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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorMercury - Cat

Name: Cat
Where are you from: England originally, now Florida
Age: 23
Email: ami@ami-chan.net

Instant Messager: Ami Mitzu

RPG Experience:
Offline I’ve played D&D and World of Darkness for about six years on
and off
(some breaks in college) so I’m used to working with structure and
plot and
not knowing the outcome of an action until it’s defined by the one in
control. Online I have played Ami/Mercury quite a bit (five
yahoogroups RPGs
only one of which hasn’t either died due to lack of interest or I
because I couldn’t stand what was going on. This last one has
recently been
re-organized to work with a stricter more table-top gaming structure,
the mod controls all the villains and most of the NPCs).
I play her in two LJ rpgs one based on the anime (which I mod and
also play
Luna) one based on PGSM (where she’s currently a bit evil and
I’ve also played Uranus and Neptune, briefly in yahoogroups, and did
run a
short-lived RPG based on Silent Mobius.

Sailor moon Knowledge:
I’ve watched the anime since I was twelve. I was introduced to it in
form, but own most of it fan-subbed (except the first half of R which
I could
never find). I’ve read –some- of the manga, and currently watch PGSM
much as soon as it comes out. I’ve run various incarnations of a
website for going on four years, and try to read up as much as
possible on my
facts and information before publishing them. I don’t know
everything, but
I’ll research and find out anything I need to, to be sure that I have

Web page: http://www.ami-chan.net/

How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: I found the guestbook post
inviting me to
join after AnarchicX (I think was the username) IMd me yesterday.

What interested you, why do you want to play?:
To be honest at first I didn’t. I thought ‘oh, no someone’s spamming
me to
advertise a lame RPG’. Out of morbid curiosity I clicked the link and
to read. I saw how much work had gone into the plot structure, and
the way
things were organized, that set it apart from a lot of the others
I’ve seen
which died, or should have done because the organizers were
fluff-bunny types
who really didn’t know all that much about the show, and were
changing things
all over the place just to suit them. The plot idea really intrigues
especially the opportunity to role-play with people who are clearly
thorough and care about their participants’ ability to perform to
standard. Such a situation, to contribute with like-minded
individuals should
greatly increase the quality and enjoyment of the RPG. I’ve seen RPGs
seem to
work a lot better when they actually have a structure (imagine that!)
and I’m
all about structure.

How strong is your stomach? Where are your personal borders on your
intake of
sex and violence?
My stomach is very strong. I’ve always had a morbid fascination with
macabre and have been able to indulge that quite a bit lately
watching Asian
movies like ‘Ichi the Killer’ and ‘Battle Royale’, and then ‘Kill
Bill’ and
so on, I love Tarantino. I can tolerate quite a bit, and can dish it
out too
if necessary.

Character You're applying for: Mizuno Ami/Supersailormercury
Senshi name: Supersailormercury
Civilian name: (remember, we're going by the Japanese Anime) Mizuno
Age: (remember, this is Crystal Tokyo) 1016
Hometown/Home Planet: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Mercury original)
Birthday: September 10th
Sign: Virgo
Eyes: Watery blue. Her eyes are the most expressive thing about her,
she is often reluctant to share her feelings.
Hair: Also blue, a deeper shade.
Height: around 5’1 or 2, slightly taller than Usagi but definitely
than Makoto, at least while they were growing up.

Ami has always been a shy, seemingly reserved person, rather meek,
with the
appearance that she wouldn’t say ‘boo’ to a goose. She’s very insular
introverted in public, and very focused on studying, and making sure
she does
the best that she can in this regard. She’s highly intelligent and
it seems a bit perverse. Around friends for the first time in her
life upon
meeting Usagi she was able to slowly pull herself out of her shell a
at least around the people she trusted.
Publicly, I would think she’s still rather meek, quick to become
if she’s caught out, or found someone who she was attracted to, prone
stutter a little if caught of guard, especially by someone she views
as an
She takes failure at something, especially intellectual quite hard.
She wants
to be the best, feeling it necessary to prove her worth, and would
see even a
small mistake as a big mark against her.
She’s prone to dwell on things, to mull them over and over to make
sure she’s
doing the right thing. Plus she wants to help people, hence pursuing
medicine. She wants to make them better. So, something that involves
to forcibly harm a person in such a violent manner…that would take a
lot. She
would have to take some time to justify it, and accepting this would
take a
lot from her. She would seek desperately to find any other way, but
logical to a fault. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the
few, the
people will be restored once the Prophesied comes, it’s their duty,
it’s what
Selenity orders, so it must be done.

