Fate RPG

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

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This journal is used for the webpage of FateRPG. Reading it from start to finish will make absolutely no sense.

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It's Crystal Tokyo, and SuperSailorPluto has seen a vision of a new vile evil closing in on their perfect life, but there is hope! The senshi must plunge their snow-coloured gloved hands into the eyesockets of the very people they swore to protect, and pull out a "Fate's Eye", leaving behind a husk of human, hollow of eyesocket, and of soul.

When people realize how dead the Fate's Eye givers become, a law is passed that one must surrender their Fate's Eye. Eventually, newborns are lawfully bound to be raped of their Fate's Eye at birth.

The darkness is closing in...can you, the senshi, stop it?

NOTE: This RP has a set plot and at times, the mods may control certain aspects or deny plots. If this is not to your liking, please re-consider joining.

FATE RPG: The meek shall inherit the Earth
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