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REJECTED: NeoQueenSelenity - Connie Bond

Q: One- We already have a NeoQueenSelenity. Two- You didn't read anything. You claimed the webpage was 'too long'. That should have been your first clue not to submit. Obviously FATE is too much for you. Geh.

Name:Connie Bond
Where are you From:Bakersfield California

Instant Messager: Littletroa
RPG Experience: Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z Ect...
Sailor moon Knowledge: i know alot about her
Web page: it is too long
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: you emailed it to me
What interested you, why do you want to play?: What interested me was
the character and i love to play rpgs and i want to play this one
How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your
intake of sex and violence? it is strong, none in rpgs

Character You're applying for: Neo-Queen Selenity
Senshi name: Sailor Moon
Civilian name: (remember, we're going by the Japanese Anime)Usagi
(Sailor Moon)
Age:(remember, this is Crystal Tokyo)16
Hometown/Home Planet: Earth
Birthday: June 30th
Sign: Canser
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: i dont know
Personality: she is a loving girl
(Be descriptive!)
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
General appearance: in the beginning to the end
Fuku Description:dont kow

(Remember, this is 1000 years in the future, they have probably
achieved their original goals by now.)
Inability: strangth
Future dream: to be a Bride
Goals/pourpose: To Be a Bride and Queen of Tokyo
Friends: Ami, Mina, Lita, Ray, Amara, Machelle, Trista, Houtaru, The
three starlights, to make it short: EVERYBODY GOOD.
Inner personality: she loves her friends

Element: Moon
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Moon prisim power, Moon
Cosmic Power, Super Moon Cosmic Power (with rini) Eternal Moon Power.
Strength: her heart
Weakness: her friends
History: Sailor Moon, Princess Selenity was the daughter of Queen
Sereinty. Selenity was killed on the moon with Edymion by Queen Byrle
of the negavers but was reborn on earth know Serena (aka princess
selenity)fights for man kind and to be Queen of Tokyo. along with her
friends, her prince and her Future Daughter Princess Lady Selenity

Please list weakest to strongest. No less then one, no more then
six.And please, be descriptive! Describe what they do, and how they
look. Remember, you are encouraged, to create a new power for your
Senshi! YAY!

Attack one: Moon tiarra Magic

Attack two: Moon Healing Activation

Attack three: Moon Princess Medataion

Extra details: (pet, hobbies, idiosyncrasies, ect.)

Picture url if available: (preferred)

Writing sample: cant think of any
Please write around 200 words minimum, give or take. Please include
thoughts, some dialogue and action. For the sample, we ask your
answer this question:

"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the
Prophecy." she believes it
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