Eyes: Sparkling blue, as though filled with water, but turning more
cold and
Hair: Cut in a short style, but not page boy, a deep but vibrant
blue, with
no hints of purple or green. It has enough length that it can move
when she moves her head, but not enough that it would disrupt her
fringe kept short.
General appearance:
Mercury would appear as one of the least threatening of the senshi,
she is
small framed, and while she will defend herself, and moreso her
friends and
fellow senshi, she’s more apt to hang back and analyze the situation
and call
pointers to the others, point out weak spots, and remain on the
because that’s what the majority of her powers are, distraction and
She doesn’t have many strong offensive attacks.

Fuku Description:
The super form of the fuku involves pale blue bows, a darker blue
skirt, and
choker, a white bodice, almost knee high plastic boots. The bow in
the rear
has longer tails than before, which end part way down her legs. She
gloves, with blue trim, a gold tiara, with a dark blue gem, she has
earrings in each earlobe and her choker has a star on it. There is a
gem in
the center of the bow on her chest.


Ami is highly intelligent, very studious, logical and thorough. She’s
good in
all academic subjects, knows how to work to deadlines, and actually
enjoys to
learn new things, read and study. She speaks Japanese and English.
She’s very
conscientious. She picks things up very quickly. She’s analytical.
She must
be the top, the best, so she pushes herself to excel, works well by
and can also teach others. She has patience (she used to tutor Usagi,
she has

It’s hard for her to detach herself from her work, and socialize.
She’s her
own worst enemy as far as her self-confidence goes. She also has a
hard time
letting go, cutting loose and having fun. She also has a hard time
people close to her fearing rejection, and that they will use her,
and would
probably use her studies, medical work or duties as a reason to not
consider those.

Future dream:
Any dreams for herself would be pushed aside because the fate of the
and preventing the new evil from winning would become her top
priority above
herself. To complete the mission, summon the Prophesied and let
everyone have
their Fate’s Eyes back would be her all-consuming dream.

To complete the mission, summon the Prophesied and let everyone have
Fate’s Eyes back ^_~

Usagi, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Chibi-usa. While she would want to
Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru friends the difference in their
and ages would mean they’re not as close as the inner senshi.
Usagi has been her longest and most dear friend. Ami knows that the
to order the removal of the Fate’s Eyes will have taken it’s toll on
her, and
this will be one of the reasons that she would ultimately agree and
side with
Usagi. This is not a decision Usagi will have taken lightly. She
trusts Usagi
with all her heart, and trusts that this must be the best decision.
proud of all that the other girl has accomplished, and that she was
able to
take on the responsibility of queen, despite the haphazard nature she
while they were growing up.
Rei has always been a little stand-offish, and quick to argue with
Usagi, but
Ami respects her intuition and judgment. Although, Rei is one of the
she’s least close to. She knows Rei will usually say exactly what it
is on
her mind, and respects that about her, given she, herself, has a hard
vocalizing her opinions.
She’s also close with Makoto. She respects and possibly envies the
girl’s strength and focus; the ability she has to follow her dreams,
and her
love for life, and open, caring nature.

Aside from her own lack of self-assuredness, whatever is attacking
Tokyo and also the internal battle between her ethics and the duty
they must
now undertake.

Inner personality:
Ultimately Ami is very torn. What they have to do goes against her
and the ethics of the profession she has worked since her early life
become a part of. She trusts Usagi, and she can see that ultimately
benefits: getting rid of the evil, and restoring Crystal Tokyo would
be worth
it, but she will always have a nagging doubt; what if we’re wrong?;
what if
we’re being misled?; what if there’s some other way and I haven’t
found it?;
what if’s are Ami’s bane.
When less stressed, and with less to worry about, she has a slightly
nature/weird sense of humor, and has been trying to remember to
relax, as her
friends have often told her and take time out from work and duties to
some fun. This would also be very hard for her. She wants to get
things done
and make sure she’s done them correctly. She would feel guilty about
time for herself, because she considers almost everyone else more

Element: Water/Ice primarily, really water in its three forms.
Talisman/weapon: She does have the aqua harp as a weapon, but not
really a
talisman of any kind.
Henshin (Transformation) Object and Phrase: She calls, “Mercury
Power, make up!” while holding the sort of ugly pink wand with the
handle and
wings, and blue crystal on the top containing the Mercury sigil.

