembles a large diamond, transparent and always emitting a soft glow. Just being near the Ginzuishou can heal sickness, and it's power increases the lifetimes of Selenity and her court. The Ginzuishou sits in the Tier that she has retained from her days as Eternal Sailor Moon, glittering peacefully.

Henshin (Transformation) Object and Phrase: No Henshin, Selenity has lost all her powers as Sailor Moon except for the use of the Ginzuishou.

Strength: She has the Ginzuishou’s incredible power on her side, and after a thousand years has learned almost the full use of it. She is still willing to endure pain to save another, and still believes in her friends and loved ones completely.

Weakness: She’s lost her transforming powers and all her weapons except for her Tier, which now only functions as a staff for the Ginzuishou, and the Ginzuishou itself. She can’t enter battle or fight anymore, and needs to be protected by her Senshi.

History: After the battle with Galaxia, Selenity married Mamoru and settled down, content that her life would be clear sailing from then on out. Of course, nothing is ever quite as Selenity hopes. She’s begun to think that’s her curse. A year after her wedding, the world was struck with an unnatural sleeping sickness that infected over four-fifths of the population. Selenity used her Ginzuishou and restored the Earth, in the process revealing herself to the world once and for all. In awe, the citizens of the world proclaimed her a Goddess and Selenity realized that –this- was how she was to become Queen. A little unsure of herself, she ascended to the throne in the year 2057. She brought unity and peace to the world, and a time when disease and poverty were all but unknown. She had trouble becoming accustomed to ruling; giving up her name and personal life to become a public figure bothered her, but she eventually became used to it and started to enjoy ruling a happy world. Unfortunately, the peace and happiness never lasted for that long. Not only was her city destroyed in the fairly recent attack from the Black Moon, but in the past she has negotiated through oil shortages, trade strikes, regional conflicts and all manner of political crisises. Not being trained as a ruler, she has relied heavily on her Senshi, each with their own area of expertise, and they have become akin to her cabinet. The Black Moon situation was an especially painful problem for Selenity. She knew that the attack was coming, and that it would decimate her city and thrust her daughter into hardship, but she knew that she –had- to let it happen, or the past might be irrevocably changed. On the morning of the attack, she was so anxious that she ran outside as soon as she heard the first blast, and was hit by it. By that time, Usagi had accidentally stolen her Ginzuishou, and the Guardian Senshi had to use their powers to create a protected place for Selenity to sleep until the Ginzuishou returned. Of course, Usagi eventually brought the Ginzuishou back and revived Selenity. Feeling justified and proud, Selenity set out to rebuild her city, secure again in the notion that there would be peace ever after. Selenity has always been an optimist.

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then six. And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your Senshi! YAY!

The Ginzuishou

- Using the Ginzuishou is very draining, dangerously so. The first Queen Selenity died after sealing away Queen Metallia and the Dark Kingdom with the Ginzuishou. If the Ginzuishou is used for such a large task without any others, such as the Senshi, giving energy to help Selenity, she’s in danger of dying as well.

- Power One. Healing: Selenity’s Ginzuishou has an innate power to heal ailments and alleviate pain, and those who suffer can be healed a little just by being within a certain distance of the Ginzuishou, or touching it. However, if she chooses, Selenity can channel her thoughts and energy into healing a certain person, or an entire area. After healing a single person, Selenity will feel slightly dizzy. If she heals a larger area, she may collapse temporarily or lose conciousness for a few hours. Compared to any other Ginzuishou uses, healing is not that draining.

- Power Two. Protective Barrier: The Ginzuishou can be used to create a protective barrier, one that repels attacks and objects. This power is fairly versatile, and she’s even used it to stop meteors from crashing into the planet. The more complicated the barrier and the longer it is held, the more draining and dangerous it becomes. She is in danger of losing her life if she does not stop using the Ginzuishou before it drains her completely.

- Power Three. Prayer: By praying to her Ginzuishou, Selenity can accomplish many things. Her mother sealed her dead daughter and the Dark Kingdom with this prayer power. Selenity has transformed Luna into a human girl, among many other feats. Depending on the feat performed, and on what power, she may collapse, or be in danger of dying.

