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ACCEPTED: SuperSailorUranus - Jessica Balick

Name: Jessica Balick
Where are you From: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 16
Email: kaptainsarcasm@hotmail.com,

Instant Messager: AIM - kaptainsarcasm
RPG Experience: I roleplayed at www.pokemasters.net for about a year.
Sailor moon Knowledge: It’s my greatest passion in life. Let’s just
say that
my friends get REALLY tired of me talking about it all the time.
Web page: www.geocities.com/kaptainsarcasm
How did you hear of the FATE RPG?: LiveJournal, on the sailormoonfans
anime communities.
What interested you, why do you want to play?: The strict rules
attracted me. I like moderators that are smart assholes because it
smart people. I get tired of RPing with morons.

Character you're applying for:
Senshi name: SuperSailorUranus
Civilian name: Tenoh Haruka
Age: 1017ish.
Hometown/Home Planet: Juuban/Uranus
Birthday: January 27
Sign: Aquarius
Eyes: Light green/blue
Hair: Dirty blonde
Height: 5’9”
Personality: Kind of a wild card, Haruka tends to act on impulse
rather than
thinking things through. Very loyal and devoted to her mission, which
is, of
course, to protect her Queen, she will always take the route that
leads her
to her involvement with Queen Serenity’s bests interests rather than
own. While she does love her family and friends, she is most likely
ignore her personal feelings while on duty. While on the outside she
cold and uncaring and composed, one carefully worded statement by
can uproot her entire thinking. Put simply, her biggest issues are
gender, her own self worth and her feelings of love versus her
feelings of
requirement and duty.
Eyes: A greenish blue color that is icy in its own effect and can be
scary when she tries to be. For the most part, her eyes reveal her
and of course Michiru is the first to pick up on this fact.
Hair: Boyish and wispy, dirty blonde in color.
General appearance: She looks amazingly good in men’s clothing and
oddly out of place in her fuku. Tall and lanky, she wears clothing
hangs off her body to avoid being identified immediately as a female.
she fights, she stands tall and proud, but when she is feeling
playful and flirty, she will lean down and go slack, giving the
that she is relaxed and fun. There is a presence about her that
simultaneously attracts women and intimidates men.
Fuku Description: The base color is dark blue. Her skirt, collar and
base of
her gloves are all that color. There is also a blue boy on the back
of her
skirt that frills out slightly. Her collar has a white stripe that
lines the
outside of the material. The bow on her chest is golden yellow, with
a light
blue heart-shaped broach at the crux of the knot. The tiara on her
is gold and has a small blue gem on the front. She wears a blue
choker on
her neck.

Talents: Motor racing, fighting, flirting, and playing the piano.
Inability: Showing emotions, making fast friends, planning
strategies, taking emotional situations seriously, and fitting into
expected role of a “woman.”
Future dream: She one day wishes to once again live in a house with
Hotaru and Setsuna. Mostly, she just wants to be a good wife, father
and friend, respectively, to them.
Goals/pourpose: Protect NeoQueenSerenity because that is what she has
to do, and protect her family because she values their lives over her
Friends: All of the Inner senshi, all of the Outer senshi, and “the
down at the racetrack who she rarely ever sees any more but will
still talk
about them to retain her sense of humanity.
Foes: Kou Seiya, anyone who opposes the Queen, anyone who flirts with
Inner personality: She hates herself, for the most part. Constantly
battle with her identity as a “woman,” it sometimes gets in the way
with her
ability to socialize with the Inners. Sometimes she will find herself
switching to “auto-pilot” to shut herself up, which is when she
Michiru closely and does what her instincts tell her to do. When the
of her life really builds up, she forces herself to hold back tears
it’s “girly” and “weak” to cry, and those are two things that she is
The only person she can really trust is Michiru, and she can hardly
talk to her because they so rarely see each other. She feels utterly
so she throws herself into her work and is willing to give her mostly
meaningless life for the Queen.

Element: Wind
Talismen/weapon: Space Sword
Henshin(Transformation) Object and Phrase: Henshin pen, “Uranus
Power, make-up!”
Strength: Brute force and speed.
Weakness: Strategy, patience, teamwork.
History: Not much is known about her history, just that, in this
she ran away from home to attend high school in Juuban. Her name
means “King
of the Skies” which implies that, perhaps, in her past life, she had
over the sky.


Attack one
Hand-to-hand combat
Uranus is physically stronger and faster than the Inners, so she uses
to her advantage and will first go in with her fists and feet before
resorting to Senshi-specific attacks.

Attack two
World Shaking
Uranus grasps energy from the sky and forms it into a beach ball
golden sphere with a ring around it. She then throws it down onto the
and sets it off on its path to the target.

Attack three
Space Sword Blaster
With her talisman magically in her hands, Uranus focuses energy from
the sky
until the sword glows with it. With one mighty swing, she flings the
from the sword unto the target in a long, flat stream. This attack
can take
out multiple targets at once, depending on the strength of the enemy.

Attack four
Space Sword Boomerang
As in her Space Sword Blaster attack, Uranus gathers energy from the
until the sword glows with it, but this time she doesn’t swing the
she throws it. This gives the attack more length and range than the
attack. The sword, after finishing its flight around, will fly safely
to her hands.

(Attack five
Double-Edge Sword
This time, not only does Uranus gather energy from the sky, but she
all of her own energy into the sword as well. This causes the
Talisman to
grow another blade under the hilt, making it two-sided. Then Uranus
holds it
out straight and charges the enemy at full speed. If the attack
Uranus gets stabbed, as well. All of the energy in the sword enters
enemy though the wound and causes them to go boom, if all goes well.
will probably never use this attack because of the dangers involved
with it,
but it’s nice to know she has a last-ditch effort.)

Extra details: Blatantly and pride fully lesbian and not afraid to
admit it.
She does not care what anyone else thinks of her and she’ll be the
first to
tell you that she doesn’t care what you think of her.

Picture url if available:

Writing sample:

“Space Sword Blaster!”
My voice echoes around the training area like stone dropping into a
pond of
still water. My attack destroys the rock that the youma was hiding
and he comes charging at me stupidly, waving his arms and making
noises. I wait for him to come, staring straight into his eyes. At
the last
second, I jump to the side, holding out the curved tip of my sword.
catches him under his armoured chest plate and with one swift motion,
I jerk
my arms back and rip it off. All his insides come pouring out of the
hole in
his body, and slowly he falls forward, nose landing on a smelly pile
of his
own guts.
As my sword glows and dissipates into thin air, someone starts
behind me. I jerk around, knowing even before I see her who it is.
“Neptune,” I breathe. Her eyes are sparkling and her smile makes my
knees go
weak. I haven’t seen her in months. Quickly, I regain my composure.
are you doing on this side of the galaxy?”
“My planet is dull without wind and a sky. You know that, Haruka,”
replies, accentuating my old name with an affectionate twist. I
her, embracing her gently, then pull back and place my hands on her
shoulders. We have more pressing matters at hand.
“I assume you’ve talked to Pluto.”
She frowns, and I immediately regret saying anything. I hate to see
unhappy. “Yes,” she starts slowly, “I have. She told me that we have
steal their desires, their dreams. What do you think?”
‘I hate it!’ I want to shout. ‘I think their plan sucks! There has to
another way! I won’t repeat history again. Not if I have to risk
everything again.’ All these thoughts cry for release, even as I hear
say, “I will protect the Queen and her kingdom at all costs.”
“It is our mission,” she agrees.
Our mission. Right. My sworn duty. I’m bound by my word and my honor,
two of
my most important qualities. And because of that, I will do as I said
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