Mercury is more about tactics and defense than attack. She will
analyze a
situation using her computer and visor, trying to find the enemies
spots, were additional enemies might be hiding, and direct the other
to points where they will be most effective.

She has very few spells/abilities which aren’t defensive. Her lack of
confidence in her own abilities is also a factor.

Ami studied medicine at Tokyo University so that she didn’t have to
leave her
friends and forsake her duties. She worked as a doctor once she
somehow managing to balance senshi duties with those of her career.
She has
chosen not to have a family of her own, not wishing to put a husband
or child
through some of the isolation from her mother that she felt growing
up, so
she puts any maternal feelings and instincts into her work, and into
being a
surrogate aunt to Small Lady when she is born.


Attack one: Shabon Spray
Her first power and the weakest, but a useful staple, it propels
which become a fog, blocking attackers perceptions so that the senshi
can get
the jump on them. It will also slowly begin to freeze an enemy making

Attack two: Shine Aqua Illusion
This one uses a spiral water jet to impact the enemy, one of the more
commonly used powers, not the strongest, but will help to wear an
enemy down
so that it can be defeated.

Attack three: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
Mercury calls upon the Aqua Harp, as she plays it powerful jets of
issue from the strings, and wound the enemy.

Attack four: Mercury Aqua Mirage
The only time I can remember her using this was Ami-chan no Hatsukoi,
but it
was powerful enough that she could defeat an enemy by herself. I
can’t see
her seeking anything more powerful than this.
This seems to pull water from the surrounding environment and
herself, in
streams until it forms a ball that she then directs towards the enemy
surrounded by further streams of water.

Extra details:
Ami has often kept fish in the past while growing up as they were all
she was
able to keep in the apartment she lived at with her mother. As she
has grown
up, and become so busy I doubt she would keep them any more, perhaps
graduating to a cat, a more self-sufficient animal.
I often write her with a tendency to chew on her lip or her fingers
mulling something or nervous, or nervously mulling, and also a
tendency to
have her trains of thought run off on bizarre, humorous and sometimes
slightly ecchi tangents.

Picture url if available: (preferred)

Writing sample:
"Describe what your Senshi or character thinks of the

Ami lay on her bed, one arm by her side, the others back rested
against her
forehead, arm slightly bent. She sighed, inhaling deeply, trying to
stave off
the tears which threatened every time her thoughts strayed back to
discussion that had gone on in the palace earlier.
She had of course sided with Selenity and the rest of the royal
house. She
had maintained the voice of reason, because she knew Selenity’s heart
must be
breaking as she vocalized what they had to do. She had spoken softly,
the fact that inside her head she was screaming, but now, now that
she was
alone, and she didn’t have to put on the dutiful face…

She had collapsed to her knees just inside the door once she had
safely shut
and locked it, and cried her eyes out. It was so horrible, yet
necessary the
more logical part of her said. The needs of the many have always
the needs of the few. *This must have been what the outer senshi went
when they thought they had to take people’s pure hearts* she
sitting up with a start, tears filled her eyes again. *No wonder they
were so
distant* but the Outers had been wrong…maybe they were wrong too,
maybe there
was some other way…she would suggest that to Selenity in private.
They had
always been close, and in private Selenity wouldn’t have to put on
such a
strong face, they could…
She stopped, swinging her legs back over the side of the bed, and
holding her
head in her hands. Selenity cared for her people, she would have
every possible option before taking this course of action. If it was
Ami to think about this course of action, it must be killing
Selenity. Of
course the Prophecy was accurate, not only had Setsuna seen it, but
Rei and Michiru all concurrently, while Ami herself did not have this
kind of
intuition, to have four people independently affected all at the same
It had to be true, hideous, awful…her brain rapidly numbing through
stress she was putting on it ran out of adjectives, and so she sat
for a
moment, still with her head in her hands, elbows rested on her knees
stared at the floor, until the blue diamonds and lines blurred into
one mass.
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