- Power Four. The Ginzuishou’s power can be directed at enemies, in a concentrated beam that is incredibly potent. She has destroyed many enemies with this power, but if she invokes this power unaided, she is almost certain to die.

Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, etc.) Luna, who has always detested being called a pet, is Selenity’s guardian and adviser still. She relies too heavily on the magic of the Ginzuishou to keep her figure trim, as she eats too much on many occasions. She still has a few of the manga that she stole from Rei back in their youth, which she reads whenever she feels too old.

Picture url if available: (preferred) http://www.serenitatis.com/dekai/dawn/nqs/nqs_007.jpg

Writing sample:
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your answer this question:

"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the Prophecy."


Selenity lay sprawled sideways across the master bed in the Royal Chambers. It had to be, she thought, wider than her entire room when she was young. She was engulfed in the white and crystal and silver of the room; like most of the palace, decorated in the royal colors. Who’d decided they were the royal colors, she had no idea. But they did feel regal, and Selenity liked feeling regal when she woke up. She stretched and sat up, rubbing her eyes. It was mid-morning, and she was alone in the room. Today was the Queen’s so called “day-off”. Which meant she didn’t have to be anywhere until noon. Then, of course, she had a meeting with Usagi’s tutors to assess her daughter’s progress. And then,… She couldn’t recall what next. A committee of concerned citizens, or a Senshi meeting. Maybe a luncheon with regional government heads. She’d check her schedule later; it was all set out by her bed side, ready for her to read over when she woke.

Mamoru had already left; she vaguely remembered waking up to see her husband in his lavender suit, sitting on the side of the bed. That was right; she’d called for him half-asleep. She’d had a nightmare, and he hugged her and told her to go back to sleep. He was probably out at the morning Conference of Concerned Parents now, she thought. Business as regular. But that dream…

She stood, in her white nightgown, and wrapped herself in a long royal blue robe. Her room wasn’t cold, for they kept it at exactly the temperature that the Queen wanted, but the remembering made her shiver. She had been holding a baby, her daughter Usagi, even though Usagi was seventeen. Running, screaming and crying through the Palace with the child in her arms. She fell, and turned, and a woman with bloody hands grabbed Usagi and wrenched her away, and when Selenity looked up, she was facing herself, with both eyes gouged out and blood running down the front of the Sailor fuku she’d long ago given up.

Selenity wished fervently that Mamoru hadn’t left the room. She wanted, for a moment, to go down to Usagi’s rooms and check on her daughter. But the feeling passed, for a Queen mustn’t be caught doing such a silly thing. She decided to walk down to the kitchens and find herself a quick breakfast. She walked to the back wall of her chamber and grasped an ornate gold decoration. It turned in and a door slid open; the servant’s passage. Selenity walked in and shut the door behind her, the dream still weighing heavily on her mind.

The lights were dim and reddish in the thin hallway, and she walked quickly. Of course it was the Fate’s Eyes that had caused it. She’d tell it to Rei-chan when she saw her next, but Selenity already felt like she knew the meaning. ‘Am I doing the wrong thing?’ she asked herself, ‘Stealing children’s lives?’ It was the only way she could see to go. The world would be saved, she had to believe that. But at what price? Even her Ginzuishou couldn’t restore a person after their Fate’s Eye had been removed. Stolen, a bitter voice in her mind added. Stolen just like the DeathBusters stole PureHearts. “What’s the difference?” she said out loud. She remembered, so long ago, Chibi-Usa’s body lying cold and motionless. Her dead child. ‘And now I’m killing children.’ Where had that SailorMoon gone? Where had the girl who would sacrifice everything for one person gone?

“Your Majesty?” Asked a young woman’s voice, and Selenity looked up quickly, trying to compose herself. One of the girls who cleaned her rooms, long brown hair and green eyes. Sonomi, that was it.

“Yes?” Selenity replied after a moment. She smiled at the servant.

“Oh, oh.. nothing, sorry to bother you, Your Majesty.” Sonomi said, bowing her head and hurrying past. Selenity watched her go, the dream still playing in her head. Did everyone else in the kingdom have nightmares of bloody Sailor Senshi chasing them, too? Or was that a punishment fit only for the one who commanded the bloodshed? Selenity changed her mind; she didn’t want to eat anything this morning